As your child starts growing, your job as a parent grows and changes as well. Your chores change, your responsibilities change, and you also evolve as a part. Your job becomes difficult as you have to make many decisions that might decide your child’s fate.

You have to decide which school you want to put your toddler in and where you want to send them to college so that you can start saving from the beginning. Also, you are in charge of the little one, and you have to make all the big decisions for now, but choosing the best toddler floor bed doesn’t have to be one of those.

You may have come across the concept of a floor bed for toddlers or a Montessori floor bed from the internet or while going through some reels or TikTok. These have become widely popular now. 

What Is A Toddler Floor Bed?

What is a toddler floor bed

As a parent, you know your child’s sleeping habits best. There are toddlers who sleep peacefully in one place, and there are others who are clumsy and wiggly. For the second kind, if their bed is too high off the ground, there’s a chance they might fall and hurt themselves. Here are toddler floor beds. 

Toddler floor beds have changed the game altogether. These beds are directly placed on the ground and are also suitable for making the kids self-sufficient as they learn how to get in and out of it on their own. This is something that will put your mind at ease as a parent, and they will also feel safe in it.

Benefits Of A Toddler Floor Bed

Benefits of a toddler floor bed

Apart from providing safety to kids, there are other benefits of these beds that have not crossed your mind at once. Let’s have a look at them.

Develops Child Motor Skills And Creates Awareness

Even before birth, a child makes small movements around in their mother’s womb, and from their birth, they learn how to turn 360 degrees. Moreover, you can see the changes for yourself. After letting your toddler sleep in the toddler floor bed for a few days, you will start noticing a few changes in them. 

You might find that they are moving around in the corner of the bed and not falling off. They are moving back inside. This is self-awareness that has developed in them by the use of this bed. 

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Develops Sleep Independence

According to the author of the book, The Working Mom Blueprint: Winning at Parenting Without Losing Yourself, Whitney Casares, MPH, M.D., FAAP says, “Proponents of floor beds note that they provide children more access to books and quiet toys as they prepare to sleep and when they first rise in the morning or from naps, giving them more independence.”

Boost Child Confidence 

Junnifa Uzodike, the head and founder of the Fruitful Orchard Montessori in Abuja, says that this bed helps toddlers decide when they do not want to sleep anymore. She further states, “ They also have a positive association with sleep because their bed is not something they are stuck in and can’t get out of. It is a place they go to rest and can get up when they are done resting.”

Allows Bonding Space

According to Uzodike, “Another advantage is that depending on the size of the bed, the adult can sit or lie in bed with the baby if they need it. Perhaps to read to them or breastfeed them or even just to comfort them without having to lift them out of bed or change location, which can interfere further with sleep.”

Appropriate Age For Getting A Toddler Floor Bed

Appropriate age for getting a toddler floor bed

The time to transition from a crib to a bed is around the age of 2 or 3. Once kids learn to put their legs up the crib rail, that is the correct time to make the transition. Additionally, consider getting a floor bed for your naughty child.

Moving them to a floor bed will keep them safe and avoid injuries that can happen if they fall off the crib. Additionally, it might happen that your kid rolls over the flood bed, but that is a lot safer than any other bed, as there is very little chance of getting any injuries.

Dr. Casares also says, “A floor bed could also work as a transition to an elevated bed for an older toddler who is ready for the next step in sleeping arrangements but hasn’t indicated a strong desire to leave the crib.”

Best Practices For Floor Bed Safety

Best practices for floor bed safety

If you don’t baby-proof the room adequately, then a safe thing like a floor bed can also become unsafe. Setting up the bed properly is also essential. There are some safety measures you can follow – we have listed some below.

  • Placing the mattress in the correct position is necessary. It would be best to place the bed away from furniture and walls. And the ideal place is to put it in the middle of the room. This is because, even if they roll out of bed, they don’t hurt themselves against the wall or don’t get trapped.
  • Put the furniture against the walls, remove small toys or items that they can choke on, and cover all the electrical outlets as well.
  • Consider getting a safety gate if you have stairs outside your child’s bedroom. This is the time when they start exploring their mischievous side. As a result, it’s better to take precautions before anything dangerous happens.

It is also a smart move to get them to practice sleeping on the toddler bed during the daytime. That way, you can monitor them. This will make it easy for them to sleep in new beds. Dr. Casares says, “Likewise, using positive reinforcement and praise can help toddlers to stay in bed for incrementally longer periods of time without calling out for a parent.”

Best Toddler Floor Beds Of 2023

I think I have discussed enough about the benefits of the toddler floor beds and how they can help in the growth and development of your child. Now let’s find out what are the best toddler beds that you can get for your child.

Eden Home Toddler Floor Bed

Eden Home toddler floor bed

Toddler floor beds are best for your child’s growing years. This is because they help the kids to become independent while keeping them safe and preventing them from rolling out on the floor. They provide safety and look good if you decorate the room properly. 

This bed is rated 4.8 and is made of solid, durable wood, and comes with safety guardrails. This is the best bed that you can get for your little one. This bed comes with a gender-neutral color scheme white and has a beautiful classic design. This floor bed is the perfect one if we consider its design for transitioning smoothly into the world of bigger beds.


  • It is made from solid wood
  • It has guardrails, which add to the safety of the child.
  • Getting in and out of this bed is relatively easy for toddlers.
  • It has a slat kid included.
  • It is budget-friendly.


  • The only negative side that we could find about this toddler floor bed is that reviews say it takes a lot of time to assemble this bed. So, if you have gone for this one, you have cleared your schedule to put the bed together.

Bellemave House Twin Side Floor Bed 

Bellemave House twin side floor bed

This Bellemave toddler floor bed with rails has all the features that a kid and a parent would look for in a bed. Durable and high-quality wood, as well as MDF, is used for making this bed. It is designed keeping in mind the safety and security of the kids. Plus, the material is also durable. 

In addition, this twin-size floor bed comes with a load-bearing slat kit along with fence guard railings. Moreover, the bed is relatively safe, and you can just relax knowing that you have tucked your child in their stylish floor bed. Lastly, one does not take much time to assemble and looks like a mattress nicely decorated on the floor. 


  • This frame can hold up to 300 pounds.
  • It is made from solid, durable pine wood.
  • Comes with a long-lasting slat kit.
  • The fence is given for extra safety. To prevent the child from rolling out.


  • Mind your head while changing the bedsheet in this yes, as there have been reports that many parents have hit their heads on the fence railing above.

LLS Twin House Bed 

LLS twin house bed

This LLS twin bed comes in a very appealing design for the kids. And their design alone has the capability to keep the kids in their beds all day. The bed has durable slats – the slats make a proper foundation for the twin stress.

Moreover, it will keep the kids engaged in the semi-enclosed place, where they can sleep, play hide and seek, and read as well, and will keep the parents at ease as they will know that their child is not rolling out of their bed.


  • This bed is incredibly easy to assemble.
  • Solid pine wood is used for making this floor bed.
  • This bed comes in an enclosed design that ensures privacy and better quality of sleep.
  • The LLS toddle flood bed has the capacity of holding up to 250 pounds.


  • This bed does not come with an attached mattress, and you have to get one that fits the bed and is also comfortable for your baby.

Harper & Bright Designs floor and bunk bed

Harper & Bright Designs floor and bunk bed

Kids love to be in their own fantasy worlds, and this bed will only add to their imagination. This bed comes with a beautiful structure and features a twin bed on the upper bunk of the bed and a full bed on the bottom bunk, which is actually a floor bed. 

This is perfect for hosting sleepovers or if you are a parent of two kids and want to give them some quality time for bonding as well. Not only has it got a beautiful design, but it is made from the top quality of pine woods and has also got storage built-in to keep their toys organized.


  • This bed has high-end finishes.
  • The design of the bed saves a lot of space and comes with storage, stairs, and everything.
  • It has a full bed and a twin bed.
  • The color choices are elegant and are gender-neutral as well.
  • The company used solid wood to make the bed.
  • The bottom bunk is the floor bed which is for your toddler.


  • This one again comes with the same problem, and it is time-consuming to assemble this beautiful bed. It might take up to two hours if you are doing the work alone.

Little Colorado Toddler Floor Bed

Little Colorado toddler floor bed

This toddler floor bed is the simplest of all. This bed has a minimal design, and it was designed in this way to develop kid’s motor skills and self-reliance in their growing years. 

Floor beds not only develop their skills but also provide safety and a safe place where kids can explore the space. 

This bed is made from durable birch wood, and they are also available in many neutral colors. This bed fits a standard-size mattress that makes the transition to the big bed quite smooth.


  • The simple design allows the kid to move around freely.
  • The frame fits a standard-size mattress.
  • Durable birch wood makes the bed.
  • It comes in various gender-neutral colors.


  • This one has also got the same issue, and putting it together might take a bit of your busy schedule.

Wrapping up!

It is usual for kids to make a lot of movements in their sleep. It is the best decision to get your toddler a floor bed to keep them safe during their growing years and also allow them to explore themselves. This bed keeps them from injuring themselves or falling from a height.

If it suits you, you can also use their crib mattress in your toddler floor bed, as most of them match a standard crib mattress size. And it comes in a lot of designs, and the fantasy house-like designs add to their imaginative thoughts.

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