Once you have your little bundle of joy, the next important thing that you think about is to keep your baby safe, as safe as possible. The instinct to protect your baby kicks in quite quickly with birth.

Whenever you are thinking about your baby’s safety, secure the crib with safety bumpers and safety pads. These pads and bumpers are used to protect the baby from any bumps and bangs on their heads also that they don’t get stuck in the railings. 

But what are these crib bumpers for, and why are they important? To know everything, just keep on reading. 

What Are Crib Bumpers?

What Are Crib Bumpers

When your baby is born into this crazy world, you wanna protect it in any way possible. So, while your baby sleeps, it is important to be well-protected and safe. No matter what crib you buy, bigger or smaller,  it is important to line it with protected bumpers. 

The baby crib bumpers are like a pillow wall that stands or is attached to the wall of the crib. And the pillow wall goes around the whole crib. 

The idea behind this pillow wall is to create soft wall-like protection to protect the baby from hitting their head. Or protect the baby from getting stuck on the railings or slats. 

What’s The Difference Between Crib Bumpers And Crib Liners?

The Difference Between Crib Bumpers And Crib Liners

If you are a first-time mother, then it is possible that you are confused about what baby crib bumpers are and baby crib liners. Then you should know that they are pretty similar to each other. 

The crib bedding sets with bumpers are like a wall or a barrier that protects the baby from the railing or the slats of the crib. These bumpers are usually attached to the slats of the crib. These bumpers are pillow-like, fluffy walls that protect the baby from any harm. 

Crib liners are similar to crib bumpers but are rather slimmer and less fluffy and are made of thinner fabric. The crib fabric is also like a mesh as well, this stands in between the crib slats and mattress. 

This crib liner is usually attached from the outside of the crib and tied with a string or a ribbon. Now that you know the difference between a crib bumper and a crib liner, you can understand which one suits better for you. 

Are Crib Bumpers Safe For My Baby?

Are Crib Bumpers Safe For My Baby?

When you think of protecting your baby, then bumpers seem like a great idea. But your baby hitting their head to getting stuck might not be the only problem with these bumpers. 

First, it is important to know that the technology behind building crib rail bumpers has changed over the last 50 years. The space between the slats is only 2 ⅜ inches broad. So, it is not possible for your baby’s head to get stuck. 

Secondly, if your baby keeps on moving in their sleep and hits their head, the force is not so strong that it might hurt the baby. And even if their limbs get stuck, it’s not that concerning. So, there is no reason to put up crib bumpers for your baby’s crib. 

You should know that even if there are certain benefits of crib bumpers. There are also multiple harmful effects of putting up bumpers on your baby’s crib. 

Here are a few risks of Crib Bumpers that you should definitely be aware of. 

Risks Of Crib Bumpers

Risks Of Crib Bumpers

There are certain risks that you should know about when you put up crib bumpers. Even if the benefits of crib bumpers are minimal, the risks of these bumpers are quite concerning. 

1. Increased Risk Of Suffocation

Since you are putting up a wall around the crib of your baby, it is a possibility that your baby might have difficulty breathing and feel suffocating. 

If you want to decrease that risk factor, you might wanna put up a breathable mattress that helps your baby breathe while sleeping. 

2. Increased Risk Of Strangulation Or Entrapment

Other than breathing difficulties, the risk of strangulation or entrapment is a huge risk. Since the crib bumpers are put up between the mattress and crib slats, it is possible that the baby might get stuck in the space between the mattress and slats. 

Other than being stuck between the slats and mattress, the bumpers are put up or tied with the slats with string or a piece of fabric. So, it is possible that the string or fabric might get tied around the neck of the baby or any other body part.  

3. Increased Chance Of Falling Out Of Bed

The tendency of your baby to climb up the crib is quite high as they grow up. But if there is a bumper attached to the crib, then it acts like a stepladder. Also, it becomes easier for the baby to climb up even easier than usual. 

Babies get more and more creative when they are up to any type of mischief. So, figuring out how to use a crib bumper to climb up the crib is easy. 

Wrapping Up!

Crib bumpers are an old way of protecting a baby from certain head bumps. But it is not that useful nowadays. Modern technology and equipment are more useful techniques to protect a baby. 

But if you are still using a crib bumper to protect the baby from any bumps, then make sure to build a breathable mattress bumper. If you find this article helpful, then leave a comment below to let us know whether the article was helpful for you or not.

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