DIY Pregnancy Tests: How To Check Pregnancy At Home Naturally.

DIY Pregnancy Tests: How To Check Pregnancy At Home Naturally

We believe knowing how to check pregnancy at home naturally is an important thing for any individual who has an active sex life. It can save you from a lot of overthinking as well as hairy situations.

Furthermore, given how sex is a taboo subject in our society, it might be difficult for women to procure pregnancy kits from the shop. Fearing discrimination, many women make a wrong decision which they regret later on.

However, we are here for you guys. We bring some of the DIY pregnancy test kits that you can make from household items. They are known to produce results; therefore, you can rest easy. However, everything comes with its pros and cons. Even though these tests are quite simple and easy to conduct, they are not scientifically accurate all the time.

Keeping all these in mind, let us see how to check pregnancy at home naturally. Subsequently, seeing whether these tests are reliable or not. Let’s go!

Top DIY pregnancy tests.   

It is very natural if you have no access to a pregnancy kit or have no means to procure it. Moreover, they are expensive as well. So naturally, we understand why it’s hard to get a pregnancy kit. However, if you are a sexually active individual, you need to check yourself from time to time. So, we are bringing you top DIY methods that can help you check if you are pregnant right at home.   Therefore, stick around to find out how to check pregnancy at home naturally.

Bleach test.  

Bleach test.

A popular method that is known for its accuracy and quick results. Take a clean container and collect your urine in it. Subsequently, add some bleaching power to your urine and stir properly. You must keep stirring till there are no more lumps.

Now, experts claim that if the mixture turns into foam or fizz, then there is a chance that you might be pregnant. If the mixture does not foam up, you can calm down as you are not pregnant.  

Sugar test.  

Sugar test

Another popular DIY method to check pregnancy is lauded as the ‘easiest’ among all the other tests. Take a tablespoon of sugar in a bowl and add an equal part, that is, one tablespoon of urine, to it. Now you should note down how the sugar reacts to the mixture.

If the sugar dissolves easily in the urine, then you are not pregnant. However, if the sugar clumps up and refuses to dissolve, then there is a chance that you are pregnant. It is believed that the hCG hormone present in a pregnant woman’s urine keeps the sugar from dissolving properly. You can even use salt instead of sugar; the process, as well as the result, stays the same. If the salt dissolves, you are not pregnant, and vice-versa.

Vinegar test.  

Vinegar test

For this test, you specifically need white vinegar. You should take two tablespoons of white vinegar and add it to a plastic container. Then add your urine to the vinegar and stir it properly.

If the mixture remains neutral and shows no activity or movement, then you are in the clear. However, if you see any change in color or form bubbles, then there is a chance that you are pregnant.

Wine test.  

Wine test

Alittle expensive and time-consuming, this is a test that might not be for everyone. But, if you are someone who has got wine at their home and suspects that you’re pregnant. Then this remedy is for you. Take half a cup of wine, and mix it up with equal part urine.

After mixing the wine and urine together, you need to wait 10 minutes. Again, if the wine remains neutral, you are not pregnant. However, if the color of the wine changes, then you should consult a doctor, as you could be pregnant.

Wheat and barley test.  

Wheat and barley test. 

Allegedly developed in ancient Egypt, this is believed to be one of the oldest methods on this list. For this method, you have to urinate on wheat or barley and leave it out for two or three days.

It is believed that if the seeds sprout, then the results of the test are positive. It means if the seeds sprout, you could be pregnant. Otherwise, you can rest easy.

FAQs: (Frequently Asked Question)

Q1. Should multiple tests be used to know for sure?

Ans: All the tests listed here have been tested by women who claim that they mostly got accurate results. However, given the DIY nature of the tests, it is obvious why you would not always be getting accurate results consistently. Therefore, it is advisable to take more than one test. If a particular result is consistent throughout these different testing, then it is accurate.

Q2. How to increase the accuracy of these tests?

Ans: There are no concrete ways of increasing the accuracy of the tests. However, there are some hacks that can help you with that. Like:
⦿ Use the first urine of the day. This is supposed to have higher concentrations of hCG.
⦿ Make sure there are no contaminants. Therefore, always make sure that you use clean containers for storing your urine.
⦿ Collect a sufficient amount of urine. Again, the first urine of the day would be the best choice as it is naturally more in amount.
⦿ Give some time for the reaction to take place. Waiting for five to ten minutes is advisable.
⦿ Consider taking each test twice. This would help you to be sure about the results.

Q3. How much time I have left after testing positive?  

Ans. This is a question that is best answered by a physician. However, it is advisable that once you test positive, you must immediately consider getting in touch with a physician. Only he or she could guide you through this process. And, if you are thinking about abortion, then you should know that the legal time limit is 24 weeks. Beyond this, a physician would abort only in the case of some serious medical complication.



Anyone with an active sexual life has definitely experienced a pregnancy scare at least once in their lifetime. It usually is a nerve-wracking experience to go through the pregnancy scare without any means to allay those fears. Let’s hope that something changed today. Here we have discussed some of the more popular home remedies that can help you determine whether you are pregnant.

But these remedies are not 100% accurate and do have a considerable margin of error. Nonetheless, there is no harm in knowing something that would come in handy. Have a great day ahead, and always practice safe sex above anything. These remedies would save you sometimes, but safe-sex practice would save you every time. Ciao!

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