If you really want to avoid unwanted pregnancy, then using protection is the best way to go about it. Many couples love to use the pull-out method to prevent semen from entering the vagina, but it is not hundred percent foolproof. 

Some people even claim to get pregnant from Precum. Wait, what are the chances of getting pregnant from Precum? Different medical data prove that Precum does not contain any sperm. So, the chances of getting pregnant from Precum are really low. 

However, it doesn’t mean you cannot get pregnant from Precum. On the contrary, there is a slight possibility. If you practice the pull-out method during sex for birth control, you should be aware of Pre-cum and the possibility of getting pregnant from pre-cum. This article will give you a complete breakdown.

What Is Pre-Cum?

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Precum or pre-ejaculation fluid is usually a type of fluid, or lubricant consisting of mucus, proteins, and enzymes. It is a means to balance the pH level making the male urethra less acidic. It ensures the sperm’s survival inside the much acidic vagina. 

This fluid does not look white and opaque like actual semen. But, Precum is usually transparent and devoid of any sperm. Another difference between sperm and pre-cum is that it is not voluntary. A man can hold ejaculation during intercourse. However, stopping pre-cum is not possible since it is not noticeable.

Both pre-cum and semen are produced in different glands. The penile glands that produce pre-cum do not produce semen. Semen is produced in the testicles. But how does sperm end up in pre-cum? Those sperms are the residual sperms that stay in the urethra and are remainders from the previous ejaculations. 

To sum it up, there is no sperm in pre-cum. However, it might contain a low level of sperm with a limited chance of getting a woman pregnant. But how often can Precum cause pregnancy? Let’s find out.

Can You Get Pregnant From Precum? What are the chances? 

Semen during ejaculation contains around 40 million sperms. Compared to actual semen, pre-cum has zero sperms to 5 million sperms. But not all sperms are potent to cause pregnancy. For example, only motile sperms have a forward-facing movement with the potential to cause pregnancy. 

There was a study held in 2013. Twenty-seven males were tested for the presence of sperms in their pre-cum. Only 41% of them had sperm, 37% of which was motile. Another study held in 2016 showed the presence of motile sperm among 17% of their participants. But, the study held in 2021 could not conclude any presence of motile sperms in the participants’ pre-cum. 

Now, the chances of getting pregnant from Pre-cum are not remotely dependent upon the sperm count in the pre-cum itself. There are other factors at play. For example–

  • Pregnancy happens during ovulation. 
  • Avoiding birth control methods.
  • Imperfect use of a reliable method.

So, what are the chances of getting pregnant from Precum? Here is a chart to help you. Pregnancy can occur in different situations under different conditions. Here are all the possible conditions according to different 

Situation Possibility to get 
3 days before ovulation If you are having sex during and the three days before ovulation, the chances of getting pregnant remain high, even from pre-cum. So, to avoid getting pregnant, be careful about pre-cum. Using protection will help. 
During Ovulation The egg lives for 12 hours to 24 hours, and the sperm can survive for 3 days to 5 days within the vagina. At the beginning of ovulation, you can get pregnant from the residual sperm present in your sperm. But, as time proceeds, the chances of pregnancy decrease. 
With Birth Control The method of birth control used during sex can also be responsible for unwanted pregnancy caused by precum. There are different birth control methods with varying levels of reliability. 
Using Condom Study shows that there is an 18% chance of getting pregnant from precum, even using condoms. However, this chance increases when a condom is used after the intercourse has already begun. 
With An IUD The possibility of getting pregnant from precum is low withing 1 year of insertion. The chance becomes less than 1%. But the varying effectiveness of the IUD makes a difference. You can discuss with your healthcare provider when to replace the IUD. 
After Vasectomy The chances of getting pregnant from precum are low within a year of surgery. But, after a year is over, the chances of getting pregnant remain. 
After giving birth Pregnancy can occur before the first post-pregnancy period. It can occur during the time of ovulation. But it isn’t easy to pinpoint the time of ovulation after childbirth. Mothers breastfeeding for around 6 months have some chance of getting pregnant.  

Does Pull Out Method Work To Avoid Precum

If you rely solely on the pull-out method, the chances of getting pregnant remain. Pull out method has a 22% chance of failure, making it possible for a couple to conceive within a year. Even using male condoms is not completely infallible. 

If you use any birth control method, the possibility of getting pregnant from pre-cum is close to zero. However, getting pregnant from semen is another story. 

If you want to avoid unwanted pregnancy, then it is suggested to use protection alongside using the pullout or withdrawal method. Here are some tips that might help –

  • Use condoms even when you are relying on the withdrawal method.
  • Pulling out also does not ensure any transmission of sexually transmitted infection.
  • Tracking your menstrual cycle can help decrease the chance of unwanted pregnancy. 
  • Emergency contraceptives or backup plans are always good to have. 

Bottom Line 

Knowledge, mindfulness, and good communication can build the foundation for safe and happy intercourse. You are likely not to get pregnant from precum. The chances of getting pregnant from pre cum are close to zero. However, you can stay safer by using different birth control methods and protection. 

I think I have offered you the solution you were looking for. You can ask questions in the comment section if you have further queries.

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