What to expect from an ultrasound week 7? Not much, but plenty. Sounds confusing? Ok, allow me to clarify.

When expecting a baby, you develop concern for someone you have never even seen. Such is the feeling of being a parent. Love comes instinctually. Your healthcare provider would suggest an ultrasound of your tummy to make sure that the baby is alright. 

Usually, they perform an ultrasound during the 12th or the 13th week of your pregnancy. That is when you get to see the baby in its early shape. But 7 weeks ultrasound might be necessary sometimes. The experience will be different from that of a 12th week ultrasound. But, you will see some development. 

The baby’s growth spurt is rapid during a 7 weeks ultrasound. But what to expect? You have to continue reading to you find out. 

Why Did My Doctor Order An Ultrasound Week 7 Report? 

Doctor Order An Ultrasound Week 7 Report

No, don’t panic. Just because the doctor has asked for a 7 weeks ultrasound, it doesn’t mean that the world is crashing down. Doctors suggest these tests for some reasons. 

One of many reasons for doctors to order an ultrasound before the 12th or 13th week is to date your pregnancy accurately. Your date of pregnancy symptoms might not match up with your menstrual period. This might cause confusion regarding how old the baby is. 

The doctor might want to ask for an early ultrasound to tell you how old the baby is and how far you are on your pregnancy journey. There are other reasons as well. For example –

  • Confirming if you have twins: it is important to confirm whether you have a twin or multiples. Especially if you have ever had any fertility treatment, you want to get an early ultrasound.
  • Fetal heartbeat: If you are seeing symptoms such as vaginal bleeding, spotting, or other concerning symptoms, the doctor might order an ultrasound. They want to confirm if you are facing any miscarriage issues. 
  • Look for ectopic pregnancy: positive pregnancy symptoms are possible when the embryo gets implanted outside the uterus. This is when you get positive symptoms of pregnancy, although the embryo is not viable. If it is an ectopic pregnancy, it might be life-threatening. That is why an ultrasound week 7 might be important. 
  • Checking the reproductive organs: Pregnancy is not an easy journey. Your reproductive organs, like the uterus, ovaries, cervix, and fallopian tubes, might or might not be at risk. It is always good to check if you are expecting. A 7-week ultrasound might help. 

However, there is still no reason to panic. The doctor might just order one ultrasound week 7 just to check if your baby is in the right condition. It always helps to have enough info during your pregnancy. This helps you stay updated on what you are expecting; also keeps you from harm’s way. 

You Did Not Expect This, Hollywood Lied!

A 7-week ultrasound is nothing like what you see in the movies. The couple goes to the doctor, and the technician there shows you the adorable shape of a baby inside you – sleeping, and floating, peacefully. 

But that’s not happening in the 7th week. So, did Hollywood just lie? Not entirely. You see — the baby is too small to be seen during the 7th week. An external abdominal ultrasound cannot confirm the size and appearance of a baby during the 7th week. However, a transvaginal ultrasound can work. 

Ultrasound Week 7? What To Expect?

Ultrasound Week 7

A mother is not worried alone. During an ultrasound, the sonographers also are on their toes; they want to give you good news. As soon as the fetal heartbeat is audible, they can breathe in peace. So, what to expect from a 7 week ultrasound picture? 

The first pregnancy ultrasound is usually done during the first trimester during the 7th week. The sonographer usually checks for the reasons below –

  • They measure the size of the embryo.
  • Determine the estimated due date. 
  • Confirm the fetal heartbeat and determine viability.
  • Look for. 
  • Check out the number of babies (twins or multiples). 

They will require you to have a full bladder during the ultrasound. Sonographers usually recommend emptying the bladder and drinking around 500 to 600 ml of water (2 glasses of water is fine). You should drink the water an hour before the ultrasound. 

They perform both transvaginal or transabdominal ultrasounds might be recommended by the doctor. Don’t worry; they are safe during pregnancy. 

An ultrasound week 7 may not help accurately find out the condition of the baby. That is why a transvaginal ultrasound might be ordered by your doctor. They use a small transducer and place it on the vagina. Unlike a transabdominal ultrasound, the transvaginal ultrasound is done in an empty bladder. 

Questions The Sonographer Might Ask

You can expect your sonographer to ask you these questions –

  • When was the last time you had a menstrual period?
  • Do you still have a regular cycle?
  • What is the type of your pregnancy? (naturally/IVF)
  • Do you have any prior experience with pregnancy? If yes, what were the outcomes?
  • Did you have a miscarriage? If yes, how far along were you?
  • Sonographers also ask if you had any operations before.
  • You may also get asked about your medications. 

You should also disclose any information you have about your pregnancy if you are seeing any spotting or bleeding. If you stop taking contraceptive pills, you should talk about it as well. Were you breastfeeding during the time of conception? 

What Does A 7 Weeks Ultrasound Look Like? 

You don’t get to see lots of changes only within seven weeks. But a seven weeks ultrasound can show you a gestational sac and a yolk sac. However, it is still a very early phase of your pregnancy. 

This usually should not be an issue. However, if the doctor sees anything odd or serious, they might call you for another ultrasound. You might have to return for another ultrasound within 7 to 10 days to get the embryo checked.

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