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Postpartum Shapewear: Your Best Friend During Motherhood! 

Postpartum shapewear comes as a blessing for new moms, and you will know why! 

During the early days of motherhood, your life gets filled with happiness, joy, and some sleepless nights. As you start to navigate your life with the little one, you will also have to go through the entire healing process for the postpartum state of your body.  

Your body literally carries a whole human being inside it for nine months. This is not a simple job. It takes time for your body to get over the trauma and get back to how it was before. But is it ever that simple?  

You will notice unpleasant changes in your body, which might sometimes be difficult to accept. Till then, postpartum shapewear has come to the rescue.  

They are one of the best ways to support your body and give you just the exact amount of comfort you need. However, choosing the right shapewear matters. Every woman experiences pregnancy differently. Hence, what works best for someone else might not be the best fit for you.  

In this article, we shall discuss everything about postpartum shapewear so you can figure out if they are the right thing for your body.  

What Is Postpartum Shapewear?  

What Is Postpartum Shapewear

During your pregnancy days, you surely have heard of pregnancy shapewear. Are they similar to postpartum shapewear? No. Postpartum shapewear has a completely different purpose and caters to very different needs of the woman’s body.  

A postpartum shapewear is a compressing garment that is made of spandex or nylon. It is particularly designed to fit tightly around the midsection. There is a wide range of options that are particularly made to cater to the needs of new moms.  

The varied range of shapewear includes support belts, girdles, belly wraps, recovery belts, and so on. While each of them has its very own benefits, the ultimate purpose of shapewear is to offer support to the muscles present in your spine and abdomen.  

Also, shapewear makes your silhouette chiseled and gives you the confidence to wear your favorite outfits even during the postpartum months.   

Why Should You Get Shapewear?  

Why Should You Get Shapewear

There are multiple reasons as to why one gets a shapewear in the very first place. But, when it comes to postpartum shapewear, new moms often look for –  

  • Reduction of pelvic and back pain  
  • Promoting their postpartum recovery  
  • Supporting their posture  
  • Supporting their improved mobility  

Postpartum shapewear can also provide additional compression for those mothers who are recovering from diastasis recti or cesarean section delivery. After the process of delivery, the muscles might get sore, overused, and weak. Shapewear can make you feel even more supported throughout the whole day.  

Benefits Of Postpartum Shapewear  

Benefits Of Postpartum Shapewear

When it comes to recovering from your postpartum phase, every woman has a different experience. If you have pelvic pain after giving birth to the baby, you must seek help from a physician or doctor who specializes in postpartum healing.  

If your doctor has recommended you to wear postpartum shapewear, there are a number of things that you need to consider. Some of the most prominent benefits of postpartum shapewear include the following:  

Quick Recovery  

Studies have shown that right postpartum binding might reduce the total time a new mom spends in the hospital. They gain back their mobility more easily and pretty quickly after delivery. Belly bands and recovery belts may also help you get back your abdominal strength to lift the newborn baby more easily.  

Faster Recovery Of A C-Section Delivery  

While a vaginal delivery may heal pretty quickly, it is the C-section delivery that takes a lot of time to heal. Some professionals even claim that it takes five years for a C-section delivery scar to heal completely before a woman can get pregnant again.  

Postpartum girdles and recovery belts are extremely helpful when it comes to new moms managing their distress and pain after the surgery.  

Pain Management  

When it comes to new mothers, postpartum shapewear is one of the most effective ways to manage pain after delivery. Belts or girdles compress the stomach, which can help manage cramping, lower back pain, and pelvic pain when you use them consistently.  

Improved Confidence  

As we mentioned earlier, shapewear makes your body look extremely fit and chiseled. It is common for women to feel extremely insecure about their bodies right after giving birth. This is one of the most normal things about motherhood. However, using shapewear can make you feel confident, and you can easily slip into any dress you feel like without having to worry about how you’ll look in it.  

Drawbacks Of Postpartum Shapewear  

While they are indeed one of the best things you can get during your postpartum days, just like every other thing, they have drawbacks, too.  

Skin irritation is one of the most common side effects of constant wearing of shapewear. Some women even complain of having skin reactions after wearing postpartum shapewear. If you also experience any skin irritation or rash after using postpartum shapewear, have a talk with your doctor before you continue to use it any further.  

Also, a postpartum shapewear or a belt needs to be worn every day to get the most desired results out of them. However, this may sometimes become pretty uncomfortable for mothers to deal with. You may also not like the constant feeling of compression in your stomach or how it fits under your clothes,  

Luckily, there is a variety of styles and types that you can choose from to find just the best one that fits your body.  

This brings us to the next section of the article – types of postpartum shapewear.  

Types Of Shapewear

Types Of Shapewear

Choosing the right type of postpartum shapewear plays a major role in deciding how beneficial it is going to be for you. Each style and type of postpartum shapewear comes with a set line of benefits.  

One of the most popular styles of shapewear include belly bands or belly belts. They are usually a wide elastic band that softly compresses your medication area, starting from the ribs to the hips. 

They also come in different styles,  from being very flexible to being very rigid. However, studies claim that mothers are able to manage pain more effectively with the flexible band.  

Another popular style of postpartum shapewear is an abdominal binder. These binders are particularly designed to give ample support right after the surgery and are usually prescribed to women who are recovering from a cesarean section delivery.  

Abdominal binders offer a little more compression and help to manage pain, additionally speeding up the recovery process.  

If you feel like none of the two are going to work for you, we suggest you go for the pregnancy corset. These are the postpartum shapewear that have different levels of compression. It is necessary that you choose a girdle or corset that is particularly made for postpartum recovery. 

Waist trainers or nonpregnancy corsets might be a little too tight and end up causing an injury. If you are a little too confused about which one to use, the best way is to discuss it first with a doctor.  

What Should You Look For In Postpartum Shapewear?  

When you think about buying a postpartum shapewear, there are a couple of things that you need to keep in mind. This way, you shall be able to look around for just the right one that best suits your body.  

Here is a list of the few things that you must look for every time you go to buy a postpartum shapewear:  

  • The shapewear must fit your budget. In no way should you exceed the budget you have set for the shapewear.  
  • Always wear shapewear that you feel comfortable in. Remember, this is something that you need to wear consistently throughout the day. So, keep comfort your first priority.  
  • Your body is still healing during postpartum. So, it is necessary that you get your hands on a shapewear that you can take off and put on without any hassle.  
  • Looking after your body type is also an important thing to consider when purchasing shapewear for yourself. Make sure that the girdle, belt, or band that you buy fits your body right.  

However, the safest consideration before buying postpartum shapewear is to have a talk with your doctor first. They know exactly what your body is going through and what it can handle. So they will be able to give you the right advice about buying postpartum shapewear and whether you need it at all.  

Best Postpartum Shapewear 

Getting your hands on the best shapewear might be easier said than done. In some cases, you may not even be aware of the best postpartum shapewear that is available in the market.  

In that case, it is normal for you to settle with the unfit options. But that shall not be a problem anymore as we will discuss the right shapewear that you can choose from for your postpartum days. 

Postpartum Shapewear For Stomach  

When we talk about shapewear for the stomach, it is best if you are going for belly wraps or girdles. You may just pull them up like a pair of pants and get a latch on the bott part so that it doesn’t ride up.  

Also, make sure that the shapewear has enough length to reach underneath or over your ribs. Some of them just stop in the middle of the stomach, which eventually gets too uncomfortable. The stomach spills out and increases the chance of an injury.  

It helps in holding the stomach in while at the same time uplifting your breasts and butt. It comes with a sleek design that blends with any outfit you choose to wear on top of it. Other than just your stomach, it also helps shape your ribs, hips, butt, waistline, and breasts.  

The shapewear also feels pretty comfortable under any clothing. It is also designed and made in such a way that you can immediately wear it after giving birth to the baby. Finally, it is a great way to improve your posture and get some back relief.  

Postpartum Shapewear For The Things  

Your body changes vigorously during pregnancy. While most eyes remain on how your stomach and hips change, the least of the interest remains on the thighs. A good percentage of the total weight that you gain throughout the pregnancy moves down to the thighs, and getting rid of them is not the easiest thing to do.  

Getting postpartum shapewear that is long enough to compress the things comes as a blessing during this time. They give just the right shape to your butt and thighs and do not make it look like you have just given birth. The high waist band also remains firmly in its place. The seamless finish does not make it noticeable under clothes.  

Postpartum Shapewear For The Hips  

Most women complain about how their hips become wider after giving birth. Sadly, it is not quite possible for most women to go back to their previous shape once they have given birth.  

To take care of this situation, a tummy tucking high waist brief acts as just the right shapewear to make your hips look trimmed and just like they were before giving birth.  

You can wear them under any of your clothing. They feel comfortable for the longest time possible. So, you can wear them straight for six to eight hours a day.  

The Bottom Line  

Pregnancy shapewear comes as a blessing in disguise for many women. These shapewears are comfortable and can be worn throughout the day. They offer support to the back and stomach while your body still heals from the trauma of giving birth.  

Other than support, it is also a great way to feel comfortable, especially when your body changes. However, when it comes to postpartum shapewear, it is more about comfort than style. You must always go for something that feels more comfortable to wear than something that looks visually pleasing. This way, you will be able to wear it consistently to get the results you have been looking for.


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