Are you planning to expand your family? Are you setting your eye on having a gorgeous baby boy? As we all know, preferencing the sex of your unborn child is not a good idea. Many willing parents are manifesting the specific sex of their unborn child, and this is cause many willing parents are asking how to conceive a boy.

Many superficial tips are associated with the subject of how to conceive a boy. Now the fertilization science is proving that the inherited chromosome determines sex by the father. But still, there are many superstitions and unnatural opinions that are flooded on the internet. Therefore many parents keep asking, is there any authentic way to conceive a Boy? Or any special medicine to conceive a boy?

Why Is There An Obsession Behind Conceiving A Boy

There is a fascination about conceiving a boy in certain families. They have various notions in their mind, and here are some apparent reasons why.

  • They believe that sons carry the bloodline ahead.
  • They often believe that girls could be a burden.
  • They believe girls are move vulnerable.

6 Useful Tips And Tricks To Conceive A Boy Naturally

Tips To Conceive A Boy If you need a boy, then the first thing you should know about the tips and tricks just like conceiving a girl. There is no such scientific proof which is supporting the facts behind determine the sex of your unborn child before conceiving. Hence you can simply boost your fertility rate and hope to fulfill your dream of having a baby boy.

Here are six valuable tips and tricks of how to conceive a boy naturally.

1. Nutritious Diet

Nutritious DietA nutritious diet is a key to having a healthy baby. So there is no doubt if you want to have a boy, you also have to follow the strategic path. Your overall health is playing a crucial role in your pregnancy. Some of the specific types of food play an important role in giving birth to a healthy little boy. 

If you have eaten some alkaline foods, your cervix is also becoming alkaline in nature. And it controls the acidity level of your cervix. And the alkaline cervix is helping sperm to swim towards the egg, and if your environment in the vagina is supporting sperm, your pregnancy chances are also increasing.

If you want to boost your cervix’s alkaline level, eat some natural alkaline foods like figs, tomato, and apricot are three alkaline foods. So do not forget to add these foods into your daily meal routine.

2. Position Which Is Supporting Deep Penetration

Sexual PositionsRegarding how to conceive a boy, there are many theories, and superficial tips are present as the sexual position. But the more you can penetrate near the cervix, the possibility of your pregnancy is increasing. 

Always choose that time of sex position where deep penetration is possible. Orgasm first, then penetration.Because if your vagina is not being well lubricated, naturally, deep penetration wouldn’t be possible.

And do not use artificial lubricants during the penetration. 

Give some time to do the orgasm rather than do the penetration. Some of the researchers say that from the second penetration, the pregnancy chances are getting higher. But now most of the doctors are preferring sex in the alternative days are increasing the chances of pregnancy.

3. Environments In the Vagina Plays Important Role

Environments In the VaginaYour cervix and vagina environment is playing an important role in how to conceive a boy. Before planning to conceive a boy, always do a thorough body checkup, then plan for the next step. As we told before, the cervix’s alkaline environment is helping the sperm move towards the egg.

Like this, always checkup the overall health of the cervix and vagina.

When the sperms are moving towards the eggs at that time, the first reaching sperm is determining the sex of the baby. So giving a positive environment to the sperm is very important; hence many of the sperms could not make out, and in the middle of the journey, they died.

A good environment of the cervix is helping the sperms to live longer. When multiple sperms are participating in the race, the chances of pregnancy are increasing.

4. Accurate Timing Of The Sex

Timing Of The SexHow to Conceive a Boy is a million-dollar question but measuring your monthly cycle is the best way to be successful. Most of the women have a 24 to 32 days long cycle in a month. And ovulation time is the most crucial part of conceiving.

If you want to conceive fast, always use the time before the ovulation. 2 or 3 days before the ovulation time is the perfect timing to conceive. Do not forget to calculate the monthly cycle.

The external and internal things are heaping to determine the sex of the unborn child. And 75% of the parents are claiming they get pregnant by using this method. And monthly cycle and your body Ph fluid have a valuable impact on determining the sex of your unborn child.

5. Take Vitamin 

Fertility VitaminsOral vitamins and a nutritious diet are playing another important role in how to Conceive a Boy. Have you ever heard of fertility vitamins? Yes, most of the parents are hearing about the supplements during the pregnancy. But boosting your fertility by taking balanced supplements is relatively a newer concept.

Folic Acid is reducing the chances of the defects of the baby’s tube. But folic acid plays a significant role in stimulating your body and preparing your body to conceive and increase the fertility rate.

Vitamin E is an essential nutrient that improves the ovary’s quality and works as a cell repairing agent. And improve the egg quality.

Vitamin D is helping to boost the hormonal balance of your body. A women’s menstruation cycle entirely depends on the hormonal balance.

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6. Pre Implant Genetic Testing

Pre Implant Genetic TestingPre implant genetic testing is not legal in many countries, but this testing is done before conceiving in many countries. And IVF is another way where you are already getting to know the unborn child’s sex.

But pre-implant genetic testing is affecting the future ratio of the populations; hence, most countries do not support the test. Other than this test, spam spinning is another way to test the fertility rate of the semen.

As the father’s sperm determines the unborn child’s sex, so the doctors test the semen first, they proceed to the next level of the test.

Are There Any Medical Interventions For Conceiving A Boy?

It is possible that you are looking for a more reliable way to increase your odds of conceiving a boy. Depending on the circumstances and the availability of options, there are a few medical interventions that you could try.

However, it could be expensive to get these treatments done, and it could be physically and mentally taxing as well. There are certain risks associated with this, including ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome and some surgical complications, which can even lead to miscarriage. Thus, these are never recommended for selecting the sex if there is no medical need for it.

 ART, or assisted reproductive technology, lets people conceive a baby through some medical procedures. Some of these methods are IVF or virto fertilization, GIFT, or gamete intrafallopian transfer, and ZIFT or zygote intrafallopian transfer.

There is a process called PGD or preimplantation genetic diagnosis or PGS which is actually known as preimplantation genetic selection, which allows you to use IVF for creating embryos. Then these embryos are tested for their sex, and then the embryo is implanted in the uterus. This guarantees that if everything works out for you by the end of the pregnancy, you will have a little healthy munchkin that you have been dreaming of.

Wrapping It Up:

Imagining your future unborn child is very natural, and this image is leading to the unborn child’s gender preferences. Many parents are becoming very passionate over one special sex. This mental setup is not well for your future child. Before planning to conceive, always take good care of your health; these sex steps are all time-effective for Conceiving a Boy. And these six steps are effective all time for planning your pregnancy.

So what is your pregnancy planning? And write about your plan on how to conceive a boy. Do not forget to share your experience with us.

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