Babies and tummy time can never fit in the same sentence. Most babies absolutely hate their tummy time. From crying to rolling over – they do everything they can with their little bodies to protest against it. But what exactly is tummy time? Well, it is certainly not rocket science. It is a simple technique where mothers put their babies on their tummy for a short time period. This helps them build their core strengths and promotes better health. But things are not as easy as they seem. While parents know the benefits of a much more regular tummy time, kids don’t. In fact, they seem to despise it. This is where tummy time toys come to the rescue.  

These babies can keep your baby engaged so that they don’t grow bored or irritated with their much-needed tummy time.  

If you are also a mother who is puzzled about how to make their baby enjoy its tummy time, we have the solution for you. In this article, we shall list down all those fun and effective toys that will keep your baby engaged and reduce their protests during tummy time.  

When Is The Best Time To Start Tummy Time?  

When Is The Best Time To Start Tummy Time

Before you note down all the tummy time toys that your baby needs, it is also important that you know when is the best time to start tummy time for your little one.  

To be precise, there is no fixed time for kids to start tummy time. But, it is preferable that you start it as soon as you bring the baby from the hospital. The development rate in these babies remains the highest, and it is best if they engage in something as beneficial as tummy time. 

For newborns, the tummy time must not exceed five minutes on an everyday basis. When they reach the age of 2 months, you may increase it to 15 to 20 minutes.  

Regardless of the time you make them practice tummy time, make sure that you are always around to supervise them to understand how they react to it.  

Tummy Time Toys  

Tummy Time Toys

Just as we mentioned, babies are not particularly fond of tummy time. It is more like an opportunity for them to protest. But, with the right methods, you can convince them to enjoy the much required exercise time.  

Apart from different techniques to do so, the one thing that can make every baby become fond of it is tummy time toys. No baby can ever deny the toys – give them to them during their tummy time and watch how it eventually becomes one of their favorite times of the day.  

Infantino 2-In-1 Tummy Time & Seated Support 

This is one of the best tummy time toys if you are looking for versatility. This is not just best for your baby; you can also use it through 18 months, as the pillow can mold into multiple shapes as the baby starts to grow. For infants, this soft fabric toy opens like a snake, giving tummy support as the baby develops neck and head muscles.  

Infantino 2-In-1 Tummy Time & Seated Support

It also comes with a detachable mirrored crinkle toy along with a BPA-free teether that further motivates babies to reach and grasp. It also comes with a neutral design, which is best in case you are looking for a perfect baby shower gift for a couple that wishes to wait till the birth of the baby to know the gender.  

However, there is one limitation that you need to keep in mind as the toy grows with the baby: it makes a comfortable and supportive padded chair for the baby as they grow up. But that might not be particularly beneficial if your baby gets too tall to fit in it.  

Sassy Tummy Time Floor Mirror 

Mirror toys are one of the best things you can get your baby to make them enjoy their tummy time. Even after they learn to sit up, this toy can still be very engaging and fun to use. This sturdy and smart floor mirror toy comes with a huge, true reflection mirror that helps the baby focus on a human and promotes their vision development.  

Sassy Tummy Time Floor Mirror

It has a lightweight design that makes it even more travel-friendly to keep your baby engaged when you are on the go. Along with the mirror, it also has high-contrast toys, like a ladybug and a ball, that are just fun and keep your baby attached to them for a long time.  

While it is still one of the most effective tummy time toys, the travel-friendly and compact design pretty much lacks appropriate support to prevent the mirror from falling over. So, it is better if you just prop it against something durable while practicing tummy time.  

Vtech Tummy Time Discovery Pillow 

The Tummy Time Discovery Pillow from Vtech is just downright versatile and cute, and your little one can grow with it. This budget-friendly giraffe pillow has a number of attachment toys – for instance, the light-up piano with songs and sounds that are removable or interchangeable if you are moving. The adorable animal theme also helps with object recognition as the little one gets older. The cushiony, soft texture also makes it a comfy, fun tory for the babies to interact with.  

The brand also has a deer edition available if you do not wish to go for the giraffe. 

When you do buy this toy, remember that it is made for surface wash only. So, if it does get dirty, you will only be able to do spot cleaning.  

Fat Brain Toys Rock ‘N Roller Piano 

Fat Brain Toys Rock ‘N Roller Piano

As a very colorful xylophone with rolling wheels, this story makes a sound like that of ringing bells. However, as the baby grows to become a toddler, they can play tunes with the help of an included mallet. It is just perfect for tummy time, made well, and has very pleasant chimes. Moreover, the colors are very vibrant, and the rollers are activated pretty easily.  

Parents should, however, take note that the toy mallet is made for older babies beyond the age of 10 months. So, just make sure to keep it away until the baby gets old enough to play with it.  

Fisher-Price Deluxe Kick & Play Piano Gym 

Do you want to entertain your baby with lights, music, and sound? Then this Deluxe Kick & Play Piano Gym from Fisher-Price is just the perfect toy to get your hands on. It comes with an adjustable arch and removable toys. The best part? It also has an adjustable and removable piano keyboard. While tummy timing, your baby can easily rest on the mat and reach out for the piano or the toys. Some of the other fun features that come with it are the five light-up keys in the piano and the four musical settings, including one that has 15 minutes of constant music. 

Fisher-Price Deluxe Kick & Play Piano Gym

While the mat can still be washed in a machine, the padding is just a bit thin. This may not be a problem for homes that have rugs, carpets, or play mats. But it is preferable if you could lay down an extra blanket if you have hard floors in your home.  

Melissa & Doug Flip Fish Soft Baby Toy 

If you are looking for something that your baby is going to be obsessed with, this is one of those tummy-time toys that you need to get your hands on. The idea of tummy time toys is helpful yet fun, and this toy justifies it. The Melissa and Doug Flip Fish is the most adorable ocean friend, and it comes with hidden images under each scale. Your baby’s tiny fingers would just love to explore the crinkly, vibrant fabrics and other textures, and you will appreciate their fabrics that can be easily washed in a machine.  

Its squeaking tail also promotes finger and grasp strength and makes a pretty fun sound in the process without needing any batteries. The unbreakable mirror also helps your little one check themselves out whenever they want.  

The toy is 13.5 X 9.75 inches, making it a bit unmanageable for very small babies. However, the brand claims it is recommended for babies as young as a month old.  

Teytoy Tummy Time Floor Mirror 

Teytoy Tummy Time Floor Mirror

This is one of the lightest black and white mats, and it is perfect for younger babies who have yet to have a full-color range with their vision. It is also pretty versatile. You can easily put it in a triangular position or flat on the floor during tummy time to stimulate your baby. Additionally, with the black and white pictures, there is also a large mirror and textured attachable toys that your baby can easily play with.  

While this is one of those tummy-time toys that can easily stand in an upright position without having to get propped up, the mirror may look distorted, creating a fun house effect.  

Baby Einstein Glow & Discover Activity Station 

If whistles and bells engage the baby during tummy time, this is just the right pick for you. It is simple to activate and is one of the best fun and interactive tummy time toys for your little one. Just place the baby within the reach of the activity bar and allow them to explore.  

Babies learn about colors and animals and play with the xylophone in three main languages: Spanish, English, and French. The activity bar is pretty simple to wipe down and clean, and three AA batteries are needed for the set itself.  

There are a number of things that you will like about this tummy time toy, but the built-in stand is not as sturdy as anyone would prefer it to be. Also, some babies may not really prefer the light functions, which may seem like an intensive sensory stimulation.  

Splashin’kids Inflatable Tummy Time Water Mat 

Splashin’kids Inflatable Tummy Time Water Mat

While anyone would think that a 26 X 20-inch mat is not portable, this one certainly is. This tummy time water mat conveniently inflates into its full size, but when not being used, the mat easily deflates and folds in. Likewise, you may simply drain and refill the leakproof mat with water to get just the accurate level of firmness for the tiny baby. This is one of the most interactive picks that keep your little one’s mind engaged, even when you are traveling or just hanging out at home.  

However, there is a slight risk of mold growing inside the mat, but that totally depends on how often you get to change the water. It is better to change the water occasionally than drain it out completely after every use. This way, the insides do not dry completely, thus increasing the risk of mold growing inside them.  

Fisher-Price Grow-With-Me Tummy Time Plush Llama 

This is one of the best tummy-time friends that help your baby sit up higher and just look adorable. It is a multifunctional toy that has three ways to play depending on the developmental stage of the baby: lying flat, resting on the pillow, or sitting up. The additional toys include a teether, rattle, and mirror, which offer a number of stimulations during regular tummy time sessions. Also, you get to attach a child-friendly mirror to the mouth of the lama. This way, your baby can occasionally look up to their adorable face.  

Taf Toys Tummy Time Book 

Taf Toys Tummy Time Book

This tummy time book just stands upright and comes with flappable pages that are pretty fascinating to little babies. The fabric pages are also very soft to the touch. They also have a number of crinkled textures that allow the baby to explore. Better yet, the baby comes with black and white pictures as they offer stimulation to a newborn’s vision and help them focus and concentrate.  

There are two main stages of play: the smaller babies can look at the black and white pictures. On the other hand the older ones can play with the colorful illustrations. They come with the built-in toys to grab their attention. When you flip it to the next page, you’ll find a child-safe mirror. It will make the little one recognize different facial expressions and grow a sense of self-awareness.  

The Bottom Line 

Kids hate tummy time and will try every trick and technique to protest against it. Crying and rolling over are some of the most common ways to protest against it.  

However, you can make it simpler with the help of tummy time toys. These are not just fun but also help develop different senses in your baby.  

So, do you have a fussy baby that hates tummy time? In that case, our list of tummy time toys should be of great help. Or you may get some by yourself that fit the needs of your baby.


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