Recently, on Social Media, there has been quite a lot of hype surrounding girl math. Girl Math refers to the calculations most women do about things like when to shave their legs during a week. Or when to wash their hair based on what plans they have during the week or the weekend.

New parents can relate more to reels about mom math. It is mostly about calculating how to get out of the house in time based on how much time is required to feed the baby or a toddler and to ensure that they are properly dressed.

Therapist Kate McReynolds’s New Twist On An Existing Trend:

Therapist Kate McReynolds, or, has put a new twist on this trend and is calling it postpartum math. She talks about postpartum math in detail in her latest Instagram reel. Here are the highlights:

  • During a 40-week pregnancy, one gets 10-15 appointments with their medical care provider. In postpartum, the number of appointments is around 1-2 for the same time period.
  • Productivity supposedly increases even though the total hours of sleep in a day drop sharply.
  • Healthcare providers typically inform new moms that they can have sex after six weeks. However, the overall healing process after labor or surgery takes at least six weeks.

Apart from these main points, McReynolds also talks about the need to buy pumping supplies and dietary restrictions during postpartum. Plus, the effects on mental health. McReynolds was also highly critical of the fact that productivity and going back to work are the topmost priorities in a developed country like the US. She talks about it in her reel. She said: “Forty weeks of pregnancy plus the amount of time it takes to go through labor or surgery. Plus the indefinite amount of time it takes to adjust to a major life transition after having a baby equals 6 to 12 weeks off from work.

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