Well, initially, I was under the notion that all breast pumps are the same because they all do the same work. I found no dissimilarities in them. But after the birth of my niece, my concept and idea about the matter completely changed. I saw my sister using multiple pumps, and that’s when I asked her the difference between the two and got an insight into the matter.

That is when I saw the two brands, Motif and Spectra. And after that, I check out that these are mostly the talk of the town in the world of breast pumps. Both are great choices for a new mother and both the pumps that we are going to talk about, Spectra vs Motif Luna, are covered by insurance plans.

These two are among the most popular ones that mothers love to use. Mostly, they are very similar to one another, but there are a few differences between the two. Read along.

Spectra Vs Motif Luna: The Differences

In this article, I am discussing the two most popular choices of breast pumps. These are amazing choices, whether you are just buying the pump for times when you are leaving your baby behind for some work or if you have chosen exclusive pumping.


The outer appearance of both pumps is quite different from one another. The Motif Luna has a sleek look, and the pump is small in size. It is easy to fit this one in a purse and carry it around.

The spectra are a little bulky in size and come with a handle and a bottle holder. This is a cute feature; you can keep a bottle at the back while you are pumping on one side. If you want to use it to keep some drinks and snacks while you pump, go for it. Both the pumps allow double pumping and have a little night light.


The Spectra breast pump weighs around 2.7 pounds, and the Motif Luna is around 2 pounds. While comparing the weight of Spectra vs Motif Luna, previously, it used to be a downside of Motif Luna, as it did not have a rechargeable battery option. But noe Motif Lunahas recently launched one with a rechargeable battery.

The weight of the Luna breast pump with a rechargeable battery stands somewhere around 2.3 pounds, but still, it is lighter than spectra. But the weight difference is so small that it almost becomes insignificant when you use it at home.

Display And Setting

Both pumps come with the technology of double-phase expression. This means there are different modes, and you can switch according to your convenience. You can also switch between expression mode and massage mode. 

The names of the modes might be different in the two, but essentially they mean the same. You should use the massage mode when you want to stimulate and let down. The suction is a bit faster in this mode. The expression mode is used when you want to efficiently get the milk out. 

Cycles And Suction

Well, this part might take a well, so I am going to talk about the Motif Luna first. When you switch this one on, it starts from where you left it off in your last pumping session. The pump screen will tell you whether you are in the letdown mode or the massage mode. 

You have to start from the massage mode and then adjust the level of suction. For both the pumps, this is a constant. This one goes up to 30 to 46 cycles.it is not difficult to adjust the suction level. The pump session can go up to 12.

Spectra also starts from where you left it. But this one does not start from the expression mode. So when you switch it on, you have to change the mode to expression. The speed of the cycle is a little higher than Motif Luna. But the difference is not much. The pump suction can go up to 12 with this pump as well. 


Both the breast pumps do not make much noise, but the little sounds they make are very similar to one another. That way, there is not much difference in sound between Spectra vs Motif Luna.

Supplies And Parts

Both breast pumps are closed systems, which means they require backflow-protecting to stop the milk from getting through the flange and into the tube to the pump. The duckbills, backflow protectors, and flanges can be used interchangeably between the spectra and the luna. They are identical to one another.

So if you have a Motif and can’t find the parts for it, you can use the ones from the Spectra. Replacing the parts on your own is also not difficult. Both brands send nipples and bottles with the package. And when needed, you can reorder these from the insurance company. So, if you have ordered any of these from the insurance company, they will provide you with the replacement parts as well.

So, What’s Your Pick?

I guess now you have a clear idea of Spectra vs Mtif Luna, and the common thing between the two is both the pumps are a great choice, like Elvie and Willow. The difference between the two is very subtle, and after the 2022 update, there is not much difference between them. The Luna Motif has updated itself and is not the same product it used to be.

Both the pumps are not portable like the little ones you will get these days, but these pumps will provide you with better suction. They do their work really well. If you know that you have a pump a lot, or you want to store milk before going to work, then these are excellent choices.


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