A shooting pain in the pelvic region is not something uncommon in females. Moreover, if you look up the internet, you will find a lot of searches about “sudden stabbing pain in pelvic area female.” A pain in the pelvic region most affects the reproductive tract, but it might happen for various other reasons as well.

A pelvic pain is defined as something that occurs in the lower portion of the trunk, anywhere between the thighs and the bellybutton. It can happen in the back side or in the frontal part of the pelvis as well. This could be an acute pain depending on the cause and might feel different for different people.

Pelvic pain can happen for a lot of reasons, and it is not always a sign of an pregnancy. However, some of the pelvic pains could be an indication of something serious and might need the attention of a doctor. Here, in this article, we are going to talk about the basic causes behind these sudden stabbing pain in pelvic area that women often experience.

The Reasons Behind This Sudden Shooting Pain In Pelvic Area  

The reasons behind this sudden shooting pain

Well, there could be multiple reasons behind this stabbing pain, and let’s explore the reasons behind it.


Ovulation pain mostly happens when you are close to ovulation or around the ovulation time. This condition is mostly known as Mittelschmerz. The pain is not serious, but the mild ache could sometimes turn to a stabbing pain. But this generally does not last for long, and if it lasts, then that means there is some underlying problem to it.


Endometriosis is a condition where tissues grow outside the uterus as they grow inside the uterine wall. This could be one of the main reasons behind chronic pelvic pain, which can cause pain during sex as well a cause of heavy bleeding during menstruation.

Even though endometriosis is not something serious, it undermines your fertility and health steadily. This condition is progressive, meaning it will get worse with time. So it is better to check with a doctor if you are seeing any symptoms of endometriosis.

Take note of the fact that in some cases, endometriosis can turn into something serious like ureter blockage and torsion of the endometria and cause bleeding inside the lung.

Ovarian Cysts  

When there is some growth on the ovaries, that is when we call it ovarian cysts, these are mostly harmless and revolve without the need for any medication.

Sometimes they cause pain that might become intense and almost never rupture. They also have a chance to twist the ovaries, which is popularly known as ovarian torsion. Sometimes ruptured cysts can turn into medical emergencies, but they are also a part of the ovulation process.

But in some cases, ovarian torsion or ruptured ovarian cysts can be a reason behind the severe pain that you must be experiencing. This might even make you weak or dizzy. If you are experiencing intense stabbing pain, you should consult your doctor and get immediate medical attention.

Pelvic Inflammatory Disease  

PID or pelvic inflammatory disease is an infection that happens in your upper reproductive tract, for instance in the uterus. It can have severe symptoms like infertility and pain. Moreover, it can be the reason behind sudden stabbing pain in pelvic area in females.

Sexually transmitted infections or STIs like gonorrhea or chlamydia are a few common cases of PID. A person with PID might even experience stabbing pain or get some signs and symptoms of infections, like vaginal discharge, or might get sick. You might even get a fever, and that is a symptom that it is turning to be serious.

Round Ligament Pain  

The uterus has round ligaments on either side of it. It keeps the uterus stable. Some people get this pain during pregnancy because, during that time, the uterus stretches and grows. This pain is also sudden and sharp. Some people might even describe it as a stretching or stabbing sensation. Often if you make a quick movement, you will trigger it, especially if you climb up the stairs or sit up suddenly from lying. This is not something dangerous and usually goes away after pregnancy.

Ectopic Pregnancy  

If a person is pregnant or might be pregnant, there is sometimes a chance of ectopic pregnancy, and that can cause stabbing pain.

An ectopic pregnancy is something where the egg gets implanted outside the uterus. This mostly happens in the fallopian tube. As a woman goes forward with the pregnancy, there is a lot of pressure on the fallopian tubes, and that causes pain. Some people experience aches, which become worse with time.

When the pregnancy grows too large, there is a chance that it might rupture. This can cause excessive bleeding, which can become life-threatening. This might even cause damage to the reproductive system. If there is any sign of ectopic pregnancy, they should seek medical attention immediately.

Treatment Options  

Treating this pain mostly depends on the reason why this is happening. People often go for pain relievers to ease some of the pain. But if the case is ectopic pregnancy, it is important to get help immediately. If it ruptures, they might need some other treatment as well.

Ovarian cysts are mostly harmless, but if they cause pain, that means they might rupture, or there is some other underlying issue behind them. It might even require surgery.

There are a lot of options available for endometriosis, from oral contraceptives for pain reduction to surgery for removing the excess endometrial tissues. PID treatment is also different depending on the causes.

When To See A Doctor  

Consult with a doctor for “sudden stabbing pain in pelvic area female” if you see the following symptoms:

  • If it is not going on its own.
  • It has a tendency of coming back.
  • It is constant.
  • There are some additional symptoms along with it.

A person should also look for emergency care if:

  • If a person is pregnant and experiencing sudden intense pain, that is not going easily.
  • When the pelvic pain gets unbearable.
  • If they have other symptoms like fever.

There are a lot of reasons why a female can get sudden stabbing pain in pelvic area. If it lasts just for a few moments and goes away on its own, then there is nothing to worry about.

Moreover, this pain is the way your body is telling you that something is wrong. This is mostly true when the pain gets intense with tim and comes with some other symptoms as well. Check with a doctor when you experience such pain, and take proper care of yourself.


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