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The Parents Magazine aims to be a loving, co-dependent community that helps parents on a single platform. We would request aspiring mom and dad bloggers to contribute their wisdom, experiences, and real-life scenarios with readers on the platform. 

This is why our platform is always eager to accept well-written, researched, and original pieces of content in the parenting niche. While you do not need to be an expert content writer to get your article published on the platform, there are certain editorial guidelines that you would be required to adhere to. 

Our Content Objective

The content objective of The Parents Magazine is to create a forum where young parents can exchange their ideas and knowledge to navigate their parenting journeys. Our content is engaging and informative, empowered by thorough research, consultation, and hands-on experience. 

Further, we are committed to our promise of content integrity. So, the content we have is authentic, original, and written by human writers. 

Do you want to find out how passionate we are about the things we write? Check out the links to some of the most loved articles in The Parents Magazine. 

Guidelines To Follow For Article Submission

  • The more original the experience, the better the content. This means that bloggers are expected to share as many real-life scenarios around parenting and raising kids as possible. 
  • We will only publish content written by a human for a human. Please do not send us AI-generated content, as you will always have to take a No from us. 
  • If you are borrowing your content from some other article, our editorial team is likely to find out almost 100% of the time. Original experiences should be translated into 100% original writing. 

Please do not copy or plagiarise the content from any other platform. If you do that, you will not be allowed to publish in The Parents Magazine ever again. Please use anti-plagiarism software to check your content before sending it to us.

  • All the articles sent in for publishing should be a minimum of 1000+ words. This ensures that the article is informative and well-researched and will add value to the readers of The Parents Magazine. If you wish to write 1500+ or 2000+ word articles, you are more than welcome to do so. 
  • Please do not have any expectations for gaining backlinks by submitting articles. If you are looking for backlinks, please make your expectations clear when you pitch for an article topic. Backlinks, if any, will be only given for resource posts and blog section articles. 
  • Articles that will be sent to the platform should not be too commercial or brazenly promoting brands and their products and services. The aim is to educate and inform the readers and not to push products and services. This is why we would request all writers to add value to their content so that the readers can benefit from it. 
  • By sending your write-up to us, you must agree with our complete autonomy over the modification of the same. Our editorial team is entitled to modify, improve, or alter some parts of the content to align it with our site’s theme, voice, and commitment to quality. 

Once your article is submitted, we will not be able to accept your requests for keeping your content as is. 

Some Of The Areas And Types Of Content You Can Share

  • Articles on taking care of newborns, infants, and toddlers
  • Grooming babies
  • Creating a safe home for little ones
  • Products and accessories for newborn babies, infants, and toddlers
  • Traveling with babies
  • Managing finance as new parents
  • Managing jobs as new parents
  • Managing pets with babies in the house 

Optimized Articles For Words That Are Sincerest 

We want the ideas shared in The Parents Magazine to reach all young parents and to ensure that you have a small part to play. Follow the simple steps mentioned below and optimize your articles to make their presence felt in the digital ecosystem.

  • Create a short and meaningful SEO title for your write-up. It needs to have the focus keyword, and its length should be between 50 to 60 characters.
  • Write a meta description with the mention of the focus keyword and keep it within 160 characters.
  • Break your content into small and meaningful paragraphs. Ideally, a paragraph should contain 50 words and three to four sentences.
  • The sentences used in the content must have less than 20 words each.
  • Divide your content into multiple H2s and H3s to make it more readable. Try to incorporate the focus keyword into the subheadings for optimization.
  • You can also use H4 to H6 subheadings if your content structure demands. 
  • The sections under each subheading cannot exceed 300 words.
  • Try to create informative content without jargon and fluff. Make sure to use up-to-date information while incorporating data/statistics. 
  • Do not use the focus keyword excessively in your content. You can keep the keyword density around 0.5%.
  • Make sure that your content is free of grammatical errors. You can use Grammarly or any other standard grammar-checking tool for the same. 
  • Use at least one internal link (linked to any of the articles in The Parents Magazine) and one external link to a high-authority site. 

Welcome To The Parents Magazine 

Do you want to pen your experience and share it with us? Fill out the contact form or email us at media@redhatmedia.net with any blogging queries, feedback, guest post requests, and advertisements. 

We request that you fill in all the necessary details so that we can get in touch with you ASAP.

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