What liquid turns a pregnancy test positive? This is a no-brainer- the urine of a pregnant woman. However, if you are looking for ways to make a test read positive to prank someone, there are ways to make it yield a false positive. 

It is advisable, however, not to take extreme measures or illicit steps for an ordinary prank. It can have life-altering consequences. With that thought, let’s dive deeper into the topic. 

How Do Home Pregnancy Tests Work?

How Do Home Pregnancy Tests Work

Human chorionic gonadotropin is the hormone produced by the body of a pregnant woman, especially at the beginning of the pregnancy. These tests indicate the presence of this hormone in the urine, but they do not indicate its amount.

Most of these home pregnancy tests are sensitive to this hormone and are able to accurately detect hCG when tested within the first few days of the pregnancy. Therefore a large amount of this hormone need not be present in the sample. 

Can You Buy hCG Solution Over-The-Counter?

Can You Buy hCG Solution Over

Yes, you can buy hCG solutions over-the-counter that are sold online, usually for weight loss. But to be very honest, these products don’t really have any real hCG in their ingredients. So it can’t turn a pregnancy test positive.

These over-the-counter hCG drops are derived from herbal sources that are designed to imitate the same characteristics. And if you do manage to find a solution that contains real human hCG, it will be so diluted that it can’t possibly turn a pregnancy test positive. 

How Can You Get Real hCG?

How Can You Get Real hCG

In order to prank someone (highly questionable), you may be looking for ways on how to fake a positive pregnancy test.

Real hCG can be sourced from doctors. It is a prescription drug that is used to cure female infertility and other hormonal problems. It is usually administered in the form of injections. A few drops of this liquid could turn a pregnancy test positive, but the tough part is getting your hands on these vials. As it is, lying to a doctor to get prescribed a certain drug is illegal, and it’s really not worth breaking the law to prank someone or play a trick. 

How To MAKE A Pregnancy Test Positive?

Pregnancy Test Positive

Other substances could work too. Drinks such as soda or apple juice could make your pregnancy test positive. The sugars in these drinks can trip the test into thinking it’s real hCG. Pouring a small amount of these drinks and then dipping the test into it for about a minute can show positive results. Taking the test according to the instructions can detect a false pregnancy. 

Remember that home pregnancy tests are 99% accurate. So in order to get a fake pregnancy, you might have to test several of these before the desired results. 

Is It Possible To Increase The Likelihood Of A False Positive?

It is possible to do so, but you have to use either an expired test or a previously used test. Using a test more than once can yield the false result you desire. 

Expired tests lose out on reliability which makes them more likely to give false readings. If you are inhibited to test it on your own sample, you can also try plain water. At this point, an expired test can trip on any liquid. 

You can also try leaving the test out for a bit. With time another line will show up. This line is caused by evaporation, and if this is all for banter, it’s worth a try. 

Is There Anything Else?

  • Now that we have learned all about the hCG solutions, there is something else that can turn a pregnancy test positive. And that is urine. Urine is the most common substance that has the capability of turning a pregnancy test positive. 

When you have been affected by any kind of infection, your urine might accumulate compounds that are similar to hCG or human chorionic gonadotropin. This is the hormone that is responsible for giving a positive test result and is produced by the placenta.

  • Blood is another substance that often turns a pregnancy test positive. If you recently had an injury or some kind of physical altercation, then there is a chance that your blood has some substances or proteins that can give a positive result to your pregnancy test.
  • In a home test kit, pregnancy is detected by the presence of the hCG hormones in the urine. But if you want to manipulate the results into a false positive, no matter what the actual result is, you can try to alter the composition of your urine sample by adding a little bit of detergent or soap. It is tricky to get it done, but why not give it a try?
  • Well, this is not exactly a liquid, but when we are talking about the other ways to turn a pregnancy test positive, then why not look into this method as well? Try keeping the test kit under a hairdryer and keep the heat setting at the highest for at least five to ten minutes. This often gives a positive test result and lasts upto three days.
  • Dipping the pregnancy test kit in apple juice can also do the trick. This also gives a fake positive result other than soda. 
  • It is true that expired pregnancy kits often give false positive results, so it is important that you keep in mind that this process might be difficult to achieve, as these expired kits are not technically sold in any drug stores. But you can always ask your friends if they have any by chance or if you have some in-store that have already expired.
  • You can also use an ovulation kit in place of a pregnancy kit. The indicator of the kit is quite similar to that of a pregnancy test kit but instead shows if you are ovulating or not.


If you are conflicted about certain things that pregnancy tests entail, you may find the answers below. Here are some common questions that you may be curious about:

Can I Use Water Or Any Other Liquid For A Pregnancy Test?

When answering what liquid turns a pregnancy test positive, it is safe to say there is no other way of determining a pregnancy with a home kit other than using urine. Other drinks do not have hCG hormone, which makes a pregnancy test read positive. Liquids such as water, juice, or soda do not contain hCG and won’t give credible readings. 

There may be rumors or baited online sources claiming that a certain liquid can turn a pregnancy test positive. Do not fall for such false beliefs, as they have no scientific evidence to support the claims. The pregnancy kits are sensitive to the right ingredients and will yield the correct results. Following the instructions carefully will do the trick. 

Can Medications Or Substances Affect The Pregnancy Test Results?

Some medicines, such as fertility drugs, contain hCG, which can alter the test results to some extent. You must talk to your doctor and read the instructions on the pregnancy test kit to rule out any criterias that may affect the test.

Can A Pregnancy Test Detect A Very Early Pregnancy?

Many commercial pregnancy tests claim that they can tell if you are pregnant before you miss your period. But they may not be as true to their word. It is not entirely possible to detect pregnancy as early as that. For accurate results, follow the guidelines on the package or consult your medical provider about when and how to take the test.

Can I Dilute My Urine To Make A Pregnancy Test Negative?

Diluting your urine will only make the test more inaccurate as it will alter the hCG concentration in your urine. It is best to talk to your medical provider and learn the correct way to test for pregnancy. 

What Liquid Should I Use For A Pregnancy Test?

It is recommended for you to test with the first-morning urine as the hCG content is highest in the first few hours of the day. It will therefore provide the most authentic reading. 

You might be asking how to make a pregnancy test positive without urine? Hold that thought right there. It simply won’t work without urine. 

Can A Pregnancy Test Show A False Positive Or False Negative Result?

Although most pregnancy tests are closely accurate, they can give false positive or negative results. Some of the mistakes you can make that could result in a false +/- reading is– testing too soon, not following the instructions closely, using an old or defective kit, or having other medical conditions. The best way to go forward in such cases is you take the test by strictly adhering to the rules and talking to a medical professional about it (if need be.)

To Finish Off

So what liquid turns a pregnancy test positive? The answer is complicated and even tougher to access. 

If you are not sure how to use a kit or the results don’t match your symptoms,  try reading the directions on the pack or contact the manufacturer for customer service. Of course, you can seek medical help if you want more curated and authentic professional support. 

If you have questions to ask or thoughts to share, please leave a comment below. We would love to hear from you!

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