Ultrasounds 12 Weeks

Ultrasounds 12 Weeks: All The Things That No One Will Tell You

Pregnancy ultrasounds 12 weeks are very crucial. One of many milestones a couple wants to achieve, Pregnancy is a crucial one. And a 12 weeks ultrasound lets you meet your new favorite person for the first time. 

Well, it’s not so much of a meeting, but you catch a glimpse of your baby inside you and feel all sappy and emotional. A 12 week ultrasound can help confirm the morning sickness and all the other early signs of Pregnancy you might be facing. 

This is usually the first ultrasound you get during your Pregnancy. The doctor confirms the Pregnancy and helps you follow a routine for prenatal care. But why are ultrasounds 12 weeks important? What are the risks and benefits? This article has all the answers you need. 

Key Takeaways

Pregnancy ScanUltrasound 12 weeks
Time Taken 20 to 30 minutes 
Purpose • Estimating the due date.
• Checking the fetal condition.
• Checking the condition of pregnant individual.
• It needs to be done from 12 weeks to 13 weeks 6 days.
• Creating the foundation for prenatal care.

Ultrasounds 12 Weeks: Why Is It Important?

Ultrasounds 12 Weeks: Why Is It Important?

Doctors usually order an ultrasound for pregnancy during the 10 to 14 weeks of pregnancy. You may have to get an ultrasound during the 12 to 13 weeks of conception. Also called the dating scan, ultrasounds 12 weeks have more purpose than finding out the due date. 

The baby’s growth development, risk assessment for pregnancy, and starting prenatal care are reasons why the doctors might ask for a 12 weeks pregnancy ultrasound. Here are some main reasons for holding a 12th weeks scan. 

  1. The doctors estimate your due date through a 12 weeks ultrasound. (Ready the toys, dolls, and the nugget couches! Because the baby is coming.)
  2. It helps check any structural abnormalities you might have during the pregnancy. 
  3. A 12-week pregnancy can also help confirm the number of babies you are having.
  4. An ultrasound at 12 weeks also helps check and confirm the current conditions of your uterus and the ovaries. 
  5. It also helps check the heart rate of your growing baby. Also, this scan can help measure the baby’s size and weight. 
  6. Is there any genetic disorder? A 12 weeks ultrasound can also help confirm that. 
  7. Most importantly, a 12 weeks ultrasound can help locate the placenta. Where does the umbilical cord lie in relation to the placenta? The first ultrasound also helps check if there is adequate fluid around the baby.

What Is An Ultrasound? 

What Is An Ultrasound

An ultrasound uses high-frequency sound waves in order to produce images of a pregnant woman’s body and the baby. The sound waves are not associated with radiation that makes them safe. The doctor might ask for a transabdominal ultrasound and a transvaginal ultrasound based on your condition. 

What To Expect During A 12 Weeks Ultrasound Appointment? 

Usually, the midwife or the doctor will book a scan apportionment. Then, you can go to your local public hospital, an ultrasound center, for an ultrasound at 12 weeks. You will have a sonographer perform the scan. Doctors/sonographers might ask you to drink water for a full bladder scan. A transvaginal scan may also be asked for if you are getting an ultrasound 7 weeks

During the scan, You will have to lie down. The sonographer will apply a translucent gel around your lower belly and use a scanner to image your womb. They will ask you to hold your urine and require you to change your position based on the test’s requirement. 

Does an ultrasound hurt a baby? Now, there is no need to worry about an ultrasound hurting your baby inside the pregnant belly. They don’t use X-rays. Instead, an Ultrasound is done using sound waves. Currently, there is no scientific proof that ultrasounds hurt a baby. 

After the 12th week, doctors might also order a 20th weeks ultrasound for the anatomy scan. Having an ultrasound of pregnancy is crucial. Also, you should track week-by-week pregnancy symptoms and remain updated with all the recent developments with the baby inside. 

Risks & Rewards Of An Ultrasound 12 Weeks 

Ultrasound is generally safe and does not harm the baby and the mother. Also there are also some benefits starting with estimating your due date. However, you should be aware of some risks and rewards of the same.


There are no major risks involved with an ultrasound. However, here are some things you need to keep in mind. 

  • Sometimes the doctors might ask for a vaginal scan which involves the use of latex. If you are allergic to latex, you should notify your doctor prior to the scan. 
  • You will feel some probe pressure due to a full bladder. This might seem too painful at times. If it comes to that, you should let the sonographer know.


Here are some benefits of an ultrasound 12 weeks –

  • This lets you see your baby developing inside you.
  • Different measurements and readings help doctors remind pregnant individuals about risk assessment. 
  • It helps pregnant individuals get ready for prenatal care.

Things Experts Check During Pregnancy Risk Assessment 

A comprehensive risk assessment for the baby can be very helpful during the 12th week of pregnancy. During a risk assessment, an expert might check these factors –

  • The nasal bone of the baby.
  • The thin layer of fluid behind the baby’s neck. 
  • Blood pressure of the pregnant individual (from both hands).
  • The blood flows between the baby and the mother. 

They also check –

  • The weight of the pregnant person. 
  • Their age.
  • Weight.
  • Assessing any previous problem with the pregnancy. 

You can expect all of these tests to be done during the first trimester of your pregnancy. 

Bottom Line 

It is crucial to perform an ultrasound of a pregnant belly; especially during the 12th week of pregnancy. The scan does not take more than 30 to 40 minutes. In some cases, the doctor might also ask for a 7 week ultrasound. But, that is rarely the case. An ultrasound 12 weeks is very common for doctors to ask for. You will learn your estimated due date through this scan.

I hope that this article was helpful. If you have any further queries, you can use the comment box and leave them below.

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