There are numerous breast pumps that you will find in the market, but before you get one, you should have a sound knowledge about all the breast pump brands. Well, we have done this kind of article before; we have compared Elvie vs Willow and Spectra vs Motif Luna

But there are others as well, that take part in this debate of which is the best breast pump for you. Something might be a better choice for your friend, but that one might not suit you. So go through this one as well. 

Here, I am going to talk about Spectra vs Medela. You will find all you need to know before buying the pump. But let’s start with the few similarities both pumps hold.

Spectra Vs Medela: Similarities

There are a few things that are common between Medela and Spectra. Let’s get on with it first.

  • Both pumps allow you to use a simple pump as well as a double pump.
  • These two breast pumps come with the technology of two-phase expression, which means you can begin with soft ad slow sucking in the beginning, and then when the milk lets down, you can switch to a stronger and more rapid suction.
  • Both pumps have different flange sizes. You can choose different widths depending on the size of your nipple.

Now that you know the similarities of the pumps, it is time to know about the differences.

Spectra Vs Medela: Differences

Let’s start with an overview of both pumps. Medela breast pumps have an open system. This implies that there is nothing between the milk flow, the tube, and the pump. So, often it happens that milk gets up to the tube.

On the other hand, Spectra has a closed system. This shows that there is a protector to prevent backflow between the tube and the milk. This way, the milk does not get into the tube. This is a major cause why multiple women can use a single pump. The parts can be sterilized, and that reduces the risk of milk contamination. Hospitals use Spectra pumps the most. Now we will get into Spectra vs Medela.

Pump parts and bottle sizes

The bottle size between Spectra vs Medela is different. Medela uses a bottle with a narrow mouth, while Spectra uses a bottle with a wide mouth. You cannot use the bottles interchangeably.

The valves are different as well. The Medela has a flap-style valve, whereas the Spectra has a duckbill valve. Both the valves can be cleaned easily and replaced. The duckbill valve lasts a little longer than the other one. It is also easy to clean the duckbill valve. 

The tubing is also a little different. The tubing in Medela attaches one end of the tube to the pump. The other end is directly connected to the flange. The tubing in Spectra connects the same end on both sides. Both ends can attach to the flange or the pump.

Power supply

The Spectra 1 model has a rechargeable battery, and that is an excellent feature of the pump. You do not have to plug in the pump to use it. But you will be required to plug in the Medela pumps to use it. But you can get 8AA batteries and make it portable.

Suction pattern

With the Medela pumps, you can change the intensity and suction speed with just one turn of the nob. You can start with a slow suction and then change the mode to a harder one. It is not difficult to adjust. 

It has a two-phase expression, where if you want to turn down the suction in the initial phase of your pumping session, you just have to push a button. Once the milk lets down, you can again push the button to speed the suction up.

The Spectra breast pump has a few more buttons, which can get you confused sometimes. There is a lot more than you can do with this pump, but you can customize more with this one. When you turn the pump on, it starts from where you left off. 

You can change the pump to different cycles. It has got five cycles. A slow one to start off with the cycle and a faster one when the milk lets down. The vacuum suction can also be changed from low to high, whatever suits you.

Suction sound

The suction sound is quite different for both pumps. According to a lot of moms, Spectra feels natural and is also a little more comfortable than Medela.

Other differences

Spectra breast pumps count the time of your pumping to keep track of your pumping time. Whether you are using it for exclusive pumping or power pumping, it will help you track the time. Even if you get distracted, this pump will do the work for you. It also has a night light feature for pumping during the night. 

Medela breast pumps come with catching bags that screws to the top where the bottle attaches. This lets you pump right into the bags, remove them, and when you are done, just seal them and freeze them. They also have different options for carrying dags.

Medela also has small coolers and ice packs that fit these bottles well. These can fit upto four bottles and make it easy to transport.

Choose what is best for you

Well, when I asked a few mothers, they came up with different answers. Some said they like the Spectra breast pumps, and some say they like Medela more. It solely depends on you and your requirements, which will suit you best. 

But if we compare Spectra vs Medela, spectra has a lot of features that Medela does not have. But again, Medela has the little accessories that make it cool enough to compete with Spectra features. Read through the article and choose the one that suits you best.


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