Hello everyone! If there had to be a showdown about breast pumps, then it is this one. The debate of the hour: Medela vs Spectra! Both breast pumps are popular household names in the industry. Plus, a majority of insurance companies provide complete coverage for both pumps.

At one glance, they seem to be very similar: both classic-style, double electric breast pumps. They are both popular pumps, and they are highly reviewed as well. And we decided to review as many breast pumps as possible: from Motif to Willow, Elvie, and more. Similarly, today, we are here to deliver a detailed review of Medela vs Spectra!

Medela vs Spectra in a nutshell! Both come with good output, and they are legitimate solid options. But if you ask us to make a choice between the two pumps, we will definitely go for Spectra. It comes with certain extra features and seems to be so much more efficient. 

But of course, there’s much more to that! Keep reading for a complete review, including the advantages and disadvantages of each pump. That way, you can decide which pump is the best for you!

Spectra S2 Breast Pump At A Glance:

Let’s start this Medela vs Spectra debate with a basic overview! 

The Spectra S2 breast pump is a conventional, double-electric pump accompanied by a closed tubing system. This indicates that no moisture or milk can actually accumulate within the tubing. It is a popular breast pump, and for very good reason. There is actually nothing bad to say about the same.

In case your insurance covers this breast pump and you do not want to handle reimbursement or similar options, then definitely opt for it.

Medela Vs Spectra: Pros Of Spectra

The major advantages of using Spectra S2 are as follows:

1. Tried And Trustworthy:

The Spectra S2 breast pump is the real OG in the pumping space! It does a great job. One of our moms said that she used the Spectra S2 for her entire breastfeeding journey with her son, John. And TBH, she loved it! 

Moreover, she also spoke about how her body was responding well to the product and, more importantly, how she never felt very full afterward.

2. Affordable Without Insurance:

The Spectra S2 is an affordable breast pump, even for people who do not have insurance. The one in Pink will cost you $160, while the one in Blue will cost you $200 since it has additional features, including a nice built-in battery system to enable wireless pumping. 

As a result, the extra cost for the Blue one makes sense. In case you have insurance, then even better since the Pink Spectra S2 is nearly always entirely covered under most plans, while the Blue one happens to be a relatively smaller upgrade.

3. Easy To Clean:

We love the spectra parts a lot. We personally love the duckbills that both the Spectra and Motif provide over different Medela parts. We think the suction is pretty good, and they happen to be really easy to replace when required since they all have this really good, universal fit. 

The product also does not have several parts to clean. And who doesn’t really love the same? The Medela product has smaller parts for cleaning.

4. Massage Mode:

Massage mode, A.K.A. the bacon button, hah! But yes, we do love the primary ability to simply toggle back and forth as required between slower pumping and stimulation mode. We have never really opted for this before, but it is a very cool feature. It is a very easy way to actually try it out and obtain some milk.

Medela Breast Pump At A Glance:

The Medela breast pump is another double-electric, classic-style product! But it is so different from other double-electric breast pumps. For once, it’s not really a closed system. Instead, it has this unique tubing system – the milk and moisture back up into the tubes.

Another huge difference about Medela is that it does not use any small duckbill valves such as Motif and Spectra. Instead, it has this very unique suction system. The only problem with this is the product has several tiny parts that are difficult to keep track of and clean.

However, if you do not like using the small suction part, then you can always try out a hack – try using a duckbill valve instead of the suction part. You will see it fits well on the flange.

Medela Vs Spectra: Pros Of Spectra

The major advantages of using Medela are as follows:

1. The Price:

The Medela breast pump is most importantly covered by major insurance companies, and that too completely. It’s available at retail price, and that happens to be relatively cheaper than Spectra S2. So, if you decide to pay for this from your own pocket, then this is a great budget-friendly option.

2. Let Down Button:

We love Spectra’s ‘bacon button,’ and similarly, we love the ‘let down button,’ Medela has. We love that this button helps the product to switch to slow mode automatically after two minutes of use. Also, you will have the option to hit the button manually yourself.

3. Battery Pack:

Yes, you have to plug this breast pump into the wall. But the product comes with a very handy battery pack that you can attach. So, if you would like to pump on the go, then Medela provides the option to do the same.

Medela Vs Spectra: Which One Is The Best?

The Medela vs Spectra debate is a solid one. We 100% recommend the Spectra S2 over Medela. Our teams have used both spectra pumps and several others, but when given a choice, everyone picked Spectra! Overall, the Spectra S2 is more efficient than the Medela and has some better features.

The Medela breast pump is a good product – it definitely gets the work done. But it is just not as good as Spectra S2, in our collective opinion.

At the end of the day, both Spectra and Medela are great at what they do – you will be able to express milk effectively with both pumps, which happens to be the number one goal. But we know the Spectra S2 comes with relatively less of a headache, making the entire act of breast pumping relatively more tolerable.


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