It is the thought of every mother what to buy for their child as they start to grow rapidly when they reach the age of one. When they are close to their first birthday, that is the time when they are advancing towards toddlerhood, and you would have to find them new bedding as well as get them a few pajama options or best toddler sleep sack. 

By this time, all parents have mastered the art of dressing their baby appropriately for sleeping safely. Now, you can look for some other options to keep them warm and safe. The American Academy Of Pediatrics (AAP) says when your baby reaches the age of one, they finally reach a stage where they can sleep with a blanket. 

Sleepsacks are a lot like bedding, but they have the added benefit of keeping them warm throughout the night, as a blanket can get removed when they try to move in their sleep or wake up. It is not just a cozy option but also a safe one, as they are still young to sleep with their own blankets in a crib.

Are Sleeping Sacks Safe For Toddlers?

Are sleeping sacks safe for toddlers

To answer the question in short, sleep sacks are absolutely safe for your child. You have to be careful while buying and just make sure that this fits your child correctly. It is okay to use sleeping sacks as long as you find one that fits your child entirely. 

There are also a few benefits to dressing your child in a sleeping sack, and they are found in various sizes as well. There are extra large sleeping sacks as well in the market to fit your toddler, to give them some extra space in there.

What Should You Look For In A Sleep Sack

Well, every parent would want to present their child with the gift of care and comfort. So, before you choose the perfect sleep sack for your baby, you should check these specific things in a sleep sack.


Picking the correct size of a sleeping sack is important for a baby, and it comes in a range of sizes. Toddler sleep sacks are found in monthly spans like 18-24 months and 18-36 months. Every brand has its own size charts, so it is best to check them before you buy a sleep sack for your baby. The size chart has the age, along with its height and weight suggestions. It is best to choose a comfortable one which would not be too loose or too tight.

TOG Rating

A thermal overall grade or TOG rating denotes how warm the garment is. The sleep sack is believed to be more warm when the rating is higher. According to a certified pediatric sleep consultant Jilian Thistle, “in the summer months, or in warmer climates, it typically makes sense to use a lighter sleep sack with a lower TOG.”

She further added, “in colder climates, or winter months, parents may want to use a warmer sleep sack with a higher TOG.” all you have to do is make sure that your baby is at right temperature when they are sleeping.


It is best to choose a fabric that is breathable and natural, like cotton, bamboo, and wool. Babies, in general, have sensitive skins, and if your baby is one of them or overly sensitive, then you have to take care of the material. For summer, you may pick a lightweight fabric, and during winter, you can choose something heavy and thick.

Zipper Placement

If your baby sleeps in a crib and is a bit mischievous, it is best to look for sleep sacks that are not just backward and inside out but have a zipper at the top and not at the bottom, as it would make it more difficult for the baby to take it off.

Benefits Of Sleep Sacks

Benefits of sleep sacks
  • This will keep your toddler covered the entire night. A blanket can be kicked off at any time, but a toddler sleep sack with feet is a great solution for keeping them warm.
  • It will keep your little climber in the crib for the night as they are completely wrapped in those.
  • Sleep sacks can also be a cue for them to sleep; if you kid into the habit of throwing tantrums, get them into the habit and make it a bedtime routine.

5 Best Toddler Sleep Sack

There are a lot of sleep sacks that come in sizes that would fit your toddler well. The best sleeping sacks are listed below.

1. Halo Toddler Sleep Sack

best toddler sleep sack

Material: 0-6 months to 17-24 months

Age range: Muslin cotton

Pros: Two-way zipper, designed with breathable cotton, roomy design

Cons: This is not the best warm option

This is a sleep sack for toddlers that is made from 100% muslin. This sleeveless sack comes with an A-line design that provides a lot of breathing space for the baby. The two-way zipper makes it easy for the midnight diaper-changing sessions. This is more comfortable for them, as you don’t have to get them totally undressed and then again go through the whole process again.

2. Woolino Sleep Sack

Material: 2-24 months

Age range: Merino wool

Pros: It can regulate the temperature well, has a roomy design, and has a long lifespan

Cons: they are quite expensive and can be oversized for newborns.

The price tag on the sack can make your eyebrows go high, but most parents say that these are a worthy splurge. The inner layer of the sack is made from merino wool, and the outer layer is made from organic cotton. This is specifically designed to regulate the temperature throughout all the seasons. And this is one size fits all. So, even if it is pricy, it will last a long time and will make it worth it.

3. Kyte Baby Sleep Bag

Material: 0-6 months to 18-36 months

Age range: Bamboo, rayon

Pros: The material is breathable and super soft; the material is also stretchable, thus allowing movement, got a two-way zipper.

Cons: The material is a bit thin for winter.

This wearable blanket is made from the most breathable and exceptionally soft material, that is bamboo. The material is a bit stretchable and has room for your baby to kick and wiggle. The two-way sleeper helps with the midnight diaper change as it does not require taking off the whole thing in the middle of the night. 

4. Hudson Baby

Material: 3-9 months to 12-18 months

Age range: 100% cotton

Pros: super soft, foldover hand mittens.

Cons: The zipper tends to get stuck sometimes.

It is better if you choose the long-sleeve sleep sacks for cold winter nights. It comes with mitted cuffs and gives more coverage. The 100% cotton fabric makes it breathable and soft on their skin and does not restrict any movement. These come in a wide range of colors and patterns, so dress your baby for the night in colorful PJs.

5. Aden + Anais Baby Sleeping Bag

Material: 0-6 months to 18-36 months

Age range: Muslin cotton

Pros: It comes in great patterns, has got a bottom zipper, the material is lightweight and soft.

Cons: the light fabric frays over time.

This is a famous brand not just for its sleep sacks but also for its muslin blankets. Just like their blankets, their sleeping sacks are also made from 100% muslin. The material makes it extra soft, breathable, and lightweight. This again comes with the two-way zipper, which again helps with diaper changes. Along with that, they come in great patterns.

Wapping Up!

There are many families who have fallen in love with sleep sacks and have been using it for their many kids. It will keep them warm throughout the night, keep them in their crib, and would provide a good night’s sleep for the parents as well. Sleep sacks are recommended by many pediatricians and consultants as well until your baby reaches three years of age.

You can get sleeveless ones for summer and long sleeve ones for the winter. They are available in many colors, patterns, and materials, which gives you a lot of choices. A toddler sleep sack can become a bedtime habit for your baby as well.

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