From weight gain to nausea to lower back pain to heartburn, pregnancy is indeed an uncomfortable time. After all, you need to go through a number of changes to welcome your little bundle of joy. But were you aware that the shape and size of your feet change, too? Well, yes, pregnancy shoes are a thing, and all-to-be mamas love them. 

Swelling in ankles, legs, and limbs is more common than you think during pregnancy. But the good news is, you do not have to settle for the normal shoes you wear on normal days. Your painfully swollen legs deserve more than that. 

In this article, we shall discuss the best pregnancy shoes to look for and why they are a necessity during pregnancy. 

What Changes Can You Expect During Pregnancy? 

What Changes Can You Expect During Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a time of impeccable development in the body. Some of these changes can be unexpected, including the ones in the shape and size of your feet. The combination of an increase in weight along with increasing levels of hormones like relaxin, which makes the joints even more flexible at the time of pregnancy, may impact the body all the way down to your toes. This means while pregnant, foot arches might slightly drop, increasing your foot length by at least 2 to 10 millimeters. 

You may also realize that your feet appear a bit wider because of the weight gain and usual swelling at the time of pregnancy. Not everyone is going to experience long-lasting or noticeable changes in their feet or legs during pregnancy. But, in some rare cases, foot changes like the arch drop could be permanent and stay there even after the baby is born. This might result in an increased risk of joint and foot problems like pain or arthritis later on in life. 

What Should You Look For In Shoes During Pregnancy? 

Look For In Shoes During Pregnancy

When you shop for pregnancy shoes, there are a couple of things that you need to keep in mind. Each pair needs to be breathable and comfortable. The soles need to be extremely soft and flexible and will possibly be way more comfortable with a nice degree of arch support, particularly during the later months when you gain more weight, and the ligaments and joints start to loosen. 

Heels need to be skid-free and low, and you would want to choose a shoe that feels like a feather. After all, the last thing you want during pregnancy is the burden of carrying more weight. Possibly, the further along you get in the pregnancy, the less appealing it will become to rock a pair of heels. 

You might also choose to size up. In fact, it is preferable that you buy shoes that are a size or a half larger. Finally, it is necessary to look for shoes that you love, and that fit rightly with your style so you will enjoy putting them on every day. 

What Are The Most Casual Pregnancy Shoes? 

The Most Casual Pregnancy Shoes

The most casual pregnancy shoes, like flats or sneakers, generally work best when it comes to pregnant women. This is because they provide more foot stability and comfort without squeezing or pinching your feet. Sandals or slides are way too breathable and keep your feet cool for a long time. However, if you do want to play around with some fun pregnancy looks, there are low heels that provide comfort and arch support, which can also be okay for the feet during pregnancy. 

What To Avoid Wearing During Pregnancy? 

What To Avoid Wearing During Pregnancy

While every woman can claim that their love for heels is inevitable, they are capable of throwing off your balance even more when you are pregnant. Also, heels are notoriously popular for putting an excessive amount of stress on your body and feet. However, if you still wish to look a bit taller, it is better to go for wedge heels rather than stilettos. 

Flip flops are also not preferable options during pregnancy as they lack the arch support you need. 

Top Pregnancy Shoes To Pick From 

Top Pregnancy Shoes To Pick From

If you are confused about what shoes to pick during pregnancy, worry not. Here is a list of all our favorite pregnancy shoes that to-be mamas absolutely adore. 

1. Toms Alpargata 

A lot of people adore TOMS – pregnant or not. They are comfortable, extremely lightweight, and run true to their size. With removable insoles and flexible fabrics, these Alpargata flats are the best pregnancy shoes ever. Plus, the canvas construction has a lot of give, which means these shoes will just grow with you. However, it might not be waterproof or warm when it comes to cooler climates. Insoles might not provide proper arch support to women with flatter feet. 

2. Vionic Walker 

If you are looking for a supportive, solid shoe, there is no reason to go beyond the Vionic Walker. These sneakers are built to breathe, move, and increase your stability and balance. 

The midsole takes in shock, which in turn reduces stress, and this specific style features Vionic’s Advanced Motion System Technology, which mixes their orthotic, podiatrist-designed  insole with flexible outsole. They are also available in regular fits with wide widths. 

The only con is the lace-up sneaker design, which makes them particularly difficult to take off and off, especially during pregnancy. 

3. Skechers GOWalk 

These flexible, lightweight, and slip-on Skechers GOWalk lines offer you the added comfort and support that you need exactly during pregnancy. With that, most of the GOWalk sneakers come with arch support – the one thing you need to look for in every shoe you buy during pregnancy. 

Although the upper mesh of the shoe is lightweight, it might not be waterproof. So, these shoes are not really a thumbs-up during rainy seasons. 

4. UGG Classic Mini Bootie 

Do you want the comfort of your usual slippers with a slight touch of style? If so, these UGG Classic Mini Booties are your best friends. These are soft and warm, and the best part is that they are water-resistant and weatherproof. They have a zip-up closure for a simple on-and-off, and each shoe comes with a supportive Treadlite by UGG midsole. 

However, these shoes are not the best options for warm climates or indoor wear. 

5. Dr. Scholl’s Originalist Sandal 

Sandals are the most convenient go-to options for many expecting parents, and obviously for good reasons. They are stylish, open, breathable, and flexible. These shoes from Dr. Scholl’s are no different, either. Plus, you get an adjustable strap that ensures a perfect fit. 

However, these sandals are not really the best for optimal arch support, foot stability for everyday wear, or for women who have flatter feet. 

6. Vionic Minna Ballet Flat 

If you are looking for a comfortable, versatile, and cute work shoe, these Vionic Minna Ballet Flats are what you need to fetch. These beautiful slip-ons are available in multiple styles and colors. They also come with a textile lining to keep them dry and cool. 

However, open flats might not be the best option for proper foot stability, particularly for women with wider feet. 

7. LifeStride Pascal Pump 

With a low heel, wide body, and padded insole, these shoes are just the best for pregnancy. As an added bonus, these shoes come with an added heel and arch support for extra stability and balance. 

Yet again, these shoes may not offer optimal support for women with wider feet. 

8. Dansko Berry 

Dansko Berry

Clogs are just loved by doctors, nurses, and every other “on your feet” professional, and for obvious reasons. The wide body allows the foot to comfortably spread out. They also slop on and off pretty easily. 

Dansko Berry clogs are stable, comfortable, and durable. Plus, they come with a hook-and-loop strap, which can easily be used as a slingback or in front, which gives a versatile look. 

While these shoes are pretty popular among pregnant women, they do not provide optimal foot stability or support to women with flatter feet. 

9. HOKA Bondi 7 

HOKA is one of the best brands available when it comes to running shoes. To date, their Bondi 7 sneakers give unparalleled support and comfort. It’s all because of its cushioned midsoles, rubber soles, breathable mesh construction, along with a shock absorption system, which has been approved by the American Podiatric Medical Association. 

But, the upper mesh construction might not turn out to be waterproof in every climate. Also, the lace-up design makes it less convenient to take them off. 

10.  Merrell Moab 2 Ventilator 

With its wide body, molded arch, and breathable fabric, the Merrell Moab 2 Ventilator is stable, rugged, sturdy, and highly supportive. They are also durable and comfortable, and they are available in both wide and regular widths. 

But, it is very inconvenient to take them on and off due to the lace-up design. And its rugged appearance might be more rugged than other sneakers. 

11.  Sanuk Yoga Sling Flat Sandal 

Sanuk’s yoga slings are just the best choice of slippers during pregnancy. They are not just cute but breathable and comfortable at the same time. They also have a supportive ankle strap and a footbed that is made of original yoga mats. You will feel like you’re walking on air. 

However, due to its design, these slides may not be the best for arch support for women with flatter feet. This results in less foot support and stability. 

12.  Vionic Gemma Mule Slippers 

While it is imperative to have comfortable shoes while pregnant, comfortable slippers are just as important, particularly during the last few months and weeks, as well as immediately while you are recovering in the hospital or at home. 

If you are looking for a reliable pair, these shoes are snuggly, soft, and supportive. They also come with an APMA seal of acceptance. But then again, these hoes might not be the best option for women having wider or flatter feet. 

13.  Dr. Scholl’s Time Off Sneakers 

These lace-up sneakers come with a clean and minimalistic vibe and are made sustainably from feature-supportive and recycled materials with cushioned insoles. They also provide some degree of stretch, so you might be able to enjoy them even if you have swollen feet. 

14.  Hoka Bondi 8 Running Shoes 

While we threw light on the HOKA Bondi 7 shoes, the Bondi 8 running shoes are just as perfect and comfortable to wear during pregnancy. These sneakers are supportive, lightweight, and the simplest to wear during pregnancy. They also come with flexible uppers to provide support for swelling. You will also get a bouncy, plush cushion to your feet, as well as a memory foam to support your ankles. 

Additionally, it has some extra material in the back that helps with the balance. 

15.  Birkenstock Arizona Soft Slide Sandal 

While Birks are mostly popular for their clogs, the sandals are just equally comfortable when you are carrying a child. Birks are the go-to options, especially during summer, to offer support during pregnancy and beyond. The cork footbed gives ample support to the feet and allows for shock absorption. 

Its adjustable straps account for any type of swelling, and the emphasized arches mold according to your feet. Although you will not find this style in half sizes, you might choose between two available widths – narrow and regular. 

16.  Allbirds Wool Loungers 

Depending on how big your bump has grown, the thought of lacing up your shoes comfortably or quickly might just become a pipe dream. This is where these slip-on sneakers are super helpful. This extra soft and machine washable pair is made of merino wool and comes with cushioned insoles that also taper moisture – if odor and sweat are your concerns. Plus, you also get removable insoles if at all you wish to change them for a custom set. 

17.  New Balance Nergize Sport Sneakers 

New Balance Nergize Sport Sneakers

Do you want the comfort of slip-ons with the lace-up look? Then, these versatile, slick sneakers are just the best of both worlds. They are the perfect blend of New Balance’s comfortable minded insoles with upper mesh. Plus, if you feel every shoe squishes your feet during pregnancy, these shoes are quite comfortable when it comes to their width. They design their foot box a bit wider in comparison to other brands. 

The Bottom Line 

It is very important to pick the correct shoes during pregnancy. Pregnancy shoes are specially curated to provide the utmost comfort and support during pregnancy and beyond. 

With the number of changes happening in your body during pregnancy, your feet change, too. Hence, the shoes you usually feel comfortable in might not be the best choice. 

Also, it is better to leave the high heels behind, especially stilettos. If you at all want to add a pinch of style to your pregnancy looks, go for wedges, but not too high. 

Our list has some of the best pregnancy shoes available on the market, but you can always pick the one that fits you best and makes you most comfortable.


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