Congratulations on your new baby. I am assuming that you have already delivered, it might happen that you are ahead of time and checking it out before your baby comes. Well then, also, you are doing a commendable job; this way, you can save time after your baby comes. 

You will find a lot of options available in the market, but this one, the Motif breast pump, is one of the best that you will come across. Breastfeeding is a very crucial part after the baby arrives. Well, let’s get on with this one and check it in detail.

Motif Breast Pump At A Glance

  • This traditional style solid pump has a strong suction. It is quiet and shortens the pumping sessions, and it is also wireless.
  • On the other side, this is a pump, and the milk collection system is also traditional and tubing. So, if you are looking for something that is completely hands-free, then you will have to look for some other model.

Look And Design

The particular model that I am talking about here is the Motif Luna breast pump. The model is pretty and sleek. Operating this device is simple; it does have a lot of buttons, and the design is simple as well. It is easy to pump with this one.

Motif-Look and Design

There are modes, levels, cycles, LED, and, of course, the power button. The overall appearance gives a stylish look as well. The Motif breast pump model is also lightweight. It was just 2 pounds. You can carry it around in your bag wherever you go. You can carry this pump around because it is built compactly.

What Do You Get In The Package?

The package includes the following things:

  • 24mm shields for the breast 
  • Silicone valves
  • Backflow protectors
  • Tubing
  • Milk collection containers, along with the discs, caps, and covers.
  • Bottle nipples
  • Power adapter

Features Of The Motif Breast Pump

Here the features that make pumping so easy are listed below.

Single or Double Pump

With the Motif breast pump, you can pump the way you prefer. You can nurse the baby and pump from the other breast. Or you can double-pump at once. Choose what suits you best and help yourself.

Closed System

This breast pump comes with a closed system. This actually means that there is a barrier between the motor and milk collection. This, in turn, prevents the pump from damage and also prevents any kind of contamination by viruses, molds, or bacteria.

Auto Shut-Off 

This pump shuts itself off after thirty minutes automatically. If you are busy with your work or tired and doze off while pumping, this pump will switch itself off. This Motif Luna breast pump will take care of it and shut itself off. Another great thing is that pumping frequently in shorter intervals will actually stimulate the milk supply.

Massage And Expression Mode 

The makers kept the comfort of the mother in mind and created the modes depending on that. They mimic the actual nursing pattern of the baby and thus stimulate the flow of milk with better efficiency.

Why Should You Use This?

Well, there are a lot of positives of using this breast pump. Let’s check a few of those.

It Is Easy To Use

It is difficult to get along with so many new gadgets and baby gear all of a sudden. You already have a new role to deal with. So, with so much to deal with, why not get a breast pump that will avoid all the complications and do the job easily?

This model is quite user-friendly. You will not take much time to get accustomed to it. We have listed the steps below to start with.

The steps to start with are listed below.

  • Plug in the adapter with the breast pump.
  • Connect the tube with the backflow protectors along with the pump.
  • Attach the given protectors to the shields.
  • Connect the silicone valves to the bottom of the breast shields. Attach those silicone valves with the bread shield in the bottom.
  • Screw the milk container.

Makes Pumping Fast

The Motif breast pump has a great hospital-strength suction built, which lets the mom pump more in a limited time. To the designers, it was important to increase the efficiency of the pump, and they have delivered that.

This suction makes the pumping session fast, and it takes a maximum of ten to fifteen minutes to pump. When a mother is excessively full, it takes less than ten minutes. If you keep it on for a bit longer to get the second letdown, it will take not more than eighteen to twenty minutes.

But not every woman has the same experience; you might take a bit longer than the above-mentioned time or a little less than that.  But if we think from the design point of view, this is a better option than most that are found at the moment.

It’s Quiet & PERFECT For Night Pumping

One of the best features of this pump is that it does not make much noise. Most of the experienced moms know that breast pumps can be quite loud and irritating. The pumps make a light purring sound.

So if you have plans for pumping during the night when your baby is sleeping, this is the perfect choice for you. You will not be required to move out of the bedroom to let others sleep and not disrupt them because of the loud noise.

It Is Wireless, And The Battery Life Is Commendable

This pump is wireless, and by that, I mean it is battery-operated. You do not need to plug the device into the wall socket and plan when you will have access to the power outlet. The battery-operated device lasts for a long time. If you compare this wireless pump with others, you will find this one takes a lot less time to get charged, and the charge stays for a long time as well.

Replacing Parts Is Easy

Most newbie moms forget that they have to change the parts after using them for three to six months to get the best performance. This is more important for mothers who pump a lot. The little valves require changing first to make sure that the supply unit is working fine.

When considering replacing parts of other pumps, that becomes a little more expensive. The replacement parts of this pump are affordable. You can get the full set of parts just for $35. This is a lot cheaper than other pumps.

Wrapping Up!

This solid pump is highly recommended. This battery-operated pump is user-friendly, and the charge lasts for a long time. The Motif breast pump is easy to carry around, whether you are working on your desk or just lounging on your couch. This pump also covers insurance, and you will get it easily on online shopping sites as well. So, overall, this is a solid investment.


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