Learning About Diastasis Recti

My Abdominal Muscles Separated After Pregnancy, Here’s How Dr. Avraham Fixed It – Learning About Diastasis Recti

Pregnancy and childbirth are immensely life-changing experiences that mostly bring positive feelings of joy to women. But they also have long-lasting impacts on them, especially on the muscles of the tummy. Diastasis of the muscles is one of the most common postpartum problems that can affect the visibility and function of these muscles. 

Even after the hard work that some women do, such as exercising and watching what they eat, most women find it very difficult either to reclaim their pre-pregnancy abdominal strength or its contour. This is precisely when a tummy tuck takes care of the situation. 

Dr. Avraham, a renowned plastic surgeon based in NYC, is skilled in tummy tucks designed for patients who have suffered a diastasis rectus. He very carefully ensures that the necessary surgery involves the reduction of excess skin and fat along with the repair and tightening of the abdominal muscles, thus giving back endurance and stability to the muscles of the core. 

Patients who choose to opt for the tummy tuck with Dr. Avraham can not only gain a flat stomach but also many more important things like confidence both in their appearance and in physical capabilities.

Understanding Diastasis Recti

Diastasis Recti, commonly called abdominal separation, is a medical condition where the rectus abdominis, that is, the “six-pack” muscles, completely or partially separate after pregnancy.

This condition happens during pregnancy when the uterus stretches the abdominal muscles and the connective tissues to make space for the growing baby in the mother’s belly.

The gap produced makes the stomach protrude and thus weakens the core around it. Hence, individuals become incapable of carrying out day-to-day work without pain or discomfort.

While there are some women who manage to improve the weakness between the abdominal muscles through exercise or diet, there are those cases where it doesn’t. 

In severe cases, surgery may be recommended for abdominal muscle repair and restoration of core strength and functional ability.

Exploring Tummy Tuck Surgery

One of the solutions for diastasis recti is a Mesoamerican surgical procedure called tummy tuck or abdominoplasty. A tummy tuck may not simply be a cosmetic procedure; it can also functionally fix the separated abdominal muscles because it restores the patient’s core strength.

In a tummy tuck, the surgeon removes additional fat and skin from around the abdomen area. In addition, the abdominal muscles are tightened and then sutured together to create a tighter and flatter tummy. This helps to achieve not only the aesthetic goal of the abdomen but also solves the root cause of diastasis recti.

Dr. Avraham Fixed my Diastasis Recti with the help of my Tummy Tuck surgery

Dr. Avraham is a respected plastic surgeon who has been working in NYC, focusing on tummy tuck procedures to repair diastasis recti and improve abdomen appearance. With his deep and careful specialization, the doctor can match the requirements of each patient and set his or her targets to achieve the best possible outcome and patient satisfaction.

He stitches the separated abdominal muscles during a tummy tuck, resulting in a slimmer and more muscle-toned abdomen, improved core strength and function, better posture, reduced back pain, and confidence in their appearance.

Benefits of a Tummy Tuck

1. Improved Core Strength

How a tummy tuck can be useful beyond just an aesthetic outcome is that it can also help with one’s functional enhancement. The muscle of the abdomen is pulled together and strengthened with the procedure, allowing them to regain the necessary support function. 

This new strength will certainly improve the look of the abdomen but will also help in the fulfillment of everyday activities and physical performances. The core muscle groups are the lifesavers for many of the daily tasks. For instance, lifting grocery bags, playing with children, and fitness activities can be performed more efficiently and without hindrances like sagging abdominal muscles.

2. Enhanced Posture

Subsequently, tummy tuck brings back the core strength, and as such, it has a significant impact on posture. Diastasis recti commonly occurs with weak muscles in the core, making the person slouch and appear hunchbacked or with excessive curves of the spine. A tummy tuck mends the abdominal muscles’ separation, and the spine then gets the support required for better alignment. 

Instantly, the result is one of excellent posture as people straighten their shoulders and back without any strain on their back muscles. Straightening the posture accomplishes more than forming a more confident and poised appearance; but it also reduces the probability of back problems due to extended poor posture.

3. Reduced Back Pain

Other than that, one of the most substantial benefits of doing a tummy tuck operation for those who are going through diastasis recti is the relief of their back pain. Low abdominal strength is a chronic back pain that is reported by individuals in the case that the core muscles fail to support the back. 

A tummy tuck not only flattens the belly but also improves the inner abdominal muscles, thus putting an end to the discomfort. The central part of the body becomes more stable and strong, resulting in a dramatic decrease in the spine load, hence reducing the cause of lower back pain and discomfort. This newfound relief significantly boosts living quality since it lets people long for the moments when they don’t have to deal with chronic back pain anymore.


Diastasis recti is a high likelihood for women after they have given birth, but it doesn’t make them remain that way forever. With technological developments in this type of plastic surgery, like the tummy tuck, patients can fix their separated abdominal muscles and get a firmer and/or toned abdomen.

Dr. Avraham is a highly reputable plastic surgeon in NYC who provides individualized tummy tuck treatment that can correct diastasis recti and facilitate a more confident body image. Through his expertise at the operating table and his patient-centered approach, Dr. Avraham guarantees the most optimal outcome that will not only enhance the appearance but also improve functionality.

If you have a diastasis recti and you want to gain the necessary power and shape of your abdomen, schedule a consultation with Dr. Avraham or consult his office to learn how a tummy tuck might assist you.

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