Welcome to this new part of your life. I know you must be just recovering from the exertion of the delivery process, but taking care of these little humans can make the journey a little scary in the beginning. This is the time when you are not sure about what to do when they refuse to feed when they are not gaining weight or what schedule to follow for feeding them. 

Initially, it is difficult to nurse your baby, but slowly you will get the hang of it. We often hear people saying that their child is not gaining weight. This is when the doctors recommend “triple feeding. Which means nursing, pumping, and bottle feeding every time you feed your baby. 

Triple feeding could be exhausting and difficult, but this could turn into a successful breastfeeding relationship. This could end up being exclusively pumping or nursing. Let’s get into details about this triple feeding technique and learn all about it. 

What Is Triple Feeding?

As I mentioned, triple feeding refers to when you follow these three steps: nursing, pumping, and bottle feeding every time you feed your baby. Try nursing your baby as much as possible if the little one is still hungry. Then get them a bottle of formula or pumped breast milk, whichever you prefer.

And finally, you have to take care of the fact that the supply is even for your baby; you pump to remove as much as possible from both your breasts. You can then store the bottle as well and keep it for feeding them later.

Triple feeding involves the following steps:

  • Feeding the little one directly from the breast for at least 15 to 20 minutes from both sides. Listen for the swallowing sound, and you will know when they have stopped eating.
  • After feeding them, pump your breast milk for 10 to 15 minutes after adequate stimulation.
  • Bottle-feeding the baby from the ilk you have collected or feed them formula.

It is necessary to repeat this process eight to twelve times a day. 

Benefits Of Triple Feeding

Triple feeding might take up a lot of your emotional as well as physical energy. But obviously, there are so many good sides to it as well. This is especially effective if your baby is not gaining weight and you cannot find a justified reason behind it. 

According to a certified lactation consultant, Ashley Grorgakopoulos, “this method buys time for both mother and baby to figure things out.” This is a great opportunity for identifying basic breastfeeding problems like tongue-ti or poor latch and getting those resolved while increasing the supply of milk.

Moreover, it lets you share feeding responsibilities with your partner or if you have other caregivers who are helping you take care of the baby. 

Your physician or pediatrician might recommend this method for the following purposes:

  • Help the baby gain adequate weight.
  • Deal with the ineffective suck and latch.
  • Allows skin-to-skin stimulation for maintaining or building milk supply.

What Is Triple Feeding Like?

Women often describe their triple feeding experience as something stressful, exhausting, and time-consuming. Sometimes it becomes a non-stop cycle of pumping and breastfeeding. And by exhausted, I do not just mean physically, but mentally as well. 

For all the newbie moms, it is natural to feel like you are trying your best, but it is never enough. This can happen mostly when you see your child losing weight. It is natural to feel that you might not be feeding them enough. But do not be too harsh on yourself, this might be happening for something entirely different, so do not blame yourself. 

But it is necessary for you to take care of yourself as well during this time. Do not try to pump too much. Drink an adequate amount of water and use the restroom on time. If you are ignoring your health, this might cause you dehydration. You need to plan this method carefully, and the plan should include self-care and a stopping point as well.

Tips For Triple-Feeding

Sustaining triple feeding is difficult. You should follow the steps while you are thinking of choosing triple feeding.

Make A Plan

If you are thinking of choosing triple feeding for your child, it is best to consult your pediatrician first. When you are making your choice, be assured there are various other options for you, and you are choosing this one.

Dr. Tina Feeley, a pediatrician at Chestnut Hill, says, “It is important that mothers do not feel pressure to do this if it is causing them to not enjoy motherhood or bond with their baby. I would only recommend this if a mother is very motivated to breastfeed and it is not affecting her mental health.”

Set A Stopping Point

Triple feeding is not something that you would be able to pursue for a long time. While making a plan, set a stopping time for triple feeding. You can stop sooner if you see fit.  

According to a certified lactation consultant, Andrea Syma-Brown, “Once the baby begins to gain weight appropriately and become more proficient at eating, the cause behind the initial challenge can be quickly determined, addressed, and, in many cases, overcome.”

Prioritize Self-Care

It is important to take care of yourself in between these feedings. Drink a lot of water. Take help from others because you need to rest sometimes. So do not shy away if you think you require a little help doing the household chores or taking care of the baby.

Check For Your Mental Health

There is nothing to feel bad about if you suddenly have to stop breastfeeding because all these processes are getting you overwhelmed, and you have to stop breastfeeding your baby. It is important to take support from others during this time and pick the method that works best for you.

Wrapping Up!

There is no time frame that is attached to breastfeeding. There is some woman who takes a week’s time, and their supply is re-established, and they start breastfeeding exclusively. Some women require a few months, or they have to go through triple feeding the entire time. This is entirely dependent on the baby and the mom.


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