Heroes And Warriors

Nick Viall Hopes To Teach His Kids To Be ‘Heroes And Warriors’ Like Staff On Special Forces

Nick Viall is currently hoping that the time he spent on Special Forces: World’s Toughest Test will eventually become a parent who is so good at it.

While talking to People about his primary experience in the Special Forces, the 43-year-old Bachelor star was able to reveal parenting advice he received from the DS (directing staff) on the show as Viall starts getting ready to basically welcome his newborn child with his fiancée, the  24-year-old Natalie Joy.

Viall told People, “They’re all great men and guys who have great character (Rudy Reyes, Jason “Foxy” Fox, Mark “Billy” Billingham and Jovon “Q” Quarles). We can talk about parenting tips, but I think they all taught us aspects of life and facing challenges. These guys have looked to death in the face multiple times, and they’re literal heroes and warriors. And if I can teach my child to have some of the characteristics that they have, I’ll be glad I did.

At the time, Viall commented on leaving Joy absolutely alone in the movie Special Forces only a few weeks after learning that she was basically pregnant with their first baby. While talking about Joy’s pregnancy, Viall said, “It was really new. And it was a bit nerve-wracking just because Natalie had just started morning sickness, or for her, it was more like all-day sickness. So I felt pretty guilty about that. We had our first doctor’s appointment coming up, so it was hard to be away from her. Thankfully, I had her support, and I knew that she really wanted me to do well.

Although Viall was aware of counting on Joy’s support at home, he says it entirely made his feelings complicated when it came to the show. In this context, he said, “But there were moments where it almost made it harder. When you got to your breaking point, you started thinking of reasons why it was okay to quit. It’s like, ‘I don’t need to be here.’ And for me, it was like, ‘Well, I need to be home, and I need to be at the doctor’s appointment,’ and things like that. I just kept thinking about Natalie, and I knew I had her support. I knew that she wanted me to do well, and these guys kept me going. It was definitely a challenge, but at the same time, I just kept thinking, ‘Someday, my daughter,’ I didn’t know the gender at that point, but I just kept thinking, ‘Someday, my child’s going to be able to watch this, and I want to make them proud.’ And that definitely helped me get through it as well.

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