The Question of the hour is: which tablet is used to get periods immediately? If you are very worried about actually missing your period and you are wondering how to get it fast, then you will be disappointed to know that it is not a possibility. 

There might be multiple situations where you might feel like inducing your periods in the hope of getting it soon. Sadly, it might actually take you over an hour to get your period. However, making small changes in your lifestyle can actually help you out in your journey to get periods fast. 

And this is precisely why we are here – to obtain information about getting your periods real fast! Stay tuned!

But First, Why Are Your Periods Late?

Menstrual cycles typically last between 28 and 29 days, running from the very first day of your period to the very last day of your next period. There are so many reasons that can cause delays:

  • Stress, 
  • Hormonal imbalance,
  • Drugs,
  • Medical conditions,
  • Pregnancy,
  • Schedule changes,
  • Weight fluctuations,
  • Pre-menopause, and
  • Weight fluctuations. 

It is very normal to worry when you don’t get your period, and that too on time. But it is always safe to wait for some weeks before really getting worried. Several women experience irregular periods caused by multiple lifestyle factors.

But if there is any delay in your periods over a month or so, then it indicates that there is some sort of an underlying condition in need of medical attention. There are some symptoms that you should definitely look out for in case your periods get late.

These symptoms are:

  • Dry skin,
  • Acne outbreaks,
  • Bloating, and
  • Abdominal discomfort.

Your doctor will ask you to go for a few tests in order to diagnose the condition and accordingly prescribe the treatment. 

So, Which Tablet Is Used To Get Periods Immediately? Foods To Get Your Periods Immediately:

So, Which Tablet Is Used To Get Periods Immediately? The answer, as we said, is next to none! 

But there are food items that have been proven to help control your hormones or even cause multiple uterine contractions. These contractions, in turn, end up triggering your periods. So, here are the best options to immediately get your period. 

1. Ginger:

Ginger is known for triggering uterine contractions. This, in turn, caused periods to appear quickly. In order to consume the benefits of ginger completely, you can eat it raw or with your tea – ginger tea tastes pretty great. 

2. Parsley:

There are two basic chemicals in parsley – myristicin and apiol – which are known for increasing contractions. These contractions, in turn, will lead to your menstrual cycle’s inciting influence. You should get hold of at least two cups of parsley in your tea every day – the amount is equal to three cups of water. 

Boil two cups of water and then add three teaspoons of dry herbs or dry basil leaves to make your very own herbal tea. You can consume parsley twice every day. 

3. Papaya:

Traditionally, papaya can be used for controlling menstrual periods. Just eat about one papaya a day or drink about two servings of the juice, and that too twice a day. A single cup of papaya juice or a bowl of ripe cut papaya pieces can easily help to induce menstrual periods. Just eat them in the middle of your cycle. 

4. Dates:

Consuming dates creates heat inside your body. This, in turn, causes uterine contractions and induces you to get your periods faster. 

5. Turmeric:

Turmeric is known for helping you to get your periods faster. For instance, you can add some turmeric to a glass of warm milk or just add the same to your meals regularly. 

6. Celery:

One of the best ways to get your period is to drink celery juice. It is safe, all-natural, and expert-recommended. When you drink celery juice not once but twice in one day, it can help you get periods faster. This is simply because it actually supports enhanced flow of blood to the body’s pelvic region. 

7. Coriander Seeds:

Coriander seeds come with inherent properties that can increase or stimulate your menstrual flow. This is precisely why coriander seeds are known to be the most effective DIY treatment for dealing with irregular periods. Just boil a teaspoon of coriander seeds with two cups of water before reducing the same to just a single cup. 

Then strain this mixture and ensure that you are drinking the same 3 times a day, straight for two days. You will find that your periods have made an appearance after 2 days!

8. Vitamin C Foods:

If you opt to have a diet rich in Vitamin C, you will find that your periods might just arrive early. It helps to regulate or, more importantly, regularize your periods by simply increasing the estrogen levels inside your body. 

The increasing levels of this particular hormone can easily stimulate uterine contractions inside your body. Moreover, vitamin C can lower the progesterone levels inside your body, which can easily stimulate your early periods. 

Plus, food items like kiwis, fruits, and certain vegetables such as bell peppers, broccoli, and tomatoes are rich in Vitamin C. You can definitely consider including these veggies in your diet. 

9. Carom Seeds:

Carom seeds are typically called Ajwain, and these are very helpful in the long run. These seeds act like a cramp reliever. You will just have to boil a single teaspoon of carom seeds accompanied by a tablespoon of jaggery in a glass of water. Ensure that you are drinking this mixture the first time you wake up every morning.

10. Pomegranate:

You can consume pomegranate juice, or you can opt for raw pomegranate juice to get your periods faster. Begin with drinking pomegranate juice three times every day and go for ten to fifteen days before you reach your regular date. 

11. Sesame Seeds:

Sesame seeds are perhaps the oldest natural method to get your period quickly. If you choose to consume sesame seeds in moderation, then they will induce menstruation without any particular side effects. These seeds are known to be heat-producing and can be consumed daily for around fifteen days before your expected date so that you get your periods faster. 

At the same time, you can consume a teaspoon of sesame seeds with lukewarm water, and that too two times a day. A teaspoon of plain or fried sesame seeds blended with honey twice or thrice a day is perfect for obtaining your periods faster. 

And It’s A Wrap!

Now that you have an answer to your ‘which tablet is used to get periods immediately,’ calm down! You cannot expect to get your period immediately. But of course, there are several food items that can make your menstrual cycle more consistent. 

We recommend you not trust random methods on the internet that claim to induce periods overnight or within an hour, considering the risks of the side effects simply outweigh the different benefits. 

But if you follow a healthy diet then definitely try out the natural remedies – have a healthy lifestyle, exercise regularly, and definitely stay active. If you do so, then you will notice that there are several positive changes in your cycle. 


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