During pregnancy, your body goes through a lot, and needless to say, sleeping in that condition with that big belly is difficult and uncomfortable. In this state, you get stressed easily, and with that growing belly, issues with sleep come naturally. However, learning how to use a pregnancy pillow could help you with this issue.

In this article, I am going to talk about a pregnancy pillow and how you can use one. With the help of this pillow, I am sure you will get to sleep better. You will find a lot in the market, but find yourself the best pregnancy pillow that would suit your needs.

Does pregnancy affect sleep?

It is difficult to settle down and sleep during the night with the little one slowly growing inside you. Stress and anxiety can get you restless, along with the physical changes that your body is going through can hamper your good night’s sleep.

Well, you are not alone in this. Researches show that almost 50% of women suffer from insomnia during pregnancy. This is not good for the mother or the baby. Moreover, for an adult, 7-8 hours of sleep is very important, but during pregnancy, it is better to get some more.

There are numerous reasons why having good sleep is important during pregnancy. Here are a few things that could be the reason behind your disrupted sleep.

Changes In Hormones

The changing level of hormones is a major cause of why it is getting hard for you to sleep. During the first trimester, the progesterone levels are high along with your metabolism. This can get you more tired than you usually feel. So it is better you take a few naps to keep yourself going.

Physical Discomfort

During pregnancy, it often gets difficult to find a position to sleep comfortably in bed. This happens even more if you are in the habit of sleeping on your stomach. You might get up in the middle of the night to turn over. This can get a little more troublesome as you progress with the pregnancy.

Moreover, you can suddenly wake up from those terrible leg cramps that happen because of the restless leg syndrome and deficiency of minerals in the body. And the urge to pee more is quite common during this time, as the baby pushes itself down on the bladder.

Increased Heartburn

It is better to eat quite a while before you go to bed and stay clear of those spicy, rich foods. During the later part of pregnancy, digestion slows down, and there are increased symptoms of heartburn.

Whether the lack of sleep is because of physical discomfort, heartburn, the change in hormone levels, or a combination of all three, you should always know that a healthy sleep schedule and adequate sleep are very important during pregnancy. Thus, it is best that you take care of your sleep, as it is going to help you along with your baby.

What is a pregnancy pillow? And what are the types?

Pregnancy pillows are those pillows that support your body and allow optimum positioning for improving your comfort and thus improving your sleep. These pillows come in handy and have been popular for relieving common pains and aches that are associated with pregnancy, mostly low back pain and hip pain.

There are different types of pregnancy pillows, but the three most popular pregnancy pillows are:

  • C-shaped pillows
  • U-shaped pillows
  • Pillow wedges 

Which type of pillow you choose for yourself is not important; it should support the spine and promote a neutral alignment. All three curves, lumbar, thoracic, and cervical, should be in alignment with one another.

This lets the muscles around the hips and pelvis to relax. Whether you are using a U-shaped pillow, a regular standard pillow, or a towel that you have rolled up, all you have to do is place it between the knees and the thighs. This will support those joints and achy muscles from your hips to the knees.

How To Use A Pregnancy Pillow When You Are Pregnant

Now that the concept of a pregnancy pillow is clear to you, along with the ideal position for sleeping, let’s talk about how to use this pregnancy pillow. However, your partner might give you a sight-eye for buying a new pillow, so do not hesitate to tell them how this is supporting you and the baby and allowing you to rest better.

There are various ways of using the pillow, as I mentioned. But let’s start with the U-shaped pillow, as it provides full 360-degree support. One of the most common ways to keep yourself positioned with this U-shaped pillow is sleeping on your side with the pillow wrapped around you while you rest your head on it. In this process, your back and your bump are both supported. Also, hold the pillow between your knees to keep your back aligned.

If you have a C-shaped or J-shaped pillow, then focus on the area that needs support most. Run it from your front and support the bump, or run it down your back and support your back as you keep the curve between your knees.

Here are some more ways how you can use the pregnancy pillow:

  • If you are sitting on the bed and resting, then put the pillow under the bump and wrap it around the back. This will take the pressure off your back as the belly is growing. 
  • If you want to read in bed, use it to prop yourself up.
  • If you want to lay on your back, keep the pillow under your knees to take some pressure off the spine.
  • This can reduce heartburn. If you are getting frequent heartburn, then place it under your head and keep your head raised at an angle. This will help in reducing the heartburn. 

How can you use a pregnancy pillow after the birth of the baby?

Well, you do not have to throw away the pregnancy pillow right after the birth of your child. You can still use it. Here are a few ways how:

  • Make good use of it as your body recovers from the delivery or if you are a sleeper who moves a lot in their sleep.
  • Use the pillow for support while you hold your baby, breastfeed them, or even feed them from the bottle.
  • When your baby starts growing and learns to sit, you can use the pillow to prop them up as they sit on their own.
  • If you have older kids, they can just use it for relaxation. Carry it during long car rides and while relaxing on the couch.

Sleep well!

For a healthy pregnancy, it is very important that you sleep well during the night. Knowing how to use a pregnancy pillow can be the way to get that good sleep that you have been lacking for months. Ditch the back sleep, and train yourself to sleep with a pregnancy pillow.


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