In a woman’s life, pregnancy brings a mixed basket of emotions. She feels overwhelmed at the joy of a new life coming out of her, but she also goes through an unimaginable physical strain. Nausea, bloating, and breast tenderness are common problems she feels.

Childbirth leaves lingering effects on her body; stretch marks, weight gain, and an enlarged abdomen are some of the most noticeable changes in a woman’s body after becoming a mother

But, thanks to the pregnancy shapewear, she has the help she needs to get through her post-pregnancy journey. Pregnancy shapewear can help a woman recover from the post-childbirth physical effects on her body.

These light compression garments are designed to slim a woman’s body while supporting the abdomen gently. 

If you are a new mother, you may look for post-pregnancy shapewear bodysuits to get back into shape after pregnancy. In that case, I would suggest you look at the best maternity shapewear that I have mentioned in this article. 

Are Shapewears Safe For Pregnancy?

Before we dive into the world of shapewears, lets get the most important question answered. Are shapewears really safe to be worn during pregnancy? It is pretty much tight enough to shape our bodies in a particular fashion. 

Sherry A. Ross, MD, OBGYN, author of She-ology: The Definitive Guide to Women’s Intimate Health. Period., and a health expert answers, “As long as you are wearing maternity shapewear safely and comfortably, meaning you can move, breathe and sleep without restrictions or pain, then there should not be any problems.” 

Regular shapewear and maternity shapewear are not made similar. Maternity shapewear is crafted keeping in mind the pregnant body making it more comfortable than regular ones. It does not constrict the body that create troubles for your baby such as constricting the amniotic fluid and other cushioning. 

You could however be careful about avoiding shapewears that are high-compression. They can be okay to be worn pre-pregnancy but as you move forward in your trimesters, your body changes, packing in more weight. Along with being problematic more for your pregnant body, it will be increasingly uncomfortable too.  

Some Good Reasons Why You Should Wear Maternity Shapewear

There are quite a few reasons why you could choose to wear pregnancy shapewear. 

Improves Posture And Back Support

According to board-certified OBGYN and fertility specialist, Lucky Sekhon, MD, maternity shapewear isn’t only about looking good, “Maternity shapewear can help improve posture and take weight off of your back as your pregnancy bump grows. It can also be more comfortable than your regular underwear or tights, which are prone to slipping and bunching.”

Helps With Post-Partum

While healing after a C-section, all muscle strains from coughing, sneezing, laughing, lifting or getting up can prove tender and hurtful. Shapewear in such cases come to the rescue of supporting all the sore areas so that you can feel more comfortable, while you feel supported in the right places. 

Stops Painful Skin Chafing

Many pregnant moms suffer from chafing rashes that is resulted from the friction between thighs. Groin chafing is also common that is highly irritating. The hot and itchy sensations can make your life that much harder. Maternity shapewear can help prevent chafing in friction prone areas to help ease your already hectic schedule of being pregnant or new mother.

Best Pregnancy Shapewear You Need To Check

Best Pregnancy Shapewear

Whether you are looking for pregnancy shapewear for saree or the best maternity shapewear for dresses like jeans and tops, you may take a look at these recommended options. 

1. Blanqi – Everyday Belly Support Girlshort In Nude

Blanqi shapewear post pregnacny

This Queen Bees postpartum shapewear offers you all the comfort, healthy abdomen support, and style you need. This shapewear is made with breathable, moisture-wicking fabric to keep you comfy and confident.

You can wear this post-pregnancy abdomen shapewear over your belly to support your body while slimming your body from the post-pregnancy effects. Incredible back and belly support make it the number option for you. It comes in small, medium, large, and X-large sizes. The product is efficient in helping you ease pelvic pressure and back pain. It is created using 90% nylons and 10% spandex. 

2. Belly Bandit Basics Maternity Support Shorts – Belly Bandit

Belly Bandit

You can wear a basic maternity support belly bandit if you are a few weeks pregnant. However, when your belly grows, it needs gentle support from soft compressive pregnancy shapewear. This Belly bandit shapewear creates a smooth silhouette from the belly to the thighs. 

You can also wear this shapewear to eliminate the panty lines. This pregnancy support wear comes in Small, medium, large, and extra small sizes. The material is incredibly light; it uses 92% nylon and 8% spandex to provide your body with the comfort and coolness it needs. 

3. Baby Bump Premium Pregnancy Shapewear

Baby Bump Premium

This Pregnancy shapewear is excellent for preventing thigh chafing. The product is completely made of opaque, breathable materials to provide you with the comfort you need after pregnancy. Also, if you are looking for pregnancy shapewear for love handles, this one will help you efficiently. 

You can wear this one with skirts and achieve smooth thighs after pregnancy. Baby Bump maternity shapewear is available in small, medium, large, and extra-large sizes. 

4. Fashiol Hi-Waist Support Shorts Pregnancy Panties

Fashiol Hi-Waist

Another great option to check in the maternity shapewear categories is the Fashion Hi-Waist pregnancy panties. The product is stretchy, so that it will fit you perfectly. Breathable cotton and elastic are used to make this product for you.

The waistband provides your body a smooth and secure fit and controls the growing tummy with gentle support. This weightless product will help you through and after your pregnancy. You can wear them with any clothes and on any occasion. There are XL and XXL options available for this underdress pregnancy belly support. 

A woman needs more care in the pregnancy, so provide the care and gift a nice sleeping to her. Read more about the best pregnancy pillow to make a comfortable sleep. 

5. Jockey Generation High-Waist Maternity Slipshort

Jockey Generation High-Waist

Jockey is known for excellent undergarments and vests at pocket-friendly prices. In addition, the Jockey Generation High-Waist Maternity Support is comfortable and uses breathable materials like 54% Nylon, 43% Modal, 3% Spandex. 

The non-compression and seamfree design of the Jockey Generations Pregnancy shapewear help prevent chafing. Your baby bump will look only cute with these maternity slip shorts on. Small, large, and extra-large options are available for Jockey maternity vests.

6. ASSETS By SPANX Women’s Remarkable Results All-in-One Body Slimmer


After childbirth, wearing the ASSETS body slimmer will help you tone down your body shape to its former glory. If you are looking for pregnancy shapewear to wear under clothes, you need to check the ASSETS all-in-one body slimmer. 

This post-pregnancy body slimmer will help you get your thighs, hips, and tummy back in shape. The product uses88% Nylon, 11% Spandex, 1% Cotton. ASSETS body slimmer comes in small, medium, large, extra-large, and 1X, 2X, 3X sizes.

When you are welcoming a new little life to your life, caring for them becomes your top priority. Read more to know when can you put lotion on a newborn baby

7. Pregnancy Tummy Shapewear Knicker

Pregnancy Tummy

It is an age-old practice to improve the abdominal muscles after pregnancy by using tummy shapewear. The Pregnancy shapewear knicker is made of stretchy cotton to comfort your stomach and provide support. 

This shapewear for women is excellent in healing post-pregnancy abdominal muscles. The Pregnancy Tummy Shapewear Knicker is available in Medium, XL, Large, Small sizes.

8. Mother Tucker Corset – Belly Bandit

Mother Tucker Corset

This is another product from Belly Bandit, and it is both stylish and efficient in slimming down your tummy. Mother Tucker Corset’s postpartum belly shapewear uses dual layers of stretch material for double compression. 

I would suggest you use this pregnancy shapewear when you have it after five to six months of childbirth. The compression on this product strictly focuses on slimming your abdomen down, so wearing it right after childbirth may make you uncomfortable. 

This product helps you completely tone down your abdominal shape after pregnancy. It is lightweight, made of polyester, and is breathable to wear. Small to extra large options are available for the mother tucker corset women’s shapewear. 

9. ASSETS By SPANX Women’s Remarkable Results Open-Bust Brief Bodysuit


Another product from ASSETS, but it is an open-bust brief bodysuit this time. Sometimes you cannot get rid of those love handles and the enlarged abdominal shape. This product will help you in such cases. Although it is not maternity shapewear, it targets the tummy and love handles to get your abdomen to shape. 

It is made of 86% Nylon, 13% Elastane, 1% Cotton for comfort and breathability. You can wear this product during the last phase of your pregnancy to get the highest results for slimming down your tummy. These come in small, medium large, extra-large, 1X, 2X, 3X sizes.

10. Skim Maternity Solution Wear Tight

Skim Maternity

A bit on the expensive side, but the Skim maternity products are worth the price. These products are made out of premium quality breathable materials. The materials for this Skim maternity product are 78% nylon / 22% spandex. They are available in various sizes ranging from small to extra large.

Frequently Asked Questions 

You can choose from any of the pregnancy shapewear mentioned here. First, however, here are some questions and answers you might like to read. 

Can I Wear A Shapewear While Pregnant?

The most prominent question is whether you should or should not wear pregnancy shapewear when pregnant. The answer is yes. It is safe to wear shapewear when you are pregnant. You can go for any brand that suits your needs. Wearing them does not compress your baby. So you can rest assured. 

What Should You Not Wear While Pregnant?

You should refrain from wearing tight clothes that stop the blood flow within the growing baby bump. Wearing tight clothes during pregnancy can also cause chafing and rashes. You can wear shapewear. But excessive tight clothes are a no for pregnant women.

Can You Wear Hold Me In Pants When Pregnant?

You can wear hold-me-in pants during pregnancy only if they are not constrictive for you and your baby. During pregnancy, your health and the baby should be your priority. Therefore, if the hold-me-in pants feel too tight, you should skip them for now.


Before wearing any of this Pregnancy shapewear, I suggest you consult with your doctor. Sometimes, you may not feel very comfortable wearing something compressing. But, if your doctor does not forbid it, you can choose from any of the products listed in this article. 

Did you find these recommendations helpful? You can give us your feedback in the comment. You can also throw any question that you might have in the comment.


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