When babies belong to the age group of 6 months, they acquire motor skills, social skills, emotional skills, and language skills. In addition, playing with toys encourages the babies to move, and it allows them to thrive at their best. 

For buying the best toys for 6-month-olds, we always need to remember that safety is the most important thing. We can also choose toys that will support their physical and psychological development and stimulate them to learn new skills.

Best Toys For 6-Month-Olds

Children belonging to the age group of 6-9-month-olds are supposed to enjoy playing with others. They are also supposed to express their feelings of happiness and unhappiness with sounds. That is why choosing the best toys for children of such a sensitive age group is quite critical. The top 10 best toys for children of 6-9-month-olds are;

1: Tobbles Neo

This toy has some bright and cheerful coloring in it, and apparently, it looks like modern art. The main thing about this toy is its grippable texture that awakens the touch sensation in children. All the uniquely designed pieces are stacked on top of the other, but they can balance themselves. So, your little kid will enjoy the endless topping, stacking, wobbling, and spinning.

So, apart from having fun, this toy will also help your kid acquire motor skills, coordination, and visual stimulation. This toy is not made from plastic either, and that is why the toy’s material is exceptionally soft, making it safe for 6-9-months olds. 

2: Oball Classis Ball

It is lightweight, soft, durable, and easy to grip. The ball is perfect for 6 months olds because they can quickly grab the ball, throw it and catch it. It might not keep children busy for a long time. This toy has 32 holes that make the gripping even more accessible, and if you want, you can clean it easily.

The material of this ball is chewable. Since children tend to put everything in their mouth before they figure out how to play with it, this ball’s fabric is safe for toothless gnawing.

3: Turn and Learn Driver

This is a musical toy, and as your child will move the steering, the dog will move forward and backward, and a song starts playing. There is a traffic light, a gear shifter, a horn, and a turn signal that instigates the music. There are 5 colorful buttons on this toy.

Each time your child will press one button, it will learn the names of new animals and new vehicles. So, it is one of the best toys for 6-month-olds because it will introduce the opposite concept. It will also teach them new words with interactive light and sound.

4: Double Bubble wire/bead maze

This toy has a two-track bead-maze, and children are only supposed to move the beads from one wire to the other. The color of the beads is vibrant and cheerful, so it entertains children for a long time. It develops hand-eye coordination, and the four suction cups make the maze more durable and portable.

In addition, the wire/bead maze is made from non-toxic materials, so even if children put their tongues on the toy, it will not harm them internally.

5: Toy Tugboats

This toy is the best suited for easy learning, and so it is the best toy for 6-months-olds. The boat’s material is BPA-free, PVC-free, phthalate-free, and has a wide spout attached. Children can play with this boat while they are in the bathtub so that you can wash them properly. Even they can use the fixture to pour and scoop water.

However, if the boat is overfilled, then it will not float. So, it will teach children about the importance of weight balancing, especially in water, because if it is overloaded, it will sink. 

6: Polly Pineapple

This toy is the best for 6-months-olds because around that age, their teeth start coming up. However, if your baby is premature, then it might take 9 months also for teeth to appear. Now, when this happens, you better be ready with an excellent teething toy like Polly Pineapple.

From the feet to the crown, this toy is made of rubber. So, if children try to put it inside their mouth, they can because the toy perfectly fits front teeth and back molars. 

7: Babble and Rattle Microphone

This toy inspires creativity in children because when children utter any sound holding this microphone, it amplifies their sound. With the interactive sound, it helps children learn motor skills.

For example, the puppy button will encourage your little one to sing along with playful melodies. If babies shake the microphone, then they will hear the sounds of different animals. It improves the listening skill of children, so it is recommended for 6-month olds.

8: Pull and Sing Puppy

This is the best toy for 6-9-months old children. Apart from enabling children to learn motor skills and improve hand-eye coordination, this toy also teaches them different colors and numbers.

In addition, it can teach children about cause and effect. Because when children will pull the puppy leash, it will make different sounds and names of colors and numbers. It will also teach children about various body parts but in a fun and visually stimulating way.

9: Take-along shape sorter toys

This toy is the best one for teaching children about sorting and matching. It is durable, easy to clean, easy to grip, and improves the motor skills of 6-months olds.

Children are supposed to pick up the crinkly flaps and drop them through the sorter after identifying the shape of each flap. This is an on-the-go activity center. Children often seem to enjoy this toy a lot and not only the flap sorting but also zipping and unzipping the bag.

10: My First Fidget Cube Toy

There are 6 sides of colorful blockers, spinning rollers, and toggle switches in this fidget cube toy that keep the children engaged for a long time. The 6-9-months-olds can grip this toy easily and can keep them practicing their motor skills.

The cube is perfect in size, even for very tiny fingers to hold and grasp. It does not have any sound in it, so it will likely increase children’s concentration ability. 


These toys will encourage children to move objects from one place to another and will undoubtedly strengthen their motor skills too. Thus, their overall muscle strength will improve, and your little one will be on the path to witness healthy development. All of these toys vary in price, so you can choose the one that fits your budget the best.

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