I never knew of the joy a tiny box could hold until the day I proposed to Miranda to marry me. This opened a whole new chapter of different questions, occasions, and events leading to our wedding day. It was all going smoothly until I asked myself – should I invite my step children to my wedding?  

Afterall, Miranda had a daughter from her previous marriage. Also, we had talked, and decided to invite her.

This made-up story is quite common these days. People decide to have a second or third marriage, and they are often doubtful about whether they should invite their stepchildren or not. Perhaps reading this article should offer you some clarity.

13 Ways To Welcome Your Step Children To Your Wedding:  

Blended families are more common than you think and know. In fact, the U.S. Census Bureau says that more than 1300 new step families are forming in the US every day. You need more than DNA to feel connected as a family, and what you need is love.

As long as you can form a healthy relationship with your stepchildren, it is ok to invite them to your wedding. Now, how to do that is a difficult question and one that I have few answers ready.

1. Make Step Children A Part Of It By Giving Them A Part In It:  

Weddings are things to look back upon. When you want to invite your stepchildren to your wedding, try INCLUDING them for real. They should be a part of it since you have decided to make them a part of your life and family going forward.

So, use this opportunity to ask your step children to stand by you as an important member of the occasion. Moreover, it is not a bad idea to hand them the box of wedding rings for safekeeping (it works perfectly for teenage stepchildren).

2. Try To Get Them Clothes Matching The Wedding Theme:   

A wedding means wedding dresses, and wedding dresses mean going shopping. Moreover, it is good way to include your stepchildren in your marriage would be by going wedding shopping together. What would be even better is choosing the same shades of color for your wedding dress.

It’s great to have your stepdaughter’s dress complement your wedding gown. In fact, it opens whole segments of options like matching hair accessories, ribbon sashes, or bouquets. Men can use the charms of shoes, replica ties, and matching suits.

3. Bridesmaids And Groomsmen:  

Having stepdaughters or stepsons give the perfect opportunities for a great bridesmaid or groomsman. You can stick to the gender roles or just have your stepchildren be attendants of either side.

Just go with whatever feels comfortable for your family dynamics. Such involvement brings out feelings of true inclusiveness in a family. You should give it a try if you are inviting your step children.

4. Your Escort To The Aisle!  

Having a stepdaughter, a stepdaughter is, in fact, better. If they are older than 8 years, you can count upon them to walk you to the aisle. A young adult stepdaughter or stepson can be the perfect choice for your aisle escort. While many might think of it as giving away something, you can take ask them to do you the honor. It will mean a lot to them, and you will mean a lot to them.

5. Ceremony Reading, The Words That Connect:   

Nothing connects us more than words do. Nothing breaks us more than words do. Inviting your stepchildren to your wedding shows the intention of including them in your family. So, you should mean it through the words, the words of ceremony reading.

A beautiful poem or reading from the Bible is quite a good option. Try handing them a pretty card with the ceremony reading written in large fonts. Your smile would do even better when they are reading it out.

6. A Wedding Vow For Your Step Children:  

It is natural for stepchildren to feel nervous about this new unison of families. It is not two people tying the knots, children of one or either of them are involved too.

So, to make your stepchildren truly. It is a beautiful effort to recognize the joining of families. It shows the beginning of the role you will be playing in their lives and in yours.

7. Pre-Wedding Photoshoot With Your Step Children:  

Pre-wedding shoots are very common these days. When you have decided to invite your stepchildren to your wedding, why miss them on pre-wedding shoots? If you want to mean a true sense of building a connection, then they deserve to be in the frame with you – even on pre-wedding shoots.

8. No Better Witness Than Your Step Children:   

Looks like there are more ways to connect with your stepchildren than you initially thought about. When your stepchildren are older (18 and above), you can ask them to be your wedding witness.

Signing a wedding witness is a simple task, but to do that with consent, love, and respect shows a sense of bond between stepchildren and stepparents.

9. Wedding Speeches For Your Step Children:  

A sacred and important part of the wedding is the wedding speech. Whether little or old, ready a wedding speech for your step children as well. They deserve the respect and love on this special day that connects both families. It opens up a warm start for the new family unit.

10. Exchange Gifts:

Have some special gifts for keepsakes and give them to your stepchildren on the day of the wedding. Ensure that the gift you give is worth keeping. It could be a watch, a piece of jewelry, or something similar.

11. The Cake Toppers!  

The newlyweds shouldn’t be the only ones to have the top of the wedding cake. You should also add your stepchildren to the clan.

12. The Second Dance Is Just As Important:   

The first dance after the wedding is a dream-come-true moment. But the second dance matters as much as the first one since you have your stepchildren attending the wedding. Get some upbeat music on the queue and break the dance floor with your stepchildren.

13. A Special Table, For The New Family:   

Include your step children in the wedding banquets. Ask them to join you while you have that lavish meal and enjoy together as a new family. It is the first effort of being together as a family, and the first efforts count big time.

But why just limit it to 13? There are plenty of other ways in which you can involve those little ones in your ceremony. Let’s discuss some more ideas. Let’s think of it as a bonus section.

14. Involve Them In DIY Crafts:

This is probably the best way to get things done and get the kids involved at the same time. This way, you will able to tick off the checklist and it will be a fun activity for your kids as well. And doing arts and crafts is something that kids enjoy as well. Ask them to write the place cards for you, put together the welcome basket, and stamp the envelopes.

15. Take Your Step Children For Cake Tasting:

Get them some cake, and look at the joy in their eyes. You will immediately become their favorite if you get them cake for lunch, and taking them to cake tasting would be like taking them to Disneyland. It will also show them that their opinions matter, they are making one of the biggest decisions of your big day, deciding the flavor of the cake. But if you both do not end up on the same page make a special request and go fifty-fifty on it.

16. Create a  Signature Mocktail:

Pick some colorful and cheerful items and make a signature drink for them. Get them some extra cherries, get their favourite flavor put some rainbow sprinkles on, and get them some extra whipped cream on their milkshake, I am sure they will just love the drink and will love you as well. Don’t just go with the same old idea of water and ice. Get them milk shots with a side of their favorite cookies and watch the magic happen. A little bit of sugar rush, on the special day, never harms anyone. 

17. Add a Few Kid-Friendly Events:

Keep a few kid-friends events in your wedding. Have some child-friendly activities at your wedding, like solving a puzzle of your family fixture, a giant jenga, or a scavenger hunt, I am sure they will love it. This will also keep them involved during the cocktail party. Get them to the dance floor and everyone other and play all kinds of music so that everybody can relate to it, get your inner child out and enjoy a few moments from your childhood as well. Get the entire family and guest list involved in your wedding.

The Wedding Recessional

You can ask your step children to be part of the wedding recessional as well. But, it is completely your choice and preference. It feels nice to walk arm in arm, and it gives you and your stepfamily the sense of connection and bonding you are asking for.

I hope that this article was helpful. Please let us know your ideas about including your stepchildren in your wedding.  We love to interact, and no one’s stopping you from using the comment box.

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