Wordle for kids – This is the most fun and interactive game that took the internet by surprise and made millions of players fond of it last year. This is a fun yet interactive game kid, as well as adults, would enjoy playing.

People have been playing Wordle and sharing their scores on social media with their friends. The faster you are able to solve the word puzzle, the smarter you look in front of other players who are playing Wordle.

So, why are people so crazy about this word game? Do kids enjoy playing this game? What are other games like Wordle that kids can play and enjoy? Don’t worry, I have answers to all of those questions. You just have to hang on tight and keep reading this piece of content.

What Is Wordle For Kids & Why Is It Famous?  

What Is Wordle For Kids & Why Is It Famous

There is Wordle for adults and for kids as well. The Wordle for Kids version has dictionary words that children up to 8th grade can play and enjoy. This word game had thousands of people on the internet glued to their smartphones. Since the adult version was so popular, now there is also another version of the same for kids to enjoy. Wordle for kids features words 3 to 11 letters in length.  

The game allows players to select from twenty different languages. This also helps kids build their vocabulary in a different language compared to others. Similar to the original Wordle game, it also offers a new challenge every twenty-four hours.

There is also a funny story behind how the game started its journey. Josh Wordle developed this game for his partner, who loved playing word puzzles. Soon, his family grew fond of the game, and he thought of releasing it to the public. All of these happened by the end of the October 2021.

But the game was a super hit, and The New York Times took an opportunity to acquire the game for public use. Now you can use The New York Times website to play a new Wordle Game every day. All the users can play the daily Wordle game for free and share their results on social media.

Alternatives To Wordle For Kids Online   

I know that the craze of Wordle got to you. But, now, if you are looking for an alternative to Wordle for kids and play them with your kids, then follow the list of games I have mentioned here. I have prepared an extensive list of similar games like Wordle.

1. Taylordle  


This is something Taylor Swift fans will love so much. This is also a five-letter word game and has similar features to the original Wordle game or Wordle for kids. Players will have six guesses to figure out a word related to Taylor Swift.

The color scheme is similar to the original. You also have a similar color scheme in this one. When a correct letter is put in the right spot, you see the color green, and a correct letter put in the wrong spot shows the color yellow.

2. ESL Wordle   

Wordle for Kids itself is a great game for building vocabulary for kids. However, if you are from a place where kids learn English as their second language, then ESL Wordle is the perfect game for them to play. Kids trying to learn English as their second language will love to play this game.

An exciting aspect of this game is that it allows the players to narrow down the word choices by different categories, such as animals, bodies, fruits, sports, countries, and more. But on the downside, the game does not feature a hint option, and the player cannot reuse the letters to guess the correct word. The game is a little challenging but good enough for players to build their vocabulary.

3. Wizarding Wordle   

If your kids are fans of Harry Potter and if they are tired of playing Wordle for kids, then this is the perfect alternative to switch to.  The game features lots of mystery words that are connected to many magical series. Most importantly, the game website also features different fun facts, news about the Harry Potter world, and famous events on a weekly and daily basis.

If you and your kids are fascinated by wizards, witches, and muggles, then the Wizarding Wordle is perfect for them.



The original Wordle game gave rise to the Wordle for Kids game. Now there is another game modeled after the original Wordle, and it is named Quordle. The game involves solving four different puzzles at the same time. You get nine different tries to help you solve the puzzle instead of six.

5. Foodle   

Another Wordle for Kids alternative is Foodle. This game features words related to foods; you can play one Foodle every day like you can play a daily Wordle. This is a perfect game for kids to learn about different names of foods.



Spellie has 3 different daily words with different levels of difficulty. The Easy version has four letters, and the first letter is already given to the player in this version. In the Medium version of the puzzle, players have to solve a puzzle of 5 letters. The Hard version of the game features 6 letters. By guessing the correct words, kids can unlock different emojis.

7. Word Ladder  

World Ladder is designed for 1st-grade students. If Wordle for kids is too difficult for your little one, then let them play the Word Ladder. Kids have to find the missing letters and use them in the empty word boxes to fulfill them.

This should also help ESL learners and students who are working on their spelling, to get a better grasp of their vocabulary.

8. Worldle

In some cases, visual accompaniment can help acquire new information faster and also help retain knowledge. Now what if we put this principle to good use, such as helping a kid learn geography through an interactive and visual game?

If this makes sense to you then Worldle is the app that can help you and your kid have a meaningful gaming experience. This game has the complete atlas of the world that gets revealed in small pieces as an everyday puzzle. The quiz is called the “Guess the Mystery Country” challenge.

This game can benefit both young as well as older kids as it can be a source of information about all the different countries in the world.

Benefits Of Games Like Wordle

Giving a child the space to learn and experience playing with words, sounds, and letters, enhances their chances of developing their language and literacy skills at a comparatively faster rate. There are countless ways of allowing your child to acquire beneficial knowledge without unnecessary screen time. And although nothing can replace reading to your child, the truth of living in a digital age hits harder when we try to educate our children.

Games such as Wordle are a viable option for parents who want to allow their children to have a more meaningful experience learning their way around their language. Word games can value-add to their screen time, making it more beneficial and less wasteful. These interactive word games and puzzles can help youngsters, as well as adults, develop critical thinking skills and problem-solving skills. They push us to think and delve deeper and allow us to learn new words in the process.

Bottom Line  

Wordle on The New York Times made many people addicted to the game. Now there are many similar games, and Wordle for Kids is just one of them. But, if you are looking for a fitting alternative, then you can choose from the list I have provided here. If you are a fan of Wordle, or you have thoughts to share about the gaming portal, you can leave your messages in the comment section below.  We would love to hear from you.

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