On the occasion of Women’s Day 2023, here’s to strong women-

May we know them,
May we be them
And, may we raise them

Behind every successful woman is herself – when I read this quote, I could not agree more. Women are more than the gender the world has confined them to for too long – but no more.

A woman is a reason the world knows how to love, a woman is the heart of a family since she keeps it alive and running. But a woman is more than any gender role; she is a warrior, a poet, a lover, a corporate worker, a NASA scientist, a mountain climber, a construction worker, a mother, and even more than a mother.

Just like every other year, the 8th of March is closing by. We should celebrate this women’s day by reminding us how blessed the world is to have women adorn it, create it, and shower it with love, affection, and life. So, et’s celebrate this year’s international women’s day by acknowledging, appreciating, and caring for the women around us.

8 Ways To Celebrate Women’s Day In 2023

Women’s Day 2023 is almost around the corner and you obviously want to make the women around you feel special. So, without wasting time, let’s check out how to spend women’s day 2023 in 8 unique ways!

1. Make This Day Special For Women Around You

Make This Day Special For Women Around You

On this year’s women’s day, do something special for the women in your life. For instance, you can make a delicious breakfast, get a bokeh, organize it all on a plate, and present it before the women you care about.

The special women in your life are your mother, your sister, your wife, and your daughter. Make sure to make this day special for them by doing something special. It’s alright if you cannot be there for them in person. But a sweet text or video message does not hurt. I think you can at least do that.

2. Give Them A Break

Give Them A Break

The process of getting by and putting in the work day in and day out is tiresome. It sucks the life out of you. The best gift on women’s day can be time off. You must have hard-working women around you. Give them some time off on this special day. You should try taking some load off of their shoulders for the day.

For example, the homemakers never get a break. They have to take care of the family every day. But as a display of appreciation and respect, you can ask them to take the day off and do the household work on their behalf. If you are an employer, you can surely let your female employees leave an hour or two before the designated time.

3. Stand Against Gender Bias

Stand Against Gender Bias

The word feminism has been misunderstood for a long time. I am not getting deep into the theoretical aspect of feminism, but it is not hard to understand that one of the key reasons of feminism is to stand against gender biases.

But, we should not forget that it is our responsibility to stand against any biases at any point in time. If you are standing against gender biases only on women’s day, you are not trying very hard.

4. A Meaningful Gift: Women’s Day Special!

Meaningful Gift

Appreciate a woman because she deserves it. Give her a gift because she is worth it. If you are looking for a great way to spend a women’s day, try gifting something to the women around you.

But don’t just come up with anything random. Gift something that has meaning, a sense of respect, and acknowledgment. You can go for things they love to do. If your mother loves to cook, give her that tripod she has been wanting to purchase for the cooking vlogs she makes. If your wife loves to paint, buy her some Winsor & Newton watercolors. Also, if your sister is a boxer, give her a pair of boxing gloves. Just make sure your gift has meaning.

5. Help Out In Female Focused Charities

Help Out In Female Focused Charities

There are many female-focused charities and NGOs out there. Many organizations and individuals are also working to help women fight for their rights and help them in different ways. A very good initiative on this year’s women’s day would be spreading your helping hand to these women on this day.

6. A All-Women Trip

All-Women Trip

A women’s day trip for only women could be a good way to celebrate. If you are an employer, you can arrange an all-women trip for the female employees in your workplace. This also works for families and friends. No one’s stopping women from arranging an all-women trip to anywhere in the country.

My suggestion would be to send all the women of your family on an all-women trip. Of course, they are the ones to decide the place and time. Women should know that the country is safe for them to travel at any time and to any place. This short tour might be the first step towards that assurance.

7. Plan A Women’s Day Party

Plan A Party For Women

Not all of us are good with gift ideas and arranging trips. But, it does not mean a lot to throw an all-women party. Invite your female friends, colleagues, and family members in a welcoming party. Go for a vibrant decoration, keep song great songs in the queue, and don’t mess up the food. It can be a life time experience for your guests and you as well.

8. Show Your Appreciation

Show Your Appreciation

Actions speak louder than words, without a doubt. But your words also count big time. Throw away the shyness or whatever that is holding you back and show your appreciation with valuable words.

The best gift on this Women’s day can still be your words. So, just sit down with your mother, sister, wife, or girlfriend and tell them how brilliant they are. Appreciate their strength and show your gratitude towards them for being in your life. If you feel embarrassed to face them, write a note instead or dedicate them to a song that has the words you want to say.

Why limit it to just eight ideas, lets have a few more.

9. Have A Photoshoot #Women’sDay

Every woman loves to get dressed and get some photos clicked, so why not have a photoshoot? Ask all the ladies to put on something fancy to celebrate their success on this day. Companies across the world are boosting their female staff to click a picture with the IWD pose and share it in their social media platforms along with the hashtag #Embrace Equity and #IWD2023. The pose is about embracing yourself to show solidarity.

You can also post blogs, and videos which will highlight the company as an inclusive unbiased workplace that is offering opportunities for women to grow in their specific fields and is also encouraging gender equality.

10. Run A Morning Meet Up With Coffee

This is such a simple thing, yet it will engage all the employees of the organization, where all the people can bond over a cup of coffee in their workplace. Keep the theme as #Embrace Equity and let everyone share their own experience about that particular woman of their life who inspired them, and who they look up to.

Every Day Is Women’s Day

It is not a one-day job to make women around you feel special or stand against gender biases, or do nice things. Unless you are continuing with the act of love, appreciation, and respect every day, then what is the point? The best step yet is to continue with the effort throughout the rest of the 364 days.

We should swear an oath to make the world a better and safer place for women to thrive and express themselves without any biases or restrictions. I hope that the ideas I have shared worked well. What are your opinions on this? Please share your thoughts below.

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