I’ve been an avid traveler for most of my adult life, having traveled to almost 80 countries and lived on 4 continents.

However, when we recently had our first child, things started to look a little different. Traveling alone and going out with your toddlers are entirely different things.

Traveling Without Equipment For Toddlers Is A Headache!

Traveling Without Equipment For Toddlers Is A Headache!

When we started planning our first international getaway, I’m not going to lie that the panic started to creep in. Our toddler had just learned how to walk and was busy on the move constantly. 

How could we possibly get her to sit still for that long? She tears through everything like a pint-size tornado, how were you going to keep her entertained? Bottom line, how were we going to survive a 15+ hour journey on 2 flights and through 3 airports with the active toddlers?

5 Toddler Essential Equipment For Travelers

5 Toddler Essential Equipment For Travelers

I took time to talk with family and friends with experience on long-haul travel with toddlers and did plenty of research on my own. After countless hours of collecting insight, I felt confident that we were ready for our first trip. 

The expectations were average to low. We expected at least one meltdown and a missed nap. I’m happy to share that we successfully made it through our first long-haul flight with our 13-month-old, and actually had a wonderful experience. 

Sure, there were looks from time to time from other passengers and the occasional hiccup, but we didn’t let it get to us because toddlers and young families have the right to travel too. These were some of the essentials that made all of the difference!

1. Sticker Books And Puzzles

Sticker books for toddlers are a great way to foster creativity and self-play. They are mess-free and easy to keep in one piece versus crayons. They are also compact and easy to pack away in carry-on baggage.

These reusable Sticker Pads by Melissa & Doug have 5 different scenes and over 150 stickers! Scoop them up, click here.

2. Small Testy Snacks

Finger food and mess-free snacks fit in the toddlers’ tiny hands make for fun entertainment. Lots of snacks will also curb the hunger that comes with newbie travelers.

I love these Snack Catchers by Munchkin that are so easy for little hands to grab on the go with no spills! You can easily add cheerios, veggies, cheese cubes, or crackers. Find them, click here.

3. Surprises Toys

I actually took this idea from my mother, who always used to wrap up little surprises for us to open throughout the flight.

The anticipation to wait until the next hour of travel to see what is in store is a great way to make the time pass by.

On our last flight, my daughter had a great time unwrapping these My Little Pony Tail Surprises that you dip in water to see what color their tails turn, click here. These tricks are keeping your toddlers energetic and engaging.

4. Best Stuff Toy Buddy 

It should go without saying, but make sure you do not leave home without your favorite blanket, stuffed animal, pillow, or toy.

Your little one is out of their comfort zone in a new experience and having that familiar item for comfort makes all the difference. My daughter’s current attachment is her soft and cuddly stuffed rabbit.

This one is under $10 on Amazon, click here. If your toddlers have a specific selection for their stuffed toys you have to bring that handy.

5. Check Book For Supplies

Ensure you have everything that you need in both you’re checked-in luggage and also in your carry-on bags. Most airlines allow you to check in a stroller and car seat free of charge.

I love this Packing List put together by Wanderlust Family Retreats that is so thoroughly done with all the must-haves for travel for both adults and toddlers. Sign up for their mailing list to receive the downloadable pdf link view website.


I know traveling with toddlers is never like traveling alone or with friends. But for better experience always keep this equipment handy. And do not pack the bust stuff buddy on your luggage bag. Hence hand luggage is the best place for packing it. I can guarantee following these tips will minimize your travel hazards.

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