Our bodies go through a lot of changes as we progress in our lives. Pregnancy is a great example to support the previous sentence. Our body goes through a lot of changes when we are pregnant. And it is not just internal changes, but it is very much evident on the outside as well. One big sign is the change in the belly.

But people who do not get their menstruation regularly might not understand that they are pregnant and might mistake it for having a big lunch or a bloated stomach. The Pregnancy Belly Vs Fat Belly Difference should be clear to all the ladies, even if you get your periods regularly.

Pregnancy Belly Vs Fat Belly Difference

During pregnancy, a lot of women do not even realize that they are pregnant because the pregnant belly does not show till twelve weeks of pregnancy. Till this time, it often happens that women think that they have a bloated belly.

Pregnant Belly Vs Fat Belly Difference

After the twelfth week of pregnancy, the uterus starts to expand to make accommodation for the baby, making the belly harder. But if this is a sign of weight gain, then you will find it not just in your belly but in other parts of your body as well. Let’s check in detail the difference between a pregnancy belly and the fat belly.

A Pregnant Belly Is Firm And Tight, Whereas A Fat Belly Is Soft

The main “Pregnancy Belly Vs Fat Belly Difference” is the firmness of the belly. As the baby grows, it occupies a lot of place inside the uterus and not only stretches the abdominal muscles but also starts pressing against a few organs. This makes the belly round and firm making it noticeable.

Fat bellies are softer than pregnant bellies and squishy. You can pinch the belly fat, and it is actually the subcutaneous fat, meaning it is the fat under your skin.

A Pregnancy Belly Grows Around The Lower Abdomen, Whereas A Fat Belly Grows Around The Upper Abdomen

During the fourth and fifth month of pregnancy, the uterus starts to press against the abdominal wall and starts to protrude outward but in the lower part. This is when you start to notice the bulge. The fat belly forms due to the accumulation of fat in the upper part of the abdomen.

It is not always possible to notice or predict which part of your abdomen is growing first. Pregnancy is different in every woman, so it might be difficult to tell which part of a pregnant belly will expand first. 

A Pregnant Belly Resembles An Inflated Balloon, And A Fat Belly Has Layers

A fat belly and a pregnant belly differ in their appearance as well. A pregnant belly is generally like an inflated balloon and is round in shape. This happens because, during pregnancy, their abdomen expands, mainly in the lower area, close to the uterus.

Fat bellies are made from almost padded layers and are squishy and soft. This fat generally has a tendency to accumulate in the upper layers of the abdomen.

A Pregnant Belly Is Heavier Than A Fat Belly

It is quite obvious that a pregnant belly will be heavier than a fat belly. This is because the baby is growing inside the belly. You will start feeling heavy, and the lower back will also start hurting from the twentieth week of pregnancy. You will find difficulty in sitting, walking, and even when you try to lie down. This is almost all about pregnancy belly vs fat belly difference.

When you are pregnant, you will even find it difficult to breathe something and find it difficult to sleep as well. You might even find stretch marks.

Symptoms Of Pregnancy

Symptoms of Pregnancy

If you are trying to figure out the reason behind your growing belly, you might also try to figure out if there is any chance of pregnancy, especially if you have an active sex life. To help understand the Pregnancy Belly Vs Fat Belly Difference, we have listed some common pregnancy symptoms.

Hard Low Belly

After the first trimester of pregnancy, the pregnant belly starts getting harder and tighter because of the change in your body and stomach. This happens because your body is making a place for the growing baby. The growing uterus pushes the abdominal wall, making the belly firm.


Excessive tiredness and fatigue is another common sign that you will find in early pregnancy. This is caused because there is an increase in the level of progesterone. This is required to help in the growth of the baby and maintain a healthy pregnancy. 

Indigestion And Heartburn

Indigestion and heartburn are quite common during pregnancy. This happens because there is a lot of pressure from the expanding uterus on the organs that are close to the lower abdomen.


Mostly during pregnancy, the blood pressure is low, as well as the blood sugar, because of the change in metabolism. Because of the dilated blood vessels for increasing the blood flow to the growing baby, dizziness can happen. 

Frequent Urination

The frequent sensation of urinating is another common sign of pregnancy. The body fluid increases, and the uterus also swells and presses against the bladder, producing the urge to urinate frequently. 

Changes In Breast And Nipples

During pregnancy, it is not just the belly that bloats, there are various changes that happen in the female body. There are changes in your nipples and breasts as well. The breasts become fuller, tender, and swollen, the color of the skin around the nipples darkens, and the veins in the breasts become noticeable.

Other Reasons Why You Might Have A Bloated Belly

There are various other reasons why your belly might feel bloated. 10 to 25% of people experience this, and around 10% of the people experience this regularly.

Other reasons why you might have a bloated belly

Chronic stress – You can have a bloated belly because of chronic stress and anxiety. This is mostly known as stress belly.

Food intolerances – Food intolerances have a way of causing abdominal pain, diarrhea, bloating, and nausea.

You are having a poor diet – Poor diet is often the reason behind your bloated belly. Processed foods often block passing gas which then leads to bloating.

Other medical conditions – There could be other medical conditions that you do not know about. It could be irritable bowel syndrome, ovarian cancer, dumping syndrome, gastroesophageal reflux disease, or coeliac disease.

Wrapping Up!

If you are gaining weight and your body is going through some noticeable changes abruptly, seek advice from a professional. But if there is a slight chance that you might be pregnant, or if you have an active sex life, it is better you take a home pregnancy test before panicking.

This is the easiest way to get an answer. After that, make an appointment with the doctor and figure out what it is that is happening inside your body. But you might also get the answer from the article as well. Look for the signs and symptoms of pregnancy and take note of the Pregnancy Belly Vs Fat Belly Difference. This will also help you provide an answer. But seek medical attention to know things for sure. 


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