Well, of course, it is an exciting time for you, and I understand that you want to let everyone know right away. But why not make it exciting and add some drama to it? Yes, you guessed it right. I am talking about pregnancy announcement ideas.

There are multiple ways of breaking this good news. And there are different ways you can choose to break it to your partner, your family, and friends. However, you might be worried about how to tell your parents you are pregnant. I got your back. Read the article, and you will find out different ideas about how to give the good news to your loved ones.

Pregnancy announcement ideas for your partner

Pregnancy announcement ideas for your partner

It is possible that you did not take the test with your partner present by your side, and now you want to surprise them with the announcement. It doesn’t matter whether you have been planning this pregnancy for a while or if this was a surprise for you. You can use these ideas to disclose the news.

Add a note to the pregnancy test kit

This is a classic idea and probably would never turn old. Add the pregnancy test kit in a gift box, add a note to it with your own thoughts penned down, and give it to your partner on a date night.

Say it with a cup of coffee

Get a personalized mug that can have the phrase, “Good morning, dad,” or “You are going to be a father” at the bottom of it, and serve them coffee in it. Then, wait and see how their face brightens up in the morning.

Just keep the pregnancy test in an obvious place

Keep the pregnancy test kit in a place where it will catch the attention of your partner, or they will check it. However, keep it in plain sight, like the bedside table or where they keep their keys.

Photo booth surprise

Take them to a photo booth and surprise them with the news when the pictures are being clicked. This will capture their actual expression of the moment they got the big news. You will get to keep this for a lifetime and show your kids how their father reacted when you gave them the big news.

Table for three

Reserve a table at the restaurant that you both love and get a table for three, and not two. Moreover, ask them in advance to set the table for three and on the third place to write “congratulations.” Let them connect the dots and enjoy how they react.

Fun pregnancy announcement ideas

Fun pregnancy announcement ideas

You can be goofy and creative with these pregnancy announcement ideas. If you and your partner share a good sense of humor, then these are the perfect ideas for you. These pregnancy announcement ideas would help you deliver the news to your loved ones and if you are planning to disclose the news over social media as well.

Let your kid deliver the news

If you already have kids, then allow them to deliver the news to their father. Get your kid a t-shirt that scratches out only child, and replace it with “big bro” or “big sis.” they can also hold a sign that says the same thing and enter the room filled with guests and family.

Thought bubbles

Get silly and goofy with your pregnancy announcement. Pose with thought bubbles and write anything funny, whatever comes to your mind.

The “bump” metaphor

This is another classic idea, where you wear a T-shirt with the word “bump” written on the belly. Make your partner hold a sign that reads “under construction.” Moreover, you can even try to act out those street signs with the hats on if you want a more realistic effect to it.

Bun pun

If you love the classic idea of having a ‘bun in the oven,” then this is a great idea for you. Put an actual bun in the oven and strike a pose with it. If you want to break the news on social media, post it and let people guess. See who understands it first and how they react. This would be fun while you watch others guess why you posted a picture of a bun.

Punny lyrics and quotes

If you have a favorite song, TV series, or movie, then try doing something with those. Get your favorite quote or lyric, and you can do some wordplay with those while you let others think a little about what you are exactly trying to mean. Or you can find some funny pregnancy announcement captions and let the world and your loved ones know.

Cute pregnancy announcement ideas

Cute pregnancy announcement ideas

Here are some cute and creative pregnancy announcement ideas that you can use to disclose the big news.

Baby jumpsuit clothesline

Get some baby jumpsuits and hang them on the clothesline. Take a photo of it and upload it on social media. If you want, you can also add some other baby items, like plush toys, socks, booties, etc.

Family pets

This is a good option if you want something DIY. If you are a pet lover and have a pet at home, get them a scarf that reads, “I am getting a sibling soon,” or “My parents are getting me a little human.”

Beach chairs

If your home is by the beach, then place the beach chairs and take a photo while you gaze at the sunset, and place a tiny chair in between. Then, you can post it on social media to announce the news.

Baby book

Click a photo while you and your partner read your favorite baby book from your childhood and announce the news with a sweet caption from the book itself.

Word game

Display the reveal on a word game holder. Gather the letters for the message and send the photo to your loved ones or post it on social media. 

Go all out for it

Go all out for it

Now that you have some idea about what you can do about the pregnancy announcement ideas, take your pick and choose whichever you want. If you know you are having twins, then you can get a picture saying two are due or eating for three. There are lots of ideas; all you have to do is pick the one you like best.


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