No one can understand the pain and trauma of losing one’s baby more than the person going through it. A miscarriage is a devastating experience for any woman to go through. 

So we are here today to discuss what causes miscarriage and what are its risk factors so that you can avoid them. 

Miscarriage: What Causes Miscarriage? 


More than it is physical pain or trauma, miscarriage is an emotional toll that the woman has to bear. The emotional pain and experience of losing a baby are quite heavy, it’s like losing a part of yourself. 

But do you know what causes miscarriage? There are actually several reasons that will cause a woman to have a miscarriage. 

Today here in this article, we are going to talk about what miscarriage symptoms are and the risk factors that you should avoid while you are pregnant. 

1. Improper Implantation

When the fertilized egg is implanted improperly, then the chances of having a miscarriage later increase. 

In order to have a proper and healthy pregnancy, the fertilized egg needs to be implanted inside the uterine wall of the woman. If the egg is outside the uterine wall, then the pregnancy is known as an ectopic pregnancy. 

2. Trauma & Injury

Trauma & Injury

Certain trauma or injury while you are pregnant can cause you to have a miscarriage. Some unfortunate traumas or injuries to our abdominal area are something what can cause miscarriage. 

This is the reason why pregnant women are asked to take care while going out and about and not to go out so often toward to end of their pregnancy. 

3. Genetic Disorder

Genetic Disorder

Most of the time, rather than external problems, internal problems like genetic disorder causes to have miscarriage. Miscarriages that occur because of certain genetic issues are most of the time unavoidable, but there are always ways around it. 

Some of these genetic problems are as such. 

  • Blighted Ovum
  • Molar Pregnancy
  • The Intrauterine demise of the fetus
  • Partial Molar Pregnancy

4. Infection

If you contract certain infections, then it is highly possible to go through a miscarriage. Some of these infections are such as. 

  • Syphilis
  • Chlamydia
  • Gonorrhea
  • German Measles
  • Malaria 
  • AIDS

5. PCOS 


PCOS, or Polycystic ovary syndrome, is becoming rather common among women, where numerous cysts appear on the ovaries, making them appear larger than normal. 

This can cause certain hormonal imbalances in women that can cause infertility in women, this can also increase the chances of miscarriage in fertile women. 

6. Long-Term Health Conditions

If suppose the mother has certain long-term health problems, then the chances of having a miscarriage are high. So if you have certain health issues, then talk to your OB/GYN before planning to get pregnant. 

Some of these long-term health issues are as such. 

  • Uncontrolled Diabetes
  • Kidney Disease
  • Hypertension
  • Heart Disease
  • Thyroid disease
  • Lupus or other Autoimmune diseases 
  • Antiphospholipid Syndrome

How Can I Cope With My Miscarriage? 

A miscarriage is both physically, mentally, and emotionally draining. It doesn’t only change you physically, but the emotional and mental trauma is as significant. Healing such emotional pain is much harder than anything else. 

It takes time and support from your loved ones to help you recover. So talk to your family, friends, and especially your partner, as he has well lost a part of himself. 

If you feel like you are alone in this, then look for a support group with people going through a similar situation. Then you will understand that you are not alone, and that will help you recover faster. 

You can also seek professional help from a therapist to help you with the emotional pain and help you cope with it. That way, you will slowly recover from the loss and the pain and finally move ahead with your life. 

What Are The Risk Factors For Miscarriage? 

In general, there are several factors that can cause miscarriage in women. But here are a few of the risk factors what can cause a miscarriage. So browse down to know all the risk factors of a possible miscarriage. 

1. Age

The more aged you are, the more chances you have of having a miscarriage. Women over the age of 35 years, are more likely to have a miscarriage, about 20%. And as the age increases, the percentage increases as well. 

2. Smoking 

pregnant woman Smoking

If you are a chain smoker, then keep in mind that it is going to increase your chances of having a miscarriage. If not a miscarriage, then it is definitely going to increase the chances of your baby having some kind of disorder during birth. 

3. Alcohol

pregnant woman drink Alcohol

Just like smoking, drinking alcohol while you are pregnant also increases the chances of having a miscarriage. This is the reason why doctors ask you to avoid drinking and smoking at all costs. 

4. Excessive Weight 

Excessive Weight

If you are obese while you are planning to or is already pregnant, then you should immediately start losing weight, as excessive weight can create complications with the pregnancy. Miscarriage is always a possibility when such complications occur during pregnancy. 

5. Caffeine


If you are a heavy caffeine or coffee drinker, then you should immediately reduce that if you are pregnant to about 200 mg each day. The excessive amount of caffeine also raises the chances the possibility of a miscarriage. 

6. Drugs


Taking illicit drugs while you are pregnant is strictly prohibited, as it causes high risks of miscarriage. So be very careful of that. 

7. Trauma

As I have said before, the impact of physical trauma can severely increase the chances of having a miscarriage. So you should avoid any dangerous situation as much as possible when you are pregnant. 

8. Food Poisoning

Food Poisoning

If you are suffering from food poisoning while you are pregnant, you should immediately contact your doctor as certain diseases, like Salmonella, Listeriosis, and Toxoplasmosis can cause you to have a miscarriage. 

9. Certain Medications

When you are pregnant, there are certain medications that you should definitely avoid consuming as they are what causes miscarriage. Some of these medications are. 

  • Retinoids
  • Methotrexate
  • Misoprostol
  • Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs

10. Diabetes


One of the highest possible health issues what causes miscarriage is diabetes or uncontrolled diabetes. It can cause miscarriage during the second trimester only. 

So if you have pre-existing diabetes, then you should immediately start treatment for that before getting pregnant. This way, it would be in control, and the chances of a miscarriage could be lowered. 

Wrapping Up!

Experiencing a miscarriage is something that might seem like your world has ended. Initially, it is definitely going to be very hard and but that cannot stop you from living your life. But is important that you understand what causes miscarriage to recover fully. 

But the healing process requires time; as long as you might need it, it doesn’t happen in one day, but you will recover one day. So it is important that you take your time and go through all the stages till recovery. That is the only way you will recover in the end. 

If you think that this article was helpful and it helped you to understand what causes miscarriage and what its risk factors then leave us a like and comment down below.

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