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Tips To Make Your Child’s Graduation Special With Personalized Card Announcements

Whether you celebrate a virtual graduation or an in-person ceremony, it is an occasion to remember. Most of you mark the ceremony with custom-made graduation cards because of your child’s hard work all throughout the semester.  

Moreover, it is a huge milestone and accomplishment for your child. Even if your loved ones close to you know about the occasion, it is a tradition to inform them.  

Thus, sending personalized invitations will let your close ones know how hard they have worked over the years to gain a degree. With a few graduation card announcements etiquette tips, the graduation planning will remain stress-free.  

In this article, you will discover the right etiquette to send invitations for your child’s graduation ceremony.  

Why Send A Graduation Announcement? 

With graduation approaching, you must take time to appreciate everything your child has accomplished. Similarly, they deserve a celebration with the people who mean the most to them.  

Hence, this is your day- the moment when your child’s hard work pays off. But before all the pomp and circumstances, you must send out your graduation card announcements.  

Here is a list of reasons why you need to send a graduation card announcements. 

1. Your Family Wants To Know  

The people you have kept in touch with, your family and friends, already know the details of the big day. But for those who do not know, a graduation card announcements is required. 

Similarly, as parents you genuinely want to celebrate with the people who were a part of the journey.  

2. Sending Personal Correspondence Is Tradition  

Graduation or post-graduation announcement cards are the first line of life’s traditional correspondence.  

Similarly, others might like to save the date, holiday cards, and birth announcements. But you must save your child’s graduation announcements. Thus, it is a perfect way to start building your contact list.  

3. Assist In Networking 

Right after graduation, it is a great time to start networking. 

However, the graduation card announcements is appropriate for building great connections with your in-laws, neighbours, and friends in the same field.  

4. Great Way To Thank  

Anyone who has influenced your child’s academic career should be made aware of the news detailing the alums.  

Moreover, the announcement card also serves as the perfect way to thank everyone who helped them along the way with their academic progress.  

5. Is A Keepsake 

Party invitations and graduation announcements seem to make their way into a photo book. So, find yourself a copy and keep your child’s graduation announcement card so that it stays with you for a lifetime.  

Similarly, it will be a great way to reflect on this exciting time of your life along with your children.  

Who Do You Send Graduation Announcement Cards? 

A good rule of thumb is sending invitations to the people close to you and who have contributed significantly to their academic journey. Thus, graduation card announcement can signal your child’s accomplishments and success.  

However, the following are the members to whom you can send graduation announcement cards: 

  • Close family and friends. This is because no one loves bragging about their accomplishments more than family and friends. You are already aware but also would like to show off innovative cards placed on the mantel or fridge. 
  • Secondly, to close acquaintances. At times, people on your job or holiday list might also value receiving a graduation announcement card.  
  • Next, celebrate with the people who supported you during the graduation days. This can be anyone who is involved in grad’s high school or college career would love to be a part of it. 
  • Do not forget the teachers, tutors, and classmates. These are the people with whom your child has spent the most time during my academic career.  
  • Lastly, do send an invitation to your extended family. Think about their aunt, grandparents, great-aunt, uncle, and cousins. Even if they live out of town, they will want to hear about their accomplishments and see the official news.  

What Should You Mention In Your Card? 

Apart from the mandatory details, you can add a quote to the announcement card. It will assist you in making the card look attractive.   

Thus, the key information needs to be included in your graduation announcement are: 

  • Graduation name. 
  • Full name.  
  • Name of high school and college. 
  • Degree earned. 
  • Honors. 
  • Date of graduation.  

However, one of the major concerns is crafting the right wording in the graduate announcement. Hence, the words on your child’s graduation announcement should reflect your style and personality.  

Therefore, the graduation announcements are a start to your formal announcements to family and friends, and if done correctly, they will have a great impact.  

In addition to that, you can also include an inspirational quote on your graduation announcement or select a scheme that reflects where your child studied.  

 How To Assemble The Card? 

When you assemble your graduation announcements, be sure to insert them face up towards the flap of the envelopes.  

There are a few college announcements that come with outer envelopes and inner envelopes. If this is the case for you, ensure that your child’s graduation announcement is assembled in an orderly manner inside the envelope.  

Therefore, when recipients receive your graduation announcement in the mail, you want them to open the envelope and read the good news. So, if you send a photo of the graduation announcement, you would like them to see a smiling face as an almost alumni. 

When To Send Graduation Announcement? 

Now, you must be wondering when it would be the right time to send the graduation announcement. 

Graduation announcements should be sent to the invites at least three to four weeks before the graduation ceremony. This will give your guest sufficient time to receive their invitation and RSVP early.  

Similarly, giving your guest enough time to arrange for the ceremony is a nice gesture. Thus, if you know your guest will be traveling out of town, you can give them advanced notice and send an announcement.  

Similarly, be mindful when sending your announcement, and do not send it right before the event.  

Summing Up  

Graduation is a major life accomplishment; everyone should celebrate it with proper applause and praise.  

Hence, the celebration can begin with everyone on the big news. So, make everyone aware about what your child has achieved in their educational goals with style.  

Moreover, do not forget to put forward their graduation thank you cards after all the celebrations.  

So, use this guide as a reference on what to write on the graduation thank you card.


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