If this is your first time dealing with a pregnant wife, you are probably in a dilemma. You do not want to do anything wrong, and at the same time what to be the best at dealing with pregnant women.

In these nine months, whenever pregnant women need anything, they lean on their supportive mothers. You just have your wife’s best interest in these nourishment-filled months.

What It’s Like Having A Pregnant Wife?

What It's Like Having A Pregnant Wife?

Here is what your pregnant wife goes through when it comes to the physical changes and hormonal imbalances in their body.

Progesterone is the main hormone of pro gestation, and from the 9th week of pregnancy, it will start rising. This can cause heavy mood swings, which are difficult for the woman to navigate now.

The force of the fetus can press on the bladder, causing the pregnant woman to pee more often.

Pregnancy hormones can also cause shortsightedness among some women. So, if your partner is unable to see something far away, this could be the reason. Your duty is to be an absolutely supportive husband and beyond.

In the first trimester, they will be nauseous early in the morning or anytime during the day. This is because their sensory system is going through a temporary change. They are having food and smell aversions now.

Along with these food aversions will come food cravings. So, before you know it, you will be driving at midnight to get her caramel ice cream. 

How To Support Her

How To Support Her

It wouldn’t be easy when you just see and do not feel it yourself. Sometimes you will not understand why they are doing so, but with a little love and support, they will be able to have a better journey in spite of all the difficulties. So, here is how you can make your wife’s pregnancy journey a little better.

There is no way one can understand the biological and mental changes a mother goes through when they are pregnant. Your pregnant wife’s journey from the first to the third trimester to when you have your little baby in your arms is an uphill and downfall, all warped in with constant hormone flashes.

This is how we should be taking care of them.

1. Let Her Rest

Pregnant Wife taking  rest

If you find yourself asking questions like, ‘my wife is pregnant, and she is always resting. Should I be worried?’

The truth is no. She is pregnant, and it is not really healthy for her to be standing on her feet for too long. On the other hand, as the weight of the baby increases, they might also be dealing with issues like back and ligament pain. 

That is why she is resting from all the exhaustion. As a caring husband, you should just let her sleep and rest. To be an extra supportive partner during pregnancy, you can clean some of the mess and be ‘husband of the year.’

2. Doctors Appointments Are A Must

Doctors Appointments Are A Must

Doctor’s appointments are important visits for every pregnant woman. Even if your pregnant wife has no complications, a regular checkup is mandatory. That being said, you should never let your pregnant wife go to these checkups alone.

They will not only feel supported, but you will also get to learn so much about pregnancy and how to take care of the mother and the baby especially if this is your first time.

3. Do What She Asks

Do What She Asks

Yes, sometimes it might feel a little irritating, but even they do not understand why they are asking for it. Their hormones are all over the place, and that’s why it is better to just let her do what she wants. If she tells you that she wants that arrangement to be a certain way, just do it!

4. Gifts & Gifts

Gifts & Gifts

There is nothing wrong with pampering your pregnant wife. What could be better than the best language for pampering? Yes, we are talking about amazing gifts! Find some of the best gifts for pregnant wife from husbands. These are not your regular baby gifts; these have to cater to the pregnant woman. 

5. Show Interest

Show Interest

No matter what she says, show interest. Amidst all the painful and tiring mood swings, it is very difficult to find a subject in which they have an interest. This is why most of the time, you will find them irritated. This is why when they find an interest in something, it is their duty as a father. So, if they want to go shop for baby clothes and look at cute baby things, then just tag along and show interest.

6. Pay Extra Attention

Pay Extra Attention

Pay extra attention to their mood and how their body reacts at different hours of the day. They might be in a certain pain, but because it is so common, they are not saying it out loud.

This is why you need to understand before they are even articulate. The best way to do so is to ask them questions once in a while. A simple, ‘are you okay with your pregnant wife can do wonders. 

7. Pay Her Some Compliments

She is insecure!

No matter how happy she is about the baby’s arrival, it doesn’t change the fact that she is insecure about her body changing. If this is her first time, she is worried about stretch marks and never getting that body back to fit in their size 25 jeans. You have to keep reminding them that they are beautiful and that you love them the same, if not more.

8. Taste Her Pregnancy Cravings

Pregnancy Cravings

There is no doubt that pregnancy cravings are weird. We have even heard women wanting to have fruits with Doritos. Yes, they are also disgusting. However, this fun game doesn’t have to be an everyday occurrence. 

If a pregnant person is having one of those weird food cravings, you being their loving and supportive partner during pregnancy, should try to crave at least once. They will love you more for this initiative. 

9. Get Your Share Of Knowledge

Get Your Share Of Knowledge

When speaking about gifts for pregnant wife from husbands, there could be nothing better than books and research materials that should tell a new parent everything. This not only shows your support towards the new mother but your enthusiasm to know about the baby.

This is one of the pioneer signs of a supportive partner during pregnancy. A husband understands that understanding the needs of a baby and taking care of it is not just the responsibility of the individual who birthed it out of her body. 

10. Make Her Comfortable

 Make Her Comfortable

In this span of nine months, she will have a plethora of discomfort in her body. It is not easy to carry the weight of the body along with adhering to all the changes. Therefore, make it your priority to make your pregnant wife as comfortable as you can.

These are some of the common ways you can make a pregnant woman more comfortable.

– Get them the fluffiest pillows. There are never too many pillows for a pregnant wife.

– Let her control the thermos; for now, she has hot flashes.

– Sex is not off the table. You just have to be a little careful and try slow sex. Chances are, they will have a high sex drive in their second trimester, and it will comfort them if you get them out of this sexual frustration.  

Congratulations Are On Their Way!

Yes, the mother deals with the physical part, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t contribute to the journey. You are already a father, and that comes with responsibility, and an array of duties are already coming your way, and like every parent, you should be prepared for it. 

Plus, it is also your responsibility to take care of the mother. This has proven repeatedly to have induced timely and healthy delivery, with intact health of the baby and the mother.

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