Pregnancy is not all about the glow that you get; a lot of problems come with it. One such problem is headaches and migraines, which are very common during pregnancy. So what can you do about it? Not all medication is good when you are pregnant

But what about Excedrin? Can you take Excedrin while pregnant? Keep on reading to know whether or not you can take Excedrin while you are pregnant. 

Why You Need Excedrin During Pregnancy

Why You Need Excedrin During Pregnancy

Though pregnancy is a happy moment in any woman’s life, with it comes to a lot of discomfort and illness.  And one of the most common types of health issues that occur is headaches and migraines. 

And one of the most common medications for migraine is Excedrin, but the problem with Excedrin is that it contains aspirin, which is strictly prohibited during pregnancy, but if it is needed, consult your doctor before consuming one. 

But the reason why you might go for Excedrin is that it’s a fast pain reliever. Since some women have to deal with migraines and headaches throughout their pregnancy due to the rising estrogen levels in their bodies. So Excedrin helps a lot with dealing with these migraines. But is it safe?

Can Pregnant Women Take Excedrin? Is It Safe? 

Can Pregnant Women Take Excedrin? Is It Safe

The that arises is whether Excedrin is a safe drug to take when you are pregnant. If you are unsure about the possible risks regarding Excedrin, it’s best to consult your doctor first. If your doctor thinks that your headache is due to a migraine and needs medication, then do what he suggests. 

Excedrin is a medication that is composed of components like aspirin, acetaminophen, and also caffeine. In every Excedrin product, at least one of these components will be present, if not all three.

Aspirin & Pregnancy

Aspirin & Pregnancy

The relationship between Asprin & Pregnancy has always been very complicated since the beginning. If taken in a lower dosage, it might help with migraine and other health issues like Preeclampsia. But the risk is still there. 

Aspirin is tagged as NSAID, Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drug. This is why the FDA strictly suggests not using it after 20 weeks of pregnancy, as it can harm the unborn baby with rare kidney problems. 

Caffeine & Pregnancy

Caffeine & Pregnancy

Caffeine is Okay during pregnancy as long as it is in a limited quantity of 200 mg per day, not more than that. Excedrin contains about 130 mg of caffeine in the Excedrin extra strength one. 

So if you take one capsule of Excedrin, then your caffeine content for the day is done; you can’t take anymore. When an 8 oz coffee becomes over the limited amount.

Can You Take Excedrin While Pregnant 1st Trimester?

If you are taking Excedrin during your first trimester, it is considerably safer than in the third trimester. But that doesn’t mean it is totally safe even then. 

There are studies that show taking aspirin, even during the first trimester, can cause a rare birth difference called Gastroschisis. But if the headache is severe, taking an Excedrin is worth the risk. But whatever you do, consult your doctor first. 

Can You Take Excedrin While Pregnant 2nd Trimester?

Towards the end of the pregnancy, the risk of consuming Excedrin increases. More health issues take places, such as complications with the baby and heavy blood loss at the time of delivery. 

So at this time as well, consult your doctor first before you take the medication; he can monitor the severity of your headache and prescribe the dose that is safe to consume. 

Can You Take Excedrin While Pregnant 3rd Trimester?

Taking Excedrin during your third trimester is too risky a move for you. So it is better to avoid taking any such medication during this time, as the chances of harming the baby are high. 

Can You Take Excedrin While Breastfeeding? 

Sorry, Mommy! It’s better to avoid medications that contain aspirin or caffeine while you are breastfeeding. The aspirin tends to travel into the baby through the milk and may cause the potential risk of Reye’s syndrome, which is serious brain and liver damage. 

What Can I Take For A Headache While Pregnant?

Headache While Pregnant

We can understand that headaches and migraines are difficult enough and even more difficult if you are pregnant, the difficulty level is even more. But even though Excedrin is not safe during pregnancy, you can always opt for another one. 

Medication like Sumatriptan is quite effective in dealing with migraines and safe as well. As Acetaminophen is considered a safer painkiller when you are pregnant, it is the main ingredient in Sumatriptan. 

For any other recommendation, you can always ask your doctor to recommend an alternative migraine medication to Excedrin. 

Wrapping Up!

It is understandable that pregnancy is both a joyous occasion as well as a tough time for women. Migraines and headaches are very obvious, but if you are thinking, can you take Excedrin while pregnant, then the answer is it’s better not to take it. 

Although it might be fine to take during the first and second trimesters, it definitely is not during the third trimester. Since Excedrin contains aspirin, it is harmful to the unborn baby. So it is better if you avoid it altogether.

It is better that you ask your doctor for an alternative medication for your headaches and migraines.

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