It is true that no relationship is perfect. Even though it looks like a fairytale from the outside, a lot of hard work and effort goes on inside. But due to some uncertain circumstances, you and your partner decide to separate, it is like the end of that relationship but there is positive signs during separation. 

But is that really the end? If the two of you have been in a relationship for a long time, then it is possible there is still a ray of hope at some corner of your heart. This is when you might look for positive signs during separation as well and wait for that glimmer of hope. 

Reconciling After Separation

positive signs during separation

In the period soon after separation, there are signs of possible reconciliation. The window of opportunity for this possible reconciliation is the initial one to two years. But soon after that, the positive signs seem to disappear. 

When the both of you take a break from the relationship, that doesn’t mean the feelings are gone. Take a few days, even weeks, to reconsider your feelings and reevaluate them carefully. 

If you feel like the feelings are still there, then talk with your partner and try to sort it out by being very open with each other about your feelings. Then if you notice signs of a possible reconciliation, then rethink the whole separation of your relationship. 

Possible Signs Of Reconciliation After Separation

positive signs during separation

If you are in a separation stage of your relationship but are still seeing some positive signs of reconciling, then hold on to them. But are you sure you don’t know how to reconcile after separation? Then down below are a few positive signs that you want to look for. 

1. You Share Feelings

positive signs during separation

If you still have feelings toward each other and are thinking of a possible reconciliation after a long separation, then you might want to share your feelings with your partner. You need to communicate with each other throughout the process and talk about your emotions and feelings with each other. 

It is absolute that bringing up all the negative emotions that instigated the separation can bring up a lot of stress and anxiety. But talking about these emotions and feelings that the other person made you feel is important to talk about. 

Being vulnerable with each other about your feelings and emotions is very important to build a connection and affection strong again. 

2. You Have Forgiven

positive signs during separation

You need to understand we are only humans, “We All Make Mistakes.” Both parties in a relationship play a part in the break up of that relationship. 

If you see the positive signs during separation, your partner is asking for forgiveness and is accepting their mistakes. Then you, too, need to do that. Learning to forgive and ask for forgiveness is the first step toward a possible reconciliation.  

3. The Problems Are Resolved

Reconciliation is only possible when some of the more serious problems in the relationship are fixed. If you see positive signs from your partner seeking to make a compromise or even solve the problems, then try to work through with them. 

You cannot work on reconciling your relationship if your past problems are still present; simply forgetting them is not how it works. 

4. You Take Responsibility

positive signs during separation

One of the initial positive signs during separation is to show your partner that you are taking responsibility for your actions in the separation. If you are looking forward to reconciling with your partner, then learn to let go of your ego and know how to take responsibility. 

You should know that no one is to blame completely; it takes two to tango. But it is a step in the right direction if you take responsibility for your actions. 

5. Curious About Each Other

It is inevitable that after spending so much time with each other, you are bound to know a lot about each other. So after separation, you can easily be curious to know about the well-being and whereabouts of your partner. 

Even though you are separated, the feelings that you felt before and had for each other are something that is part of your life. 

6. Asks For Advice

positive signs during separation

One of the positive signs your husband is rethinking divorce after your separation is when he is asking for your advice on certain things. This proves that he still trusts you to give the right advice about certain things. 

It is easy enough to take each other for granted and forget all the support and love that the other person has given us. So if you see your partner reaching out to you for your advice, don’t turn your back on them. 

7. Checks In On You

Caring about each other is something that never goes away until and unless you have a bitter breakup. Even though the care towards each other stays on. 

Your partner might ask one of your mutual friends to ask about your well-being since they might feel awkward doing so. 

8. Developed Understanding

To know how to reconcile after separation is to understand the positive signs during separation. You need to know and understand each other more profoundly and not repeat earlier mistakes. Learn to understand the change of feelings that your partner is showing. 

9. Trust

The thing that is very important in any relationship is trust. When trust is gone between both you and your partner, then this is when to give up on separation and move on with your life. 

But if you feel like trust is still present between the two of you, then there is still hope for the two of you. In most separated couples, trust still exists, but when you are heading toward a divorce, the trust is normally fully gone. 

 10. Express Gratitude

Expressing gratitude towards your husband and wife or your partner is something that is a positive sign during separation and wanting a reconciliation. You can express gratitude towards each other by giving small gifts and giving compliments to each other. 

 11. Know How To Fix Your Marriage

At the exact time of the separation, maybe you weren’t very clear about what was the problem that led to the separation. But after some time, it should get clearer about the problems that caused the downhill of the relationship.

But if both of you have pinpointed where you have made a mistake in the relationship, then you can work on them and mend your relationship. 

 12. Go For Marriage Counseling 

If the both of you are separated and are a married couple, then before moving towards a divorce, why not think about marriage counseling? Though you might feel nothing gonna work out anymore, the both of you are better off alone, but give it a chance first. 

Giving a final chance to your relationship is something that you think about. If the reason for the separation is not as grave and a reconciliation is possible, then talking things through with a specialist is something to think about. 

13. Acceptance

The first step towards reconciliation after a separation is positive communication. Accepting all the faults and mistakes that both of you have made in the relationship. Acceptance can definitely be tough, but it is important if you want reconciliation. 

So, now that you know that acceptance can be tough, why not sympathize with each other’s struggles and not attack or blame each other? 

14. Letting Go Of Your Anger

It is true that the feeling of anger is quite fresh right after a separation. Feeling angry is fine, but don’t let that anger consume every inch of yourself, this won’t help you or your relationship. 

Although being very difficult, letting go of your anger is very important if you want to reconcile your relationship once again. 

 15. Notice Changes In Each Other

While going through a separation, you might be able to see that there are certain changes that your partner is showing you. 

It is highly possible that they might show a few changes in their behavior and personality. If you feel those changes are something positive and help in reconciling your relationship. 

Changing into a better human being might help you recreate a more meaningful relationship with respect, understanding, and trust

16. Remembering The Good Ol’ Times

Nostalgia about the good ol’ times is always a good sign for any relationship to grow or even patch up even after a breakup. If all these good memories are not entirely filled with bad memories, then it’s worth remembering them. 

If both of you remember and often bring up good things about the past, then you should know that feelings of love are still there. This means there is a high chance of reconciliation after separation. 

 17. Still Loyal To Each Other

If the reason for your separation is cheating, then this reason does not apply to you. But if that is not the case, then loyalty plays a big role in the reconciliation after separation. If both of you are very loyal to each other, then this is a very positive sign during separation. 

After a breakup, it is normal to move on and go on dates with someone else. But if you stay loyal, that means you wouldn’t want to be with anyone other than your partner. 

 18. Hope Even After Separation

Even if you are separated, you should never lose hope of reconciliation. Nowadays, divorce and separation have become natural, more and more people are getting divorced or are getting separated nowadays. 

 19. Work On Personal Healing

When some of us are in a break or go for separation from a relationship that means, we are exhausted emotionally and want a mental break. So even before you consider taking a possible reconciliation work on personal healing. 

Self care and self love are much more important than anything else in the whole world. So personal healing and working on your well-being are very important. 

20. You Still See Each Other

When you and your husband break off and get separated, usually the both of you cut off everything between both of you. You decide to stay as far away from each other as you can. 

But if there are still lingering feelings among yourself, then it might be tough for you to stay away from each other. This is a positive sign during separation, and we are looking forward to reconciliation. 

Wrapping Up!

If you are an analytical person, then I must tell you the data and statistics of reconciliation after separation is not great. But it is important to know that feelings cannot be calculated through graphs and charts; they can only be felt. 

If you are confident enough that the two of you can again trust each other and build your relationship up again, then don’t lose hope. Have faith in the positive signs during separation, and work on that gradually with patience and faith. 

If you find this article enough to be able to reconcile with your partner, then surely let me know in the comment section what you feel.

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