Paid Mom Blogger

How To Become A Paid Mom Blogger

Gone are those days when, if you become a mom, you would have to stop making money. With the advent of the internet, that has changed significantly. You can do all your mummy duties and still make money by sharing your experiences as a mom.

For pregnant women looking for flexible job opportunities, you can make money through the internet in many ways, but if you have a thing for writing or sharing the things you have experienced, being a mom blogger can change your financial status. The beauty of this is that it doesn’t stop you from being a mom, but while caring for your lovely children, you can still be rewarded by blogging at home.
Many moms have earned more than those who go out daily for 9-5 jobs just by being mom bloggers. If you are interested, journey with us on this blog post as we tell you the steps to become a paid mom blogger.
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8 Steps On How To Become A Paid Mom Blogger

Here are 8 steps you can take to make money writing from home:

1. Get Informed About Blogging

If you are reading this post, we want to congratulate you on taking the right step in the right direction. But this is just the first step in the eight steps you need to kick-start your blogging career as a mom.

Information is key in this venture. To be a successful mom blogger, you must follow a series of steps, which include reading articles about the requirements for success. While this information isn’t magical, if applied correctly, you could make thousands of dollars by writing about some of the things you do every day.

2. Decide On Your Niche

When it comes to blogging as a mother, you don’t need to write about everything. Doing that will make you look like Mr. Jack, who was involved in many trades and ended up a master of none.

So, when you have gathered information about all you need to know about this venture, decide which niche you are passionate about, which niche resonates with you, and if you are in it for only the money, then you need to research which blogging niche has the most followers.

Considering all this would help you significantly as you start. If you are passionate about your writing, it will help you keep going even when you don’t see the turn-in in the early stage. And if money is your motivation, you can keep going, seeing that you can make money when the blog is successful.

3. Decide On A Name And Theme

Deciding on the name and theme for your blog can be tricky and may take time, but you need to give it your best shot.

You will need to develop a good mission statement that aligns with the niche you want to write about. Often, you share this mission statement on your About page. Then, you decide on the name for the blog. Don’t make the name complicated. Keep it simple. It should be easy to spell and easy to remember.

4. Setting Up

You need to set up your WordPress account or blog when you have a direction of what you want to do on your blog and its name. The interface is easy to understand. You can understand how to navigate the platform to your requirements with one or two reads.

To set it up, log in to either or and follow the instructions. They have free templates and designs that you can use to make your page catchy. WordPress generally has more features than Bloggers, hence its wide application. However, Bloggers is easier to navigate.

Whatever you decide yields the same results if you do the right thing with them.

5. Get Approval For Hosting And Domain

In this stage, you will be required to pay some money but don’t let that discourage you. You may still want to maintain the setup above, but the downside is that your blog address will still have “” or “”. This is not professional enough if you are looking to make money.

Another downside is that the blog is technically not yours, as the WordPress company may decide to take down your page at any time. Hence, you need to get approval to host your domain. Several companies can help you with this. Again, you must research to find the best hosting provider that suits your needs.

6. Have A Strategy For Posting

Having a good strategy for your posts is very important, as this will determine the number of your page views. You must learn about the content strategy to determine how well your content will perform, how often you should post, and which audience you will write to.

One good strategy should be writing on related topics. When you write on related topics, your audience stays more on your page because they can have all the information they seek concerning a subject matter.

7.  Upload Content

When we say upload content, we don’t mean you should upload just anything but that you should upload content that meets your readers’ needs. The information in your content should be able to satisfy your readers after they have finished reading.

It means before you start writing on any topic, thorough research should be done on the topic’s relevance to the target audience, and as much information as possible should be embedded within the content to meet your audience’s curiosity.

Another strategy for good content would be to include catchy images related to the subject you are discussing. Images are vital. Sometimes, even without reading the content, the reader already has a general idea about what to expect, and this curiosity will cause them to read more.

8. Promote Your Blog

While blogging as a mom can be rewarding, it is important to know that, no matter how informative your content is, if it isn’t taken to the right people, it will be lost among the many other posts on the internet.

To make your page stand out, you must promote your blog, and the best place to start is with friends and family. Tell them about your blog and ask them to visit your page, and if possible, share the post with their other friends and family members.

Another good place to promote your blog would be social media platforms. Depending on the number of followers you already have, post the link on your social media platforms after making a blog post and say a thing or two about it. Also, encourage your social media followers to follow your blog.

If you can afford it, consider getting influencers to help promote your page. You can get influencers within your price range if you search well enough. Leadar is a great place to search for the contact details of anyone you are considering for the job. Simply enter their names, and their other information will pop up.

Parting Thoughts

Things are now better for stay-at-home moms since the internet came. While there are several ways to make money online, blogging is one of the most promising. You can start making money using the eight easy steps that we have shared. Don’t forget to read more about the points made so that you can get started.

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