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Tae And Maddie Open Up About Motherhood And Its Impact On Upcoming Projects At The 2023 CMA Awards

Tae and Maddie have been BFFs and songwriting partners for years – and currently, these two are dealing with motherhood together. 

On Wednesday, the popular country music pair was present at the Bridgestone Arena in Nashville, attending the 57th Annual CMA Awards. They opened up to individuals about becoming new mothers and how that has impacted both their songwriting and friendship. 

Maddie Font said in this context, “It’s like we have each other with our marriages, with our babies. We’re going through all the same things together. It’s really special,” while Tae said, “It’s even more fun if it wasn’t already fun enough.

The 28-year-old singer-songwriter Marlow Font wrapped up their summer tour only a few weeks ago. After the tour, she and her husband, Jonah Font, welcomed their firstborn in September. Her son, Forrest’s name, was partly inspired by Forrest Frank, the Indie singer.

The Girl in a Country Song singers were nominated at the CMA for being the vocal duo of the year. The pair revealed that their motherhood experiences have impacted the music they have been coming up with. As per Font, there are a few songs on their unannounced album that are due to come out next year – and it’s all about being a new mom. 
Kerr, in this context, said, “I think just realizing that you might have been able to give yourself 100% to one certain thing, but now you just aren’t able to. And that’s OK. Your priority is your little baby,” while Font said, “There are days when I’m CEO, and there are days where I’m a better mom.

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