How to engage with your kids during weekends? Here are 5 fun ways you can do that.

Family tree  This is an amazing way to introduce them to their family members and help them with making a family tree.

Baking Day  Teach your child how to bake cookies or cakes. This will keep them engaged, and let’s face it, they will love it.

Decorate the room  Try to get them involved in decorating their own room. Hear their input and help them in making their version come true.

Face Painting  Playing with colors is a great way to get them off those smartphones they are addicted to. This way, you will also get to spend some quality time with them.

Make handcrafted cards or write letters  The pandemic has shown us how you can long for a physical touch. So, why not write a letter or send a card out made by your child to your loved ones?